Juss B - MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #142

Juss B

MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #142

It’s almost time to dig through the 2012 archives and see what mixes and features you guys enjoyed the most from the past twelve months (I had a sneaky look and there are a few surprises in there).

Until I get round to sorting the 2012 recap out, we’re a week into 2013 so it’s about damn time to kick this year’s MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire series off.
I’ve had my eyes and ears on Juss B for a good long time now – and in my continued efforts to find decent new labels and support their releases, I caught up with Torrey as his latest EP dropped on Vulcan Audio

Yo! What’s good? Ez bro, been real good! Thanks.

Introduce yourself, who is Juss B? It’s a question you might get asked a lot, but the tattoos! Tell us about them? Haha yeah, not much to say about the tats – other than I got the skelly hand so I won’t need to dress up for Halloween any more…

How would you describe your sound? How do you go about building your tunes – what’s your production setup like? I would like to think my sound tends to lean on the darker, minimal side with an emphasis mainly on the sub-bass and percussion.

I start every tune by setting up the beat then making the sub and so on. My production setup consists of FL Studio on a Mac running Bootcamp sitting on top of my girlfriend’s bed with a pair of Pioneer headphones… Haha!

How did you get into the deep and dark 140 sounds? What was the first dubstep track you ever heard? I started out producing a bit more of the dancehall-type dubstep before I had heard any of the deeper/darker stuff. I was really into the older Rusko/Caspa stuff as well. The tune that turned me over to the deeper/minimal style of things was ‘Hunted‘ by SP:MC & LX One.

You’re affiliated with some of the best labels in dubstep, and have had support from some of the biggest DJs in the scene. Of your back catalogue, what’s your favourite release and why? I’ve been really lucky this past year to get in contact with labels and producers that I highly respect.

I feel my strongest release as of now has been the ‘Metaphysics/Symbols‘ EP on Vulcan Audio because it caught the attention of quite a few people and kind of put me on the radar within the dubstep community.

Another standard question you’re probably bored to death of. Do you prefer turntables or CDJs for playing out? Does it matter? CDJs, because CDs are easy for me to travel around with.

How long have you been playing out? If you could pick any of your recent bookings, what would be your favourite – and why? I’ve been spinning gigs for the last two years now. My personal favorite show to date was in San Francisco at Temple with N-Type. It was a nice and dark venue and heaps of people came out to show support (most likely because of N-Type haha).

Have you always produced dubstep? Ever tried your hand at anything else? Do you think producers need to make more than one genre of music these days? Where do you see the dubstep ‘sound’ moving to over the next year or so? As bad as it may sound, I haven’t dabbled much in producing any genre other than dubstep. I’m pretty focused on shaping my overall sound at the moment. If other producers are motivated to experiment with other genres, good on them!

I’m hoping the dubstep scene will start putting more focus on the deeper/minimal side of things and expand from there.

Other than the releases we discussed earlier, have you got any tunes forthcoming we should be looking out for? Anything physical? There are some things up in the air which I’m pretty excited about but nothing that can be announced at this moment…

In terms of advice, what are your top points for new producers and DJs looking to get heard or signed? Be patient. This was (and still is) the hardest thing for me to cope with. Try not to push out tracks that are premature because there is no rush or time limit. Focus on making one great tune rather than ten mediocre tunes. This will get the attention of record labels and show them maturity in my opinion.

Tell us about your MIG x FKOF mix… I made the mix with the intention of showcasing every tune involved. It was a real treat for me to have so many top notch producers send over their unreleased material for the mix. Big thanks to all of them and of course MIG x FKOF for the opportunity!

Any shoutouts? To all the record labels I’ve released on and been in contact with – big up! There’s way too many names for me to spell out, so massive thanks to everyone who I’ve been involved with thus far and looking forward to big things for 2013! O yeah, and out to Skrillex haha!

Best up-and-coming label we should be following is…? Vulcan Audio, Gradient Audio and Phantom Hertz have some big releases lined up for 2013 from what I hear…

Best dubstep track ever produced is…? At the moment, I’m really hooked on ‘Gatekeeper‘ by DJ Madd.

One dubstep producer to watch for in 2013 is…? There’s so many out there, but ‘the man of mystery’ Warsa is definitely one to watch in my opinion…

Juss B’s VLCN004 release sat up in the top 5 of the dubstep charts on Juno a good week or two after its release – and his mix for MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire is testament to both his production (with 2 Juss B dubs and 2 releases included) and mixing skills.

17 tracks, 51 minutes and a whole lot of free download!


Track list:

1. Warsa – Tungsten [dub]
2. Killawatt & Thelem – Point of No Return [Black Box]
3. Olie Bassweight & Dubfonik ft. DMG MC – The Message [Bassweight Recordings dub]
4. Juss B – The Cell [dub]
5. Mesck – No Shelter [dub]
6. Juss B – Symbols [Vulcan Audio]
7. FNC – Prism [dub]
8. Juss B – The Omen [dub]
9. Skeptix & Fuced Forces – Medusa [dub]
10. FNC – Code Signal [forthcoming ????]
11. Youngsta – Poseidon [Tempa]
12. Juss B – The Incas [Sub Pressure Records dub]
13. Mesck – Conquista [dub]
14. Truth – Spook (Olie Bassweight remix) [Bassweight Recordings dub]
15. Muttley – Tiled (Boofy remix) [dub]
16. Killawatt & Thelem – Kaba [Black Box]
17. Juss B – Metaphysics [Vulcan Audio]

If the mix isn’t enough, check out ‘Ritual‘ and ‘The Cell‘ on Torrey’s SoundCloud. Serious tunes!

Juss B dubstep

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