A catchup with Kaiju - MEDi111 and more

A catchup with Kaiju

MEDi111 and more

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It’s hard to believe that it’s almost four years (technically, 3 years and 11 months next Monday) to the day since the last Kaiju release dropped on DEEP MEDi.

As you’ll probably know, if you’ve spent any time reading about Jamie and Paul on FKOF over the years, they do things their way and aren’t a duo known for banging releases out left, right and centre. But even for them, four years has felt like a bit of stretch.

So I was pretty excited to hear that 2020 (alongside a tonne of other MEDi material) is bringing us a new Kaiju record – one that sits especially close to my heart given I was the one pestering the two to wrap the B-side so we could get out the door to a gig a few years back (hence its title). 

I sat down with J & P over email a few days ago to see how they’re doing, what they’ve been up to and what’s coming…

Hey monsters, how’s it going? J: I’m alive. Usual stresses and a few more grey hairs than the last time we spoke.

P: Not too bad here cheers, surviving, plodding through this thing like everyone else!

How have you been with the lockdown vibes – what have both you been up to? J: Erm… Up and down really, was normal practice until I lost my job. Currently coping but the bigger picture stuff is a bit more scary now. Music’s been helpful as a way out as per usual but the lack of real human contact is starting to grate. My Mum is on the vulnerable list, so really starting to miss her. 

P: Life and family and stuff has very much been priority for a while now, then lockdown happened and made that even more of a thing. Lockdown aside, it’s as good as it has been for a while thankfully so creative vibes are starting to flow again.

J, you’ve had some health issues recently; you all better and back to fighting fit again? J: Yeah I’m getting there, awaiting surgery on the right lung now so fingers crossed. 

Cotch with Kaiju‘s been a pretty wicked way of surviving the coronas, talk us through how you came up with it and what to expect for future streams? P: Jamie mentioned the idea about wanting to do some sort of stream but not just another DJ stream to add to the growing list, and for it to be more of a sit down, listen to some music with friends and have a chat…which I think has gone down pretty well so far. 

J: As you’ve probably deduced by now, the lockdown situation has been getting to me a bit, and I just needed some good good energy. I wanted to do something a bit different from the mix streams that are flying around at the moment, so i figured a hang out vibe might work. Just roll a joint, chat some breeze and listen to some music as I’m not really one for shaking my booty on camera. At some point we’ll maybe have a look at doing a stream that gives a little insight into our production, break down a tune/technique or something like that, but my setup is limited at the minute so we’ll see… Currently its a vibe though, big love to all the regulars tuning in!

It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since the album/ white label! What can you tell us about your newest release on MEDi, talk us through the tunes? J: Has it been that long… Scary! Where to begin with Fear no one, that tune was a problem. It always had something, but the break was thin and wasn’t a straight forward fix, but we got there in the end. And as you know, the other one is your fault. We’ve also done all the mastering for the release ourselves so I guess thats an achievement. 

P: Just two very different journeys for both tunes. We honestly thought Fear No One was a lost cause at one point. It had issues with the drums/break from the start that we for some reason couldn’t get to the bottom of for a looong time! So it feels quite sweet for that one to be released.

You’ve always been an outfit that sits on a pretty gargantuan number of tunes. How’s the new material coming along? How many dubs are you sat on right now?! P: Wouldn’t even know where to begin! The number is definitely growing though. New material wise, we always have a number of things on the go of course, and you should hopefully get to hear some of that stuff pretty soon…

J: We definitely have a more than a few dubs. We don’t ever sit down to write music for release or seek releases for tunes, we do it as a break from life essentially. So inevitably the dub list will always grow.

What does the release schedule look like – will we see more records from you anytime soon? and when are we going to get a new Kaiju mix? J: Theres always things we could be doing, and we probably should be more active with our music but I find it very hard to shout about stuff on social media etc without thinking I’m boring people. Theres a few ideas we’re looking at currently including a new mix so keep your ears peeled for that. 

P: We definitely promise not to leave people waiting so long for the next release thats for sure.

Who are you rating in terms of upcoming producers at the minute? Any recent releases that have blown your socks off (or subs up)? J: A massive positive from the podcast situation is I’m hearing a fair amount of new guys that I’ve not stumbled across before. Off the top of my head, I’m really feeling Maes, Zygos, JFO, WZ, Kercha, Ome to give you some names.

It’s pretty hard not being able to get into clubs for a session, but if you could, what club/ system would host your next dance? J: I’d love to do a Kaiju all nighter somewhere in some woods. Sinai seem to have the market sorted for sound at the moment and I love how our stuff sounds on it.. Nothing ever feels pushed. 

P: Venue wise we have a bit of a soft spot for the Trinity Centre in Bristol and the nights that we’ve been a part of  there, and I think Sinai doing the sound would be the choice, such a clean/full sound. But to be honest, give us any small dark room with some massive speakers and thats us!

What’s the rest of 2020 looking like for you both – any big plans? J: Who bloody knows at this point. I’m looking at a decent stint in my studio/ spending time with the better half while hoping society can regain some sort of normality. 

P: I’m not really sure plans are a thing anymore… Not much we can do until we all know what the world has in store for us I guess. But we will always be making things vibrate in the shadows until we can all meet up for a skank again sometime.

Any final words/ shoutouts? J: Thanks for everyone’s patience with the music stuff, and continuing to show us love however long we’ve been.

P: Of course big love to Mala and Steph as always, pleasure to be involved with the label… And big ups yourself Wiliam!

Kaiju’s MEDi111 is out on Friday
Pre-order the digital on Bandcamp (copy/ paste if you’d prefer: https://deepmedimusik.bandcamp.com/album/fear-no-one-wils-fault)
Pre-order the physical on the webstore (copy/ paste if you’d prefer: https://store.deepmedi.com/store)


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