Kaiju x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

Kaiju x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

Kaiju have risen to almost immeasurable heights since they featured in the MIG x FatKidOnFire series in May last year.

Their debut release sold out on Osiris Music, as did their follow up and, to top it off, they were recently crowned ‘Best New Producer’ in the 2013 Dubstepforum Awards (while nabbing the #2 spot in the ‘Best Mix’ category with their MIG x FKOF mix). To celebrate a pretty stellar year, they recently hit me up with a little special something…

FKOF x Kaiju present 'Skyfall'

Easy boys. All well? Yeah pretty decent cheers William, thank you for asking.

So. Kaiju. You’ve had a pretty eventful few months since you guys last featured on FKOF. What’s been the highs (and lows)? This industry has a lot of ups and downs but our ups-to-down ratio is pretty green in the up department so we really can’t complain. Jamie’s trousers are often suicidally low if that counts however?!

Sell-out releases. Awards. Did you expect to get such a reception when you signed ‘Belcanto’ and ‘Close Break’? Not at all. The response we’ve had to our music has genuinely touched us, and had one of us in happy tears on numerous occasions after a shitty day at work. It’s clichéd to say but sometimes it really does keep you going, especially as we normally really only play our own tunes so when people check our mixes or come to our gigs it means that little bit more to us.

To win the best new producer at the DSF Awards was a huge honour, last year was a awesome year for the step with a lot of good new people coming through so it was a shock to even be nominated.

The future. I’ve heard rumbles on the grapevine that you’ve got one or two releases (with one or two surprises) in the works. Is there anything you can tell us? If not, can you confirm you’ve got tunes forthcoming? We can confirm that ‘Hunter’ is forthcoming on Osiris as our next release but other than that we can’t really go into anything else. We are in talks about a couple other bits currently so will let you know more when we know more.

[Filmed/ edited by Sam Ryley]

‘Hunter’. I’ve got few words for the reaction this tune’s been getting in the dance. It’s safe to say this is one of the most highly anticipated tunes of 2013. Where did this monster come from? We wanted to work with Flowdan, so we asked. It was as simple as that! We had to provide some examples of our stuff at the time but he was into it so we got the go ahead to submit some beats.

He went in on one, we got it back and felt like we’d tried to go too grime-like with it so it didn’t sound Kaiju. J then locked himself away for a couple weeks and, after a bit of swapping with Paul, it became what’s being played today. We just wanted to hear Flowdan on a big dark beat, sounding aggy and that’s exactly what we got. The response has been amazing – and we’d really like to shout Yunx on that one. 

2013. What are your plans for the rest of the year? Any particular events you’re looking forward to? Just to keep making music and hopefully continue to give people reasons to book us to play our sound. We’ve got in the studio recently with Toast to get him on his debut track, that was fun so we’d would like to do more stuff like that.

There’s also a remix on the go for the Resonators, a UK reggae group from Brighton who are sick, and some collabs with people like Truth, Dubtek, Ipman and DCult so there’s plenty to look forward to…

Your ‘Adele’ re-rub. People are starting to realise you guys aren’t strictly ‘dungeon’ (as loathe as I am to use the term) producers. What else have you got in your arsenal of sounds? I think that started to become a bit more obvious in our mix for Hedmuk, we think it’s a sign of natural progression more than anything. It’s important for us to be able to switch stuff up in our sets so you’ll hear all sorts, style wise. We’ve been going back to our 170 roots recently as well so expect to hear some of that (when we think it’s ready).

Image (c) Sam Ryley

[Image © Sam Ryley]

Any final words or thoughts? Good luck for the next few months and hope the releases go well! Cheers dude, and thanks to everyone and their continued support… Be good to yourselves, and each other x

It’s been a long, long while since we had a FKOF free download from the Kaju monsters.

To celebrate being crowned ‘Best New Producer’ and reaching 2nd in the ‘Best Mix’ categories of the 2013 Dubstepfoum Awards, as well as reaching 2,000 fans on Facebook,  Kaiju are back – giving away their truly astonishing remix of Adele’s ‘Skyfall’.

Korrupt’s review:
“Kaiju  open their ‘Skyfall’ re-rub with spotless sample-use, overwhelming the listener as a mesmerising journey starts to develop. Mystical sounds give ‘Skyfall’ the extra flavor it deserves. Adele’s tender and soothing voice sucks the listener right in as the drop hits… 

“Kaiju implement a wild and long reverb, greatly widening the stereo image. The reverb is accompanied by a resonant and warm low-end that passes through the sub-layer – and Kaiju’s use of panning techniques really carves out their mark on this piece. Their ‘Skyfall’ re-rub flows freely, in sync with the brains’ frequency. 

“With Kaiju taking this tune on a completely different course to their previous releases, they’ve without doubt made another impeccable production.”

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