Konvex x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

Konvex x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

It’s been a while since we had Konvex feature here on FatKidOnFire – but if you look back at the posts that have gone up since his MakeItGood x FKOF interview, you’ll see his tunes have appeared in mixes fairly frequently…

Never one to turn down a mix or a chance to catch up with a member of the FKOF family, when Tom hit me up with a mix idea (that produced the monster you’ll find up for free download below) I figured it was high time to sit down and catch up with the young producer…

Easy Tom! You good?
Alright Wil? I’m not too bad cheers, just hibernating from the snow we’re having at the moment. Living the life of a hermit and all that!

All good man, thanks for asking! It’s been a while since we last caught up with you in the MIG x FKOF feature. What’s changed for you since then?
Quite a bit, it feels like! I feel I’ve managed to push my tunes a bit more over the last year, gaining the support of people I’d never have imagined would give my tracks a listen.

I’m especially grateful for the support of people like Hatcha, N-Type and Crises who have supported my music enough to show it to the rest of the world through their radio shows on Kiss and Rinse. It’s always a goal of mine to get a track spun on Rinse and I feel proud to say I accomplished it!

I also want to say a massive thank you to everyone that’s given a few minutes of their time to check my music online and like it enough to want to follow me. I never would have dreamed I’d have 1,000 followers on SoundCloud this time last year – it’s hugely humbling.

I’ve heard rumours that your release schedule for the next few months is completely ridiculous. Can you share any info on the forthcoming Konvex bits?
Haha, you heard right my friend! I’ve got quite a few EPs releasing this year. First and foremost, my collaborative EP with my mates Baitface and Deafblind is out early February, with the tunes ‘Badmind Breed’ and ’37th Method’ on them. I also have an EP out shortly after with Tallan‘s Redshift-One, a bit more on a tribal tip; ‘Orca’ and ‘Inara’. 

I’ve then got a few tunes coming out on Tribe12 later on this year, ‘Pangaea’ will be part of a compilation with a whole bunch of extremely talented upcomers and ‘Vanir’ (with Deafblind) will be out with a remix on the flip that I don’t want to jinx and say too much about just yet!

On a bit of a different vibe, I’ve also got a two track techno EP with my good friend Hiloxam’s label, Odea Records, which I’m really looking forward to.

Lastly, and probably most exciting, I’m part of Hatcha’s new ‘Hatched’ imprint. It was a really surprising move that we’d been talking about for a few months and I’m really thrilled to see it come together!

You put your collab with Beezy up for a ‘pay what you want’ download on your Bandcamp over Christmas. Other than it being an awesome fundraiser for a great cause; is this something you’ll be doing again in the future? I’ve seen a few artists starting to do this – I’d be intrigued to hear your thoughts?
Yeah absolutely, I plan on doing it every Christmas from now on. The charity idea was something that hit very close to home for me; 2012 was, in many ways, quite a hard one for me in my personal life and one of the low points was losing a friend. It makes me feel incredibly proud to be able to do what I can to raise money and help the cause in any way I can. 

I think it can only be a good thing to have more people taking this approach to the ‘Christmas freebie’ idea!

Any big plans for the year? What can we expect in terms of bookings in the UK and overseas?
I really struggle getting the bookings in, I’ll be honest! Where I live there really isn’t a scene for the deeper stuff. We do have a night that’s getting the ball rolling a bit called Seeerious and I had the pleasure of headlining one of their nights a month or two back.

I think it’s a real shame that Kent hasn’t got more of a scene for the darker side of the genre when we have such talented artists here like J:Kenzo, Content and Beezy (to name but a few). I’ve been in talks about a few gigs in Holland this year though, but I don’t want to jinx it and say anything too early; nothing’s concrete just yet.

This mix you’ve done. Congratulations first off; it’s got some of the best material I’ve ever heard from you in it! Tell us about the tunes inside?
Thanks Wil, I’m glad you like it! The mix is entirely my own productions and collabs from over the last year along with a couple of unheard tunes I’ve been working on for 2013. I tried to keep it a bit varied to show all the different sides of my sound. Some are minimal, some verge on tearout.

It’s a bit of a showcase of what to expect from me for 2013. I hope other people like it and take the time to check out the stuff I produce after hearing it!

Finally, name three artists (and why) we should be following this year…
This is an easy one! Mainly because they’re all very good friends of mine and it’d be wrong not to give them a bit of a plug haha.

1. Wayfarer – Begrudgingly, I have to mention Alex. I can’t even begin to comprehend what kind of rock you’ve been living under to not have heard his tunes this year, and from the bits he’s shown me for 2013, it’s going be a big year indeed.

2. Format – Jack’s one of my best friends, he’s top guy and hugely underrated in my humble opinion. I play a handful of his dubs every single time I even touch the decks and think he really doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, I always try and push his music!

3. Scalade – Described by many as the worst thing to happen to Oxford, Scalade is a badman. Big tunes coming from this guy, as well as a 12″ dropping soon on new label Sonic Graft. I think Scalade’s only going to get bigger as 2013 goes on.

Huge thanks for having me Wil, hope I haven’t waffled on too much!

This mix. I have few words to describe the sounds inside so I’ll let Tom and the select few producers who appear alongside him in it do the talking.

Don’t do this one a disservice; play it big and play it loud…


Track list:

1. Konvex – Mercy [dub]
2. Konvex – Carbon Copy [dub]
3. Konvex & Deafblind – Vanir [Tribe12 dub]
4. Konvex – Third Choice [dub]
5. Konvex – The Fight [dub]
6. Format – The Cycle (Konvex remix) [dub]
7. Konvex – Pangaea VIP [Tribe12 dub]
8. Konvex & Dyssomnia – Slaughterhouse [dub]
9. Konvex & Malleus – Black Iris [Dub Force One]
10. Konvex – Inara [Redshift-One dub]
11. Konvex ft. Beezy – Into The Background [Bandcamp Charity Download]
12. Konvex & Wayfarer – Omertá [dub]
13. Konvex, Format & Scalade – Death Sentence [dub]
—Konvex, Format & Scalade – Death Sentence VIP [dub]
14. Konvex – Atheist [dub]
15. Konvex – Carrion [dub]
16. Konvex – Hurt [dub]
17. Konvex – Translucent [Odea Records dub]


Peace, love and respect.