KOROstyle x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

KOROstyle x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

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Another day, another contributor’s first post here on FatKidOnFire. You may know Yuri as one of the founders of MaasBASS, one third of The Illuminated and a man of many other skills – which now include writing for these here pages! And what an introductory post this one is – check the interview and the truly amazing FKOF free download with KOROstyle

KOROstyle x FatKidOnFire

Hello there, thanks for having us. How are things? Great thanks, I’ve just got back to Bristol from the U.S. after spending some time at a collab mate’s house.

Tell us a bit about yourself. You were born in France, but you’re living in the UK at the moment? Exactly. My parents are Senegalese; they spat me out in Grenoble, France. We moved to Paris straight after, followed by the U.S. when I was around 10. I recently got my degree and now I’m all like ‘Fuck The States’ mentality – so I decided to travel a bit and now I’m in Bristol town.

How is the scene in Paris? And in Bristol? How would you describe it? It’s a lot more commercial in Paris, but not as bad as the U.S. though. Parisian girls are getting hard into trap at the moment haha! The scene is much deeper in Bristol. People are more into the roots of the music as opposed to the more commercialised stuff.

We met last year, in Amsterdam at the OT301. Do you go to international events often? Honestly, besides events around where I happen to be, I hardly make trips for shows. But Joe Nice – a good mate I have bumped into a bunch of times in the U.S. – DJing in Amsterdam? I don’t think I can really miss that.

How would you describe your sound? I’m pretty grounded on 140bpm. I also like hopping to different genres but staying in the 140bpm rhythm. I’m geared towards making dancey but deep experimental music. My main goal is to alter people’s minds and bodies through sound. Sound travels through everything, and alters everything down to the molecule, so I make sure to do a good job waking people up haha!

You’ve had some very interesting collabs with great producers, how did that happen? By gravitating to artists with similar sounds I would say. That’s how I found out about Gutcha (who I had my first release with), and ARtroniks (who I had my most recent EP on Dubtastic Records with). I believe the music tells a lot about the artist, and naturally I guess we gravitate towards things similar to us.

What are you currently working on? Are there any upcoming releases you can tell us about? I have a lot of things on my mind for KOROstyle. I have KORO shirts I get girls to model on my page from different places across the world more and more. I’m also interested in making Anime but I won’t say too much about that one! Music-wise, I’m working on some eastern sounding 140bpm tunes that should find a home soon. I just need a couple final OKs from certain labels.

Have you always produced dubstep? Ever tried your hand at anything else? I’ve been producing dubstep for a couple years now but I’ve taken a gander at different styles; electro, moobahstep, 140 DnB etc. Back in my early days I would make 120 bpm dubstep because I didn’t know how to change the tempo on Ableton!

What would you say your best dubstep is? My best dubstep track I would say is a colab with Gutcha called ‘Paroxysm‘. It was really fun making it and everything worked together so perfectly.

Can you give us a heads up about producers we need to check out this year? My mate Sunyata! I met him on SoundCloud 3 years ago and we did a collab. I’m currently crashing at his house as well. He’s a musical genius. Gutcha as well. He’s working with a new alias ?KX at the moment – but has had my support ever since our first tune, the kid is legend. Last but not least; ARtroniks. Cool ass dude who I’m sure needs no further explanation.

KOROstyle x FatKidOnFire

Could you tell us something about the tune you’re giving away? Ahhh! I had a great time making this one. It was a very emotional melodic journey I feel I needed to share with the world. While making it I lost vision of stereotypical rhythms and breakdowns and just went on with what I felt. Enjoy!

If you’ve not checked the FKOF free download from Sadyr, you’re in for a right treat. You’ll find WAV + 320 downloads along with the all important Korrupt review below. Be sure to play this one out loud!

Click to DOWNLOAD 320

Korrupt’s review:
“This bass-enriched production, with all these different basslines and wobbles, lead the listener through the mix on a smooth and memorable journey. The stereo image portrayed is wide and serves its purpose, locking the listener on target.

“The high-pitched pad really touches the soul, as the intricate melodies locking the listener’s attention. A perfect balance between the kick and snare gives this beautiful production a solid foundation, everything fits together perfectly. From deep, sub-driven low end to ridiculous elements that continue to reappear without any obstructions ahead, KOROstyle’s ‘The Truth VIP’ is straight ridiculous.

“The second drop leads the way to a much deeper realm; the flow is just as overwhelming as the rest of all the elements and techniques involved – what a master craft this is. Dropping this on a big sound system will definitely tear up the dancefloor! Watch out for KOROstyle in the near future – we’ll be hearing more from this guy!”


Peace, love and respect.