Lamont - MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #145


MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #145

It’s been a while since we had any new FatKidOnFire content – but have a look here and you’ll soon know why! I spent the end of last week partying with my European family who made it over to Maastricht in Holland for MaasBASS‘ second birthday. It was a truly memorable experience and I can’t wait to be back soon!

I’m now back in the UK and have sorted myself out – so I figured it was high time we got the ball rolling on the next MakeItGood x FKOF feature…

Easy man, you good?
All good! Can’t complain. 

For those that don’t know you, who is Lamont?
I’m a bass type music producer from Bristol, UK.

You’ll be widely known as the producer Calski – but less so as Lamont. What’s the logic behind the name switch? Couple reasons really but the main one being I just felt like it was time for a fresh start. There’s a long list of tunes I made under ‘Calski’ that I’m not really into anymore and I’ve got a few releases coming this year that I’m excited about so it seemed like the perfect time to make the switch!

How would you describe your sound? I try to make a variation of sounds to be honest, when I sit down at my computer I never know what sort of vibe is going to come out of it – which makes it more exciting for me personally. But typically if it’s not something melodic and spacey; it’s going to be something dark, sinister and upbeat. Tempos usually range between 120-140bpm.

When did you decide you wanted to produce bass music – and have you ever produced non-bass music? When I first started making beats it was on a free demo of Fruity Loops. I just made super bait cheap grime tracks that you couldn’t even save! It was a while between then and the time I actually got my home studio but I was probably about 20 when I decided I wanted to do it properly. So I went to college to study music tech for a couple years – then after that just kept practising production; I’m still practising now!

How do you go about building your tunes? What’s your production setup like? I’ve got a pretty modest setup really. I use an iMac and Logic Pro 9, I’ve got a couple of KRK rockit 8s, a Focusrite Saffire 6 soundcard and an M-Audio midi keyboard. Nothing too fancy but it works for me.

Your EP on Overcooked Records last year was met with many positive reviews, what’s your release schedule looking like for 2013? Anything physical? Nothing on wax as of yet unfortunately, but I have got a steady flow of releases ready to go for this year… A couple more EPs with Overcooked Records and a release with ICU Audio – which I’m happy about because I’ve been a fan of the ICU gang for a long time so shouts to them!

Another standard question you’re probably bored to death of. Do you prefer turntables or CDJs for playing out? Does it matter? I’d say in an ideal world vinyl is always better, but unfortunately most of the tunes I play aren’t out on vinyl yet and getting every tune you like cut to dubplate is pretty costly, so at the moment I’m using CDs.

How long have you been playing out? If you could pick any of your recent bookings, what would be your favourite – and why? I’ve been playing out and about for a couple years now. I did the whole playing for free thing for about a year to get my name about at the beginning but there is only so far you can go doing that.

I had some really good gigs last year, probably the highlight for me was going to play at a festival in Venice, Italy. I also did the F.A.O nights in Cardiff twice last year and they are live so big up to those guys for having me down!

Going back to the above production question, do you think producers need to make more than one genre of music these days? Where do you see the dubstep ‘sound’ moving to over the next year or so? I think people should just make whatever makes them happy rather then trying to conform to a genre or sound.

I think people get too hung up on genres/ bpm etc these days, don’t worry about what people are going to call it just make sure you enjoy the music. There are so many sick producers at the moment it’s nice to see so many people doing their thing!

In terms of advice, what are your top points for new producers and DJs looking to get heard or signed? Practice makes perfect, just keep going with it. Stick to your guns and make the music you want to make. But most importantly, enjoy yourself when you’re doing it!

Tell us about your MIG x FKOF mix… I tried to get a mix of tunes in there, it starts off more melodic, goes in to darker stuff in the middle and then gets a bit more housey towards the end. Big up to everyone that took a listen I hope you enjoyed it!

Any shoutouts? Yeah big shout to Overcooked records, the ICU Audio gang and all the Bristol boys – Boofy, Hi5Ghost, OH91, Lemzly Dale, My Nu Leng, Kahn, Prime, Peaman, Sly-One and most of all FKOF’s Wil Benton!

3 producers we should be following are…? Boofy, Hi5Ghost and OH91.

Best bass music track ever produced is…? What a question! There has been so many huge tracks but I’d say my personal favourite would be…. Pinch’s ‘Punisher‘.

Best label in bass music is…?
Deep Medi.

Lamont’s mix is a good indicator of where FKOF’s going to be heading in 2013. It’s varied but manages to fit almost every flavour of what we’re going to covering in the coming months. After hearing this one for the first time, Lamont’s MIG x FKOF mix went into one of my favourites from the series – a definite must grab!


Track list:

1. Calski – If I Had It My Way [Overcooked Records]
2. Geode – Vie [forthcoming Innamind Recordings]
3. Calski – St.Andrews [Overcooked Records]
4. Fantastic Mr Fox – Evelyn [Black Acre]
5. Ifan Daffyd – Treehouse [Push & Run]
6. TNGHT – Bugg’n [Warp Records]
7. Calski – Black Tape [forthcoming ICU Audio]
8. Blawan – Iddy [Hessle Audio]
9. Calski – Route 66 [Overcooked Records]
10. Pheral – Hatchway [Innamind Recordings]
11. Demon ft. Beezy – Ramification [M.U.D]
12. Kahn ft. Rider Shafique – Late Night Blues [Deep Medi Musik]
13. Perverse ft. Beezy – Cross Examination [Innamind Recordings]
14. Headhunter – Prototype (Modeselektor remix) [Tempa]
15. Zed Bias ft. Holly G – Fairplay [Tru Thoughts]
16. Enigma Dubz & Calski – Rushing [Overcooked Records]
17. Geode – Get Dem (Calski remix) [Free Download]
18. Wookie – Live On [Soul Heaven]
19. Sub Focus – Tidal Wave (Shadow Child remix) [Mercury UK]
20. Gatekeeper – Something Sleeps [Deca Rythm]
21. Shadow Child – 23 [FOOD MUSIC]
22. S.K.A.M – Rush Hour [Gruuv]
23. Hackman – Close [Greco-Roman]
24. Trevino – Lag [Revolve:r]

Lamont’s also been kind enough to give us a FKOF free download to celebrate the name change (amongst other things). This is a proper good tune – grab the WAV and 320 downloads via the link below and, as always, peep Korrupt’s review…


Korrupt’s review:

“The intro to Lamont’s ‘Signal’ sounds very strong, potentially reminding the listener of entering a threatening and darkened room. The samples purveying these emotions combine to create a cinematic journey through the mind of this Bristolian producer…

“The first drop is heavy, with a pounding kick and a solid sub-region levitating through the mix. The dungeony vibe disappears, but the complexity of ‘Singal’ continues to increase. The tune’s mixdown is brilliant; the elements sounding remarkably crisp – overwhelming the listener with rhythm and masterful pattern placements. The heavily adapted vocal samples also help to give the tune an extra spin – impressive.

“As the break commences, the dark emotions from the intro return, as an amazing kick pattern pounds the listener. The second drop is something quite surprising: Lamont manages to stir things up with more heavy sample use! The listener can hear an energetic ending fade out slowly, as the samples disappear while the kick manages to punch holes right through you! 

“A very unique production from Lamont, the signal is now stronger than ever!”

• Lamont • (Calski)

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