Liverpool’s Got Bass - Less Effect x FatKidOnFire

Liverpool’s Got Bass

Less Effect x FatKidOnFire

After yesterday’s FatKidOnFire feature with Brighton’s The Mine, we’re heading north for todays interview with Liverpool’s Less Effect.

Matt and the guys haven’t been around too long but have been steadily making a name for themselves, thanks to their use of the impeccable RC1 and solid line ups at their events. Ahead of the upcoming event with Wen and Addison Groove this Friday, I sat down with co-founder Matt to talk bass music in Liverpool. We’ve also got a guest mix from resident Lack and four tickets (along with some other goodies) to Friday’s dance to give away. Read on…

Easy Matt, how are you? For those who don’t know about the brand (or haven’t seen the Spectrum feature), who are you and what do you do? Alright! I’m Matt and I run Less Effect with Josh Hewitt. Toby Chang and Charlie Foy are also both involved with running the night. I’m currently in my final year of an Audio Production degree. 

Less Effect is a night bringing fresh underground sounds to Liverpool. The diversity of FWD’s vibe has been hugely influential on what we’re trying to do.

You told Spectrum you met your Less Effect co-promoters (and fellow residents) at Uni. Who does what in the team? Josh and I handle our bookings and we all contribute towards the general management and promotion of Less Effect. We also all play as residents.

Less Effect (photo by Samantha Milligan Photography)

You’ve only had one main event so far – with your second this Friday. Inspired by attending FWD, what are you guys bringing to the Liverpool bass music scene that the other promoters aren’t? It feels like Liverpool’s music scene is in a great place at the moment. We’ve had artists like Beneath, Pangaea and Martyn up here recently, as well as loads of other great stuff thats been going on. The tendency though is for nights to play straighter 4×4 stuff, which to me gets a bit boring over a whole night. We really like to mix up what gets played which keeps people on their toes on the dance floor. We have to give credit to the crowds we’ve been pulling too, it’s been great having some knowledgeable heads down who’ve really been into the music we play. And we think our use of RC1 lets us represent our sound how it should be heard.

Finding the right home is always key to getting a good dance off the ground. What’s your venue like? How did you start working with them? We are using Haus, a pretty large warehouse located in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle area. It’s a really cool space and the guys who work there do some mad stuff with the venue; a couple of weeks ago they had a forest and a crocodile for a festival launch party! We have our own plans for setting the place up a bit different to how it normally is this Friday. We used Haus last year for our first few events and we’ve become great friends with the owners and the promoters down there. After moving down the road to a more intimate venue for our last event, we felt that Addison Groove and Wen in a big grimey warehouse was exactly what Liverpool needed.

Less Effect (photo by Samantha Milligan Photography)

You’ve got quite a close relationship with Jon from RC1, how did that come about? Is working with your own system, rather than the club’s, something you think more promoters should do? I first saw RC1 at FWD’s birthday a couple of years ago and was blown away by the system. I dropped Jon a message and have been in contact ever since. As soon as we were putting the night together it was one of our goals to bring RC1 to Liverpool at the first opportunity we could. Since using them in February, we’ve been counting down the days to us being able to use them again!

The RC1’s definitely one of the only systems around that delivers a true dubstep experience. In terms of working with our own system, definitely! When you work with someone that owns their own system, one they know inside out, you know you’re going to get a quality sound experience. That really takes the music to another level.

Less Effect (photo by Samantha Milligan Photography)

Have you guys got any particular selection process for the acts you book? It usually involves me and Josh sitting making lists and then realising we can’t actually accommodate all 100 artists we want on the same line up! It’s then a case of trying to bring artists that we like to Liverpool who are pushing the sounds we love – as well as trying to bring some fresh faces to the city.

Your second ‘proper’ event is this Friday. Who’s on the bill and what can the attendees expect? First off, we have Wen – who we are really excited to bring to Liverpool. He needs little introduction at the moment as he is on absolute fire! We can’t wait to hear him pushing the sub frequencies on RC1 on Friday! Next up is Addison Groove. Again, Addison needs little introduction as the guy is an absolute legend! The night will be supported by our residents and being fuelled by some RC1 grade bass we expect it to be a lively one!

Less Effect (photo by Samantha Milligan Photography)

Lack, one of the Less Effect residents, has put together a little FKOF mix together for us. What can you (or he!) tell us about the tunes included and the vibe he’s gone for? I’d say the vibe of the mix is focused around dub influences across both tempos, as well as the whole/grime techno sound that’s around at the minute. There’s a couple of mine in there as well!

You’re all at Uni at the minute. Will Less Effect continue once you graduate? What are your plans for the future? Definitely! We all graduate this summer. The real world of work doesn’t really appeal to me so Less Effect will definitely be continuing!

Less Effect (photo by Samantha Milligan Photography)

There’s quite a lack of newer events surviving more than a few dances – what, if anything, are you guys doing to futureproof the Less Effect brand? Any plans to bring the Less Effect vibe to other cities in the UK? We’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing. We really believe in the sound we bring to the dance and the core people that we’ve been seeing at all our events have been such a key part of pushing our night forward. We genuinely couldn’t do it without a good crowd and it’s been great meeting loads of people through running Less Effect! We have quite a few things planned this year in terms of collaborations with other nights in Liverpool and bringing our night to other cities is something we have been looking into, keep an eye out for us!

Any final words or shoutouts? Hope Friday goes well and see you soon! Got to shout out Charlie Foy and Josh Hewitt, everyone needs to go and check their productions; they’re basically the reason Less Effect started, these guys’ tunes need to be heard! Charlie’s cut some fresh dubs for Friday which not many people are bothering to do nowadays so big up Charlie! Also theres too many people to mention in Liverpool but everyone who’s supported the night and all the ravers who have been there having a lovely time until the lights come on!

Less Effect (photo by Samantha Milligan Photography)

Click to DOWNLOAD (152MB)

Track list:

  1. Lack – Untitled [dub]
  2. Lack – Span [dub]
  3. Commodo – Good Grief [Hotline Recordings]
  4. Beneath – Texers [Tectonic]
  5. Wen – Signal [Keysound]
  6. Kowton – TFB [All Caps]
  7. Rachael – Okada [Hotline Recordings]
  8. Kowton – H-Street [Pale Fire]
  9. Send – Moonman [Ruff Cut]
  10. Sound Control – Salute The Rockers [Lion Charge]
  11. Gantz – Spry Sinister [Deep Medi]
  12. LAS & Gantz – Firepusher [System Music]
  13. Lack – 432 [dub]
  14. Lack – Transition [dub]
  15. Lack – Sneak [dub]
  16. Promise One – Ghost Note [dub]
  17. Mala – Lean Forward [DMZ]
  18. Lack – Smoked [dub]
  19. Sound Control – Electrocution Dub [Lion Charge]
  20. LAS – Malfuntions [System Music]
  21. Commodo – F_ck Mountain [Hotline Recordings]

All images by Samantha Milligan Photography.
Buy tickets to Friday’s event with Wen, Addison Groove and the residents here.
We gave away tickets and copies of Wen and Addison Groove’s albums on Facebook; congrats to the winners!
The Less Effect guys have a  bi-weekly radio show on Sessions Faction. Their next show is 14/04/14 at 8pm GMT.

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