Lost - MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #140


MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #140

It’s been a fairly quiet few weeks here at FatKidOnFire, gearing up to the Christmas period and all that. It’s been fairly hectic on the FKOF SoundCloud, Twitter and Facebook pages accounts though so if you want the more constant updates, head over and start following! There’s a bit more content coming here on FKOF.com in the coming weeks though, so thanks for the patience (as always) while we sort ourselves out.

MakeItGood‘s Lara and I have been following the one and only Lost for a long, long time – and we’ve been trying to grab him for a feature for almost as long as I can remember. Luckily, Justin had a bit of time in his touring/ production schedule a few weeks ago to sit down and have a chat with us and mix the first of two additions to the MIG x FKOF mix series…

Thanks to Chris for the awesome artwork and thanks to Lawrence‘s help with the interview.

Firstly, of course, how are you? Great thanks! 

Awesome. Lost, we at FKOF x M.I.G have been big fans of yours for a long time. To those who don’t know you, who exactly is Lost? I’m a DJ and producer, one of the early members on HENCH. Born and bred in Croydon, I’m 23 and living it large.

How would you describe your sound? I can’t really describe it because it constantly changes and every track is unique. Compare ‘Al Barsha‘ to ‘Groupies‘, they sound completely different. 

How did you get into dubstep in the first place? When did you decide you wanted to produce as well as listen? I grew up around music so it always interested me. I started mixing when I was 12 and it wasn’t until I went to college that I started making dubstep. I first heard dubstep back in 2006 listening to Hatcha on KissFm, then went on to attend FWD>> at Plastic People on a regular basis. 

How do you go about building your tunes? What’s your production setup like? I’ve got a laptop running FL Studio 9 and use a pair of Yamahas.

You’ve had some big releases in the past few years on labels such as HENCH and Sin City, have you found it easy to get your music signed or is there a lot of your music we haven’t heard yet? I’d say only a small fraction of all the music I’ve produced has been signed and released, or even heard. I can only release my solo music on the label I’m signed to, so it limits me as to how much music I can put out as there is more than one artist on that label. Everyone has their turn for release so I can only release a couple a year. Were working on speeding that up for the next year.

Another standard question you’re probably bored to death of. Do you prefer turntables or CDJs for playing out? Does it matter? It depends on the person’s preference to the equipment, they both have their good and bad points. But for playing out, it would be easier to use CDJs as the rate in music production has increased and the vinyl preservation has decreased (which almost forces DJs to use CDJs).

How long have you been playing out? If you could pick any of your recent bookings, what would be your favourite – and why? I’ve been playing out since 2009 and got the opportunity to play worldwide. My favourite place to visit and play was Brooklyn, New York – an amazing place! But my favourite venue and crowd would have to be at Paradiso, Amsterdam; because the atmosphere, sound system and crowd were outstanding.

With everyone seemingly moving away from strictly focusing on 140bpm dubstep, how do you think the genre will evolve over the coming months/ years? Where do you see your sounds progressing to? The genre has evolved well beyond what anyone could’ve predicted, so it’s hard to say where I think it will go at the moment. But I have a feeling the commercial side will become less popular causing more demand for the underground scene.

After the huge ‘Groupies/Ironhide VIP’ release recently, have you got any tunes forthcoming we should be looking out for? Theres ‘Giant Orbs/Metric Weight‘ forthcoming on Sin City, date TBC. I also have two other very interesting projects coming up, one of which is ready for master. It’s bigger than my last release ‘Groupies EP’ so I’m excited for the release! 

In terms of advice, what are your top points for new producers and DJs looking to get heard or signed? Don’t sound like everyone else, or anyone else. Be original and don’t feel like you have to live up to the current trend. For DJs, try your best to entertain – that’s what you should do as a DJ, entertain. It’s so easy now to mix, there’s equipment that make the job a hell of a lot easier and takes the talent out of the meaning ‘DJ’. Learn how to mix on vinyl first, that’ll really determine if you’ve got it in you.

Tell us about your MIG x FKOF mix… I haven’t done a give away mix in a while, so I wanted to make it special by splitting it into two parts. First you’ve got the grime mix which has got a selected few of my past favourites, and then there’s the [forthcoming] dubstep mix featuring current tracks that I’m supporting as well as new productions from myself. 

Any shoutouts? Shouts to everyone that has let me use their tracks in the mixes, to my HENCH crew and family, to the peeps supporting my music and what I do, you guys at FKOF x MIG and to my mum and girl. 

Any producers we should watch out for (in any genre)? Ipman, Kinzy, 50 Carrot, Badklaat, Mutated Mindz, Kahlil and Nickelback.

If you had to choose your favourite dubstep tune of 2012, what would it be? There’s sooooooo many tunes in 1 year, plus it all depends on what mood you’re in at the time. It’s difficult to pick and favourite! 

Here’s my top 5 I have been playing this year, if that makes it easier.

  1. Jakes ft. Sgt Pokes – Someone Say
  2. Requake – Razia 
  3. Ipman – In Atari
  4. LifeCycle – Zero X (Lost VIP)
  5. Lost – Groupies.

Best current label in the scene? HENCH! Obviously haha. But I’m supporting what BassClash have been releasing recently, also GetDarker. I’m not really up to date with releases in the shops at the moment so it’s hard to tell which label is pushing the strongest material right now.

As hinted above, Lost will be contributing two mixes to the series. His first instalment is a half-hour grime special, with white labels, instrumentals and dubs galore!

I’ll update the post once we get the second dubstep mix, but until then grab the download and follow Lost on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.


Track list:

1. The Ends – Are You Really From The Ends (Jammer remix instrumental) [PRECS006]
2. Dj Target – Poltergeist (Terra Danjah mix) [AIMH004]
3. Z Virus – Rudesting Refix [Westbeat 12 Soundsystem]
4. Ludacris – Whats Your Fantasy [Def Jam]
5. Macabre Unit – Slow Jam [Square Recordings]
6. Unknown – Ho (bootleg) [White label]
7. Unknown – Untitled [White label]
8. Nocturnal – Back in a big way (instrumental) [Night Knights Productions]
9. Dizzee Rascal – Go [Dirtee Stank TP]
10. Dj Zinc – Hold On [Bingo promo]
11. Youngstar – Darkside (Youngstar remix) [Public Demand]
12. Plastic Man vs Mark One – Hard Graft [Virus Syndicates]
13. J-Sweet – Gutter (Alias remix) [Sweet Beats]
14. Mark One vs Plastic Man – Untitled [dub?]
15. Wizzbit – Quantum Leep [Road005 TP]
16. Geenius vs Slimzee – Log Off [Valve records]
17. Corporation of London – Roar Beats [Locked On]
18. Benga – Skank [Big Apple Records]

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