Subline Records - MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #101

Subline Records

MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #101

So it’s been a week since MakeItGood and FatKidOnFire celebrated reaching the first 100 features in the MIG x FKOF series. Both the mixes from Kaiju and Beezy are still going strong – 1,800 and 3,000 plays respectively!

Today sees us breaking into hopefully what’ll be the start of the next 100 with a feature with Subline Recordings. The guys behind the label are pushing the deeper end of the dubstep sound in the depths of Russia and have brought some seriously amazing artists to the region – where they’ve thrown some awesome parties (I’ll hopefully be able to reach one one day)!

If you don’t know Subline, you can follow the guys from Yekaterinburg on SoundCloudFacebook, Twitter and Bandcamp. Label co-founder Niiki Bushido‘s also done a truly weighty 70m mix which you can find at the end of the interview…

Who and what is Subline Records? Initially it was me and my guys who launched one of the first dubstep shows in Russia, streaming on a local internet station back in 2009. At that moment we had enough names from Russian making really good music and we made a kind of connection, which allowed our project to develop into a website & digital label.

It is still just a few enthusiastic guys who run Subline Records. We promote the sound among the wider Russian audience and direct the label to the scene overseas as well. The label’s not too big but we’ve also set up the sublabel (which is orientated towards a more traditional sound) called Lunar Kitchen which is operated by the talented producer from our crew – Moon Officer.

What got you into mixing, producing and supporting dubstep? What’s the label’s style – big, dark basslines or as filthy as possible? I have been influenced for quite a long time – by diverse break beats to jungle and garage. Later it was DnB and breaks, and then it was around mid 2000-s when the new and exciting British sounds of bass-oriented grime and dubstep music first caught my attention.

I felt something special about dubstep’s deep and urban-wise atmosphere, got hooked and I started buying my favorite releases on 12’’ (now my collection is a few hundred items). Sometimes it was really hard to purchase/ wait for the record to arrive; it can take a few weeks (even months) for delivery to Russia, especially as we have postal troubles (i.e. when you find your record broken on arrival or just lost).

I kept on communicating with different people (who were into the dubstep sound) and as a result started playing out as a DJ in local clubs in 2007. A bit later we joined our efforts to move things onwards and upwards, and so ‘Subline’ was born. As for our sound, we have been always stuck to the more classic/ darker sounds as you’ll hear in the mix!

Which artists are currently signed to Subline? What’s the dubstep scene like in Russia? We’ve got mostly Russian and post-Soviet producers signed to the label – but there are other names from around the world like Aeolho (Germany) who’s gonna rinse it in the future, TZR (USA), Imaginary Friend (Greece), UNCO (UK), Kawook (UK) and many more high quality artists.

Here in Russia the dubstep movement is quite widely spread and there’s an ever increasing number of original producers who are still less known abroad. We quite often get feedback like “Oh, God this Siberian guy sounds serious, almost as good as Kryptic Minds” or something of that kind!

Lots of Russian producers now follow the commercial and more mainstream path, but you’ll find the essence of a deep and dark sound in the majority of our Russian guys’ work.

Are you guys primarily a digital label, or have you(/ will you) released on vinyl? Do you think vinyl is a long term/ viable platform for releases? Right now we’re dealing with digital releases only – but we’re really trying to do our best to find the opportunity to go vinyl in the future. We have a deep respect for this analogue sound (you can still find plates in our boxes) but it’s enormously hard to do it here in Russia. We have to put all the necessary things together and make the right connections (which we don’t have at the moment) – if anyone reading this is can help please get in touch!

You’ve thrown some pretty epic events with some of the best dubstep DJ/s producers. What’s been your best gig and if you book DJ alongside anyone, who would it be? Yeah, it was 2 years ago when we decided to bring foreign producers to Yekaterinburg (a place where not many dubstep artists from abroad have been to). Our first guest was Dom Ruckspin (who was amazing), then we got Rob Sparx, Von D, Riskotheque, Vandera, Planas and more. Each event was a night to remember for us (and for our followers we hope).

As each of our guests is one of a kind they’re all cool guys who’ve got a unique sound and vision on music. Our audience isn’t too big but provided huge support – so the parties are pretty emotional!

Who are your top 5 dubstep producers at the moment; and why?

Recently we really enjoy the cuts from:

  1. Biome,
  2. Jack Sparrow,
  3. DJ Madd,
  4. Truth and
  5. Aeolho.

It’s all about their sound which makes them unique (and goes straight into your mind and soul). It makes your body move to the rhythm. We see these guys as our future guests.

What’s the future of dubstep – where do you see the genre going? I believe it’s quite clear with the sound mutations which dubstep had to undergo: it’s resulted in various subgenres with their own different atmospheres and structures.

You can define dubstep as numerous variations – some of them are more minimalistic and abstract in nature, some of them are more exaggerated. It’ll continue like that until the listeners get tired (like those who’re crazy about trends) and it will be the true heads left – who passionately collect bass music classics (like Deep Medi releases) like numismatists collect their rare coins.

Any forthcoming releases we can look forward to? Right now, we’ve got a fresh release from our Greece friends in Undersky Collective.

We also have forthcoming releases by Faib, Akemi, RedRabbit, Standby, TZR, Kaskaad and other great producers.

Have you got any advice to upcoming DJs/ Producers? When you’re creating or producing, just listen to what your heart’s saying. Steer away from clichés and trends, try to avoid any influence from elsewhere and do what you really want to do and what really makes you happy.

As Hannes from Absolute Filth says: “Just as I think you guys can’t beat Kaiju’s mix, you drop this one. Love the weight of this one”. Niiki’s mix is 70m of Subline releases – both out and forthcoming. It’s a serious addition to the series, grab the download and let us know if you feel it!


Track list:

  1. N.Killah – Night Whispers [SUBL006]
  2. Faib – Broken Mirror [forthcoming Subline]
  3. Imaginary Friend & UNCO – Bad Dreams Factory [SUBL015]
  4. Aeolho – Stop Motion [SUBL008]
  5. MilWalker – RainRain [forthcoming Subline]
  6. Apatic – Your Perfection [SUBL014]
  7. Exez – Frustration [SUBL006]
  8. Budy – Experience [SUBL010]
  9. Moon Officer – Kuiper Belt [forthcoming Subline]
  10. Akemi – Fly Warrior [forthcoming Subline]
  11. Aeolho – Project Mantis [SUBL008]
  12. Apatic – Neverwhere [SUBL014]
  13. Exez – The Lynch law [MindStep Music]
  14. Dark Soul – Give my soul [SUBL013]
  15. Innex – Norilsk [Terminal Dusk Dub]
  16. Aeolho – Purple Dawn 140 Refix [SUBL013]
  17. DubZaP – Everybody [dub]
  18. DubZaP – Dark Horse [dub]
  19. Akemi – Satoshi Crasn [forthcoming Subline]
  20. Innex – Lust jazz [dub]
  21. SerJah500 – Out of wood [SUBL005]
  22. Aeolho – Black Fish Dont Jump [dub]
  23. Kaskaad – Polar Low [forthcoming Subline]
  24. Faib – Invisible Light [forthcoming Subline]
  25. RadRebbit – Untitled [forthcoming Subline]
  26. Aeolho – Showdown at Sunrise [SUBL008]
  27. Agbo – Forgotten Dreams [forthcoming Subline]
  28. Moon Officer – Ash & Stone Cry [forthcoming Subline]
  29. Dyneema & Encode – Oazis (Ssekk remix) [forthcoming Subline]
  30. MilWalker – Outside Of The Sphere [forthcoming Subline]
  31. SerJah500 – Spiritus [SUBL005]
  32. TZR & Grym – Arclight [SUBL010]
  33. DubZaP – Heavy Soul [dub]
  34. NRanges & Uberman ft. Grotesk – ‘L’ in the WonderLand [SUBL006]
  35. Necrodem – Soul Healer [SUBL013]
  36. N.Killah – Ordered World [SUBL006]
  37. Crispo – Spirit [SUBL004]

If you have any thoughts on what Niiki Bushido from Subline has had to say, or anything else you’ve seen – maybe you’ve got someone to recommend to FKOF or seen something you think we’d like? Get in touch via emailTwitterFacebook or the FKOF TakesQuestions page.