Nanobyte - MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #102


MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #102

It’s been a while since a Welsh brand featured here on FatKidOnFire (off the top of my head the last one was Cardiff’s Droneboy back at #54) – and I’m pretty sure we’ve never had a Welsh artist feature in the MakeItGood x FKOF series.

Which is good, because tonight’s duo are flying the dubstep flag for Cardiff pretty damn well. So much so that we’ve got a brand new mix and a FKOF free download thrown in together (which wasn’t intended to happen but I’m not complaining)!

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Nanobyte boys for a long while now, after they caught my ear with one of my favourite tracks from last year (a tune now seeing a release which is bloody awesome). They hit me up a while back offering a mix for the MIG x FKOF series (in part to launch their name change to Medika) – as well as a FKOF free download to celebrate reaching 600 followers on their SoundCloud account.

They hit the follow target at the end of last week, just before I uploaded their mix.

You’ll find both downloads below…

Who are Medika/ Nanobyte?
We are two producers/ DJs from Cardiff; Simon Horne & Anthony Camilleri AKA Nanobyte.

What got you into mixing and producing dubstep? What’s your style? Big and dark, with lots of low end! We always try to keep things deep, fresh and moving. We also take a lot of inspiration from film genres such as horror, thriller and sci-fi.

What software do you use to produce your tracks?
We started with Reason and have recently made the switch to Logic.

Turntables or CDJs?
CDJs, but if we could afford to cut each new tune to dub it would be turntables!

How long have you producing and DJing? How did you guys meet? We’ve been making tunes together for about 2 and a half years but separately a lot longer. We have both been mixing thoughout our teens. We met through mutual friends back in 2008 and found ourselves living directly opposite; we started to hang out in the evenings and make tunes.

What’s been your best gig and if you could DJ alongside anyone, who would it be? Our best gig must be playing for the ‘Dubstep Bastards’ night in Gothenburg, Sweden. Wicked venue, wicked promoters, wicked night [amen!]!

As far as who we would like to DJ alongside… That’s a tough choice as there are many great DJs to choose from, but it would have to be Youngsta or Kryptic Minds. They are the guys that push the style of dubstep we like and make, and are consistently moving the scene forward.

Who are your top 5 dubstep producers at the moment; and why?

  1. Kryptic Minds,
  2. Icicle,
  3. Biome,
  4. Perverse and
  5. Seven.

There are so many more we could mention, 5 is just not enough! But, these five we would say have influenced our music the most.

What’s the future of dubstep – where do you see the genre going? There is much more of a divide these days compared to how it used to be, but that happens with all dance music over time. We think the future is bright. The commercial side of dubstep will hopefully bring new listeners and as they explore the genre they will realise there’s so much more to dubstep than meets the eye.

Any forthcoming releases we can look forward to? We have a few releases in the next few months under Nanobyte on labels such as Innamind and Redshift one so keep a listen out for them. As for releases under Medika, it’s all being kept under wraps at the moment but there will be releases soon.

Have you got any advice to upcoming DJs/ Producers? Explore all sorts of music and sounds and make sure you have fun with it. Don’t forget everyone is always learning so each tune you make you’ll learn something new.

Any shoutouts? Shout to our families Sarah, Rhi. All the Cardiff heads (you know who you are). Shouts the all the peeps in Bristol, SQNCE, Innamind, Perverse, Seven, Youngsta, Jack Sparrow, Dubstep Bastards and big ups to anybody else who has helped us out.

The Medika boys built the below tune to play out when they hit up Röda Sten and I’ve got it on good authority that their remix of Mavado’s ‘Dem A Talk‘ destroyed the place. And rightly so – this tune can sit with both TMSV‘s and Compa‘s refixes. It’s that good.


If the FKOF free download isn’t enough for you (it’s been getting more than a lot of love on the SoundCloud), get a load of the Medika mix for MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire. 16 tracks, 35 minutes and the best in the deep end of the dubstep sound. What a way to end the weekend!


Track list:

  1. Formless & Noman – Encounter
  2. Sleeper – Kuruwai
  3. Nanobyte – Shadow Hunter
  4. Versa & Biome – Neptune
  5. Pheral – Untitled
  6. Sleeper – GTFO
  7. YT – Heat Seeking Camera
  8. Medika – Hidden Code
  9. Lurka – Return
  10. Perverse – The Iceman
  11. Dubtek – Sonorous
  12. Seven – Wait
  13. Nanobyte – Dema Talk Deep (FKOF free download)
  14. Medika – Shen
  15. Nanobyte – Kalyke
  16. Kryptic Minds – Six Degrees

If you have any thoughts on what the Medika boys have had to say, or anything else you’ve seen – maybe you’ve got someone to recommend to FKOF or seen something you think we’d like? Get in touch via emailTwitterFacebook or the FKOF TakesQuestions page.