Stigma - MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #104


MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #104

Things have quietened down here on FatKidOnFire recently – unintentional but that’s the way things go (unfortunately)! I’m stuck on a train commuting across London twice a day with the new job and haven’t quite got the knack of balancing enough time to come home and to write FKOF bits and pieces (but am making a concerted effort to change that over the next few weeks).

Tonight’s got a new MakeItGood x FKOF feature as well as new resident mixes from C Tee and Justify – and there’ll hopefully be a few other posts dotted throughout the week. Things should start picking up once this weekend’s done so hang in there. I’ll be back up to speed soon!

Stigma hit me on Facebook a few months back with one of his new tunes. I gave it a listen and we got chatting – and since then we’ve talked on and off most days. He’s definitely an up and comer worth watching and when he offered up a mix for the MIG x FKOF series that would be “full of dubs” I knew it’d be too good to turn down. And boy, did Stigma deliver…

Who is Stigma? I’m a 17 year old producer from the Southampton area, been interested in dubstep since late 2009 (latecomer I know). I tend to dabble around in my genres but 95% of the time, the stuff I show people is the deep dubstep sound. I sometimes show some garage or more midrange bits (but not very often).

What got you into mixing and producing dubstep? How would you describe your production style? Looking back, for reasons unknown to my current self, I heard dubstep and just decided to start making it (or attempting to) straight away – despite having no prior production experience like loads of other producers in the scene. Just a spur of the moment thing I guess!

How long have you producing and DJing?
I would say the beginning of 2010 was when I produced my first full length track, I was repping virtual DJ at the same time!

How do you go about building your tunes – is there a process behind each one? What software do you use? I actually watched the Rusko production masterclass video for CM and have been an avid user of Rob Papen Albino 3 since I first saw it.

I started on Fruity Loops, naturally, and later progressed to Ableton before ending up on Logic (where I am now). I tend to treat each track individually but I’m a definite fan of a harsh EQ on certain aspects like kicks, snares and mid-range basses – mainly because I think it just makes the track a bit more of a hard hitter. I think my key part of a track is a proper dark kick which you can really feel in your chest, as you’ll hopefully notice in songs I’m uploading to SoundCloud soon!

Turntables or CDJs for when you play out? To be completely honest, I’ve never done a gig in a club before (hint hint) but I own both turntables and CDJs, with CDJs being a personal preference due to my larger collection of CDs rather than vinyl. When limited white labels come out I tend to buy them just in case, and for the exclusivity of having a limited release song.

What’s been your best gig and if you could DJ alongside anyone, who would it be? As mentioned above, no gigs yet but hoping to get some soon! I would love to DJ alongside Mala, Rusko or Kromestar, because I admire them so much and always have. Kromestar I don’t think has ever made an awful track in my eyes, and Rusko’s newest album is back to his old sound which got me hooked on dubstep so I’m inclined to love it.

Who are your top 5 dubstep producers at the moment; and why? Any labels you’re feeling? Tough one. I like so many new artists, but if I had to choose TEN, I’d say Gestalt (who I’ve made a tune with, am planning on making many more with as well as being a top bloke), Wayfarer is sublime, along with Percept, dee:see, P-Note, Flexa, Sabz, Skynetics, Dubizm and digid. I chat to most of these guys on the regular and most have helped me along the way to becoming what I am now as a producer, as well as all being genuine people. Big ups to them all.

Label-wise, watch out for Vulcan Audio, Innamind and Phucked [definitely agree with this heads up. Ones to watch]!

What’s the future of dubstep – where do you see the genre going? Has it got a future? It most certainly has a future, and a year or so ago when Magnetic Man released ‘I Need Air’ I became an indie kid temporarily and would not shut up about how the scene was going to get ruined. Then Matt Porta (Porta, check him out too!) reminded me that our scene wasn’t going anywhere. If you just focus on our actual sound, you have nothing to worry about with it changing; it’s not going to undergo any dramatic change soon (one would hope).

Any forthcoming releases we can look forward to? An EP forthcoming with my friend Gestalt on Phucked Recordings in the summer hopefully, featuring my/ our tracks ‘Tribes’, ‘Dreamin’’ and ‘Dare’! I’m also dropping a free EP at 500 likes on facebook featuring the unheard VIP of my track ‘Pores’ as heard in my mix, and some other bangers (I promise).

Have you got any advice to upcoming DJs/ Producers looking to get their music heard or signed? Three main things to remember:

  1. Take feedback with a pinch of salt. Don’t just change a tune after what one peer has said, get an overall picture because personal taste is a key factor.
  2. DON’T PESTER PEOPLE (well, to an extent)…! You have to keep at some people (mainly producers) to make them more likely to play your tracks, but don’t keep at them if they aren’t interested. Truth is, there’s going to be a lot of bellends out there who won’t care – so ignore them and focus on the decent people.
  3. Don’t assume your first tracks are going to be your best. Although you may enjoy them, unless you’re a musical prodigy you will be making sub-par tracks when you start out. Keep at it and you WILL progress.

Any shoutouts? Shouts to Oli and James who got into dubstep at the same time as me in my area, who helped me out a lot in discovering the different sounds of dubstep. Also, big ups to Dubizm, Greenfingerz, Percept, Sashwat, Fusiion and Gestalt. Known most of these guys for a long time and have helped me a lot along the way! And your very own Wil Benton [big ups man]!

3 people (dead or alive) you’d go for a beer with?
Jimi Hendrix, Rusko and James Blake, what an interesting experience that would be.

One item you never leave the house without?
iPod! Always got to have music at the ready.

Facebook or Twitter?
Both! and

Stigma’s gone in with 43 odd minutes of the deep and diverse dubstep sounds for his mix for MakeItGood and FatKidOnFire. If you’re feeling it, give him a Like on Facebook and hit the follow button on SoundCloud – remember he’ll be giving away some tunes (which are guaranteed to be awesome, I’ve heard one or two and they’re brilliant) at 500 fans on FB. Out to the Stigma!


Track list:

  1. Goli & Ashburner – Field of Vibrations (Benton Remix) [HEDMUK free download]
  2. Benga – The Chant [GET DARKER compilation]
  3. Gutcha – Skeng city [PHUCKED RECORDINGS]
  4. dee:see – Fire ‘Pon Dem [DUB]
  5. Stigma – Pores [DUB]
  6. Medik – Febrile [forthcoming GAMMA]
  7. Subscape – Screw Up (Matty G remix) [DUB POLICE]
  8. Standard Procedure – Eyez Down [DUB]
  9. Benton – Sleepless [WHEEL & DEAL]
  10. Mavado – Wah Dem A Co (Coki remix) [GREENSLEEVES DUBSTEP]
  11. Hatcha & Benga – 10 Tons Heavy [PLANET MU]
  12. Goli & Ashburner ft. Merky Ace – Boxed [HEDMUK free download]
  13. P- Note – Lost Ones [DUB]
  14. Reverend Sound System – Wifey (Distinction remix) [MUSIC OF DISTINCTION]
  15. Teknian – Isolation [MARTIAN BASS RECORDS]
  16. Girl Unit – Wut [NIGHT SLUGS]
  17. Viral – Warriors Curse [DUB]
  18. Stigma & Gestalt – Tribes [DUB]
  19. A-List – Spacebound [forthcoming DANK N DIRTY DUBZ]
  20. Rustie – Afterlight [WARP RECORDS]

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