The Illuminated - MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #113

The Illuminated

MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #113

It’s not often I get offered a mix and a free EP to give away with an interview here on FatKidOnFire. But when I do – especially when it’s from artists I’ve been following with interest for a while – you know it’s going to be a bit special.

The latest feature in the MakeItGood x FKOF series has an in-depth (and pretty awesome) interview, mix and free (four track!) EP. We kind of like to spoil you guys occasionally! The artist – or artists in this case – doing the honours are a dubstep DJ/ producer collective from Holland; The Illuminated.

The three guys have been stirring up a storm recently with their take on the dubstep sound, you’ll know why once you’ve read their interview. When they offered up the audio goodies, we sat down and got chatting.

Put the kettle on and get some good music going in the background, this is a long one…

[Joep and Yuri]

Who are The Illuminated? Yuri (Dyzz), Joep (Rebus) and Maarten (Vence).

How did you guys all meet? What got you into mixing and producing dubstep? At first Joep and Maarten got connected at local hip-hop parties in Eindhoven around 2006; both producing and performing as hip-hop artists. They started producing UK breakbeat and electro (and fidget) later that year.

Around 2008 Joep and Maarten discovered the dubstep sounds from the UK and Holland and focused their productions more and more on the 140bpm trip. Around 2009 Joep and Yuri got to meet in person at a gig called “Dubstep a Go-Go” in Utrecht. They already knew one another from the forum community. Within a month Joep introduced Yuri to Maarten and that is basicly when we started The Illuminated collective.

We were driven by enthusiasm to start something new; combining DJs, producers and more. Maarten and Joep mainly on production and Yuri as DJ. Joep started FKOFing around with tracks and DJing around 2008 with a midi-controller and his MacBook. Yuri had been into dubstep since 2005/2006 (and a lot of IDM earlier in the 2000’s) and had bought his first dubstep vinyl in London after the DMZ 3rd Birthday party in 2008.

How would you describe your production style? Our sound is probably best described as our interpretation of the more deeper side of dubstep. We feel quite a strong connection to the techy and industrial style of fellow Eindhovians Icicle, Proxima, Martyn, Nymfo and Piro. Most of the times we’re at 140bpm but every now and then we like to make some drum&bass.

How do you go about building your tunes? is there a process behind each one? What software do you use? Nothing special really. Somewhat cheesy maybe but we usually chill around and start with some drums.  “Go with the flow” is a basic description of our progress. We use Ableton and its stock plugins along with some free stuff. Hardware-wise we have a midi-keyboard, 2 rockit KRK 6’s and a sub (which is currently not connected because of the neighbours at Maarten’s place haha)!

How long have you been producing and DJing together?
Maarten in 2000, Joep started in 2004 and Yuri learned all his tricks from both of them when we started producing together in 2009.

How did MaasBASS come about? Yuri and Joep were residents at the illegal house parties in Maastricht in the Mandril Mansion under their alias “Bokito Soundsystem”.  Aarjan was looking for a partner to start something new (and legal) in Maastricht and found Yuri as his significant other.

We (Yuri and Aarjen) started the 1st one in “het Landbouwbelang” – which was basically a squatted building with a license to do stuff ’till 3am. The party started at 9pm and was sold-out (500 heads) at 9.30pm with a queue outside of 200 heads waiting to get in. After that Aarjan found the Muziekgieterij and the Muziekgieterij found us to start a monthly bass driven party (which is how MaasBASS got its name). For now things are a bit quiet but I promise we will be back in September for more education.

Turntables or CDJs for when you play out? Yuri has been properly educated and knows his way around a couple of 1200s. Joep however only uses CDJs, he says his hands shake too much so he’s always scared around needles!

What’s been your best gig (as DJs) and if you could DJ alongside anyone, who would it be? Technically it was at Dump! (Utrecht). The whole set was on point and the soundsystem is our personal favorite of all clubs in Holland. However, it was amazing to be playing at the Pact Festival 2011 (Eindhoven) on Queensday. The combination of being in your hometown at a techno festival but still having more than 200 people (including some of your best friends) skanking out to your dubstep/ drum&bass sounds is just golden. Also the weather was spot on.

Alongside Yunx and RSD would be our personal wet dream.

Who are your top 5 dubstep producers at the moment; and why? Any labels you’re feeling? We would like to split it to 2: top 3 all-time producers and top 5 dubstep producers at the moment.


Top 3 all time:

  1. Noisia
  2. Radiohead
  3. Chemical Brothers

Top 5 dubstep producers at the moment:

  1. Kaiju
  2. Subreachers
  3. Clubroot
  4. Headhunter
  5. TMSV (just because he has this awesome hair-do)


Top 3 all time:

  1. Noisia
  2. Arts the Beatdoctor
  3. Jah Shaka

Top 5 dubstep producers at the moment:

  1. Kaiju
  2. Icicle
  3. TMSV (bromance baby)
  4. Razor Rekta
  5. Killawatt & Ipman (they come as a package right? Haha!)


Top 3 all time:

  1. Noisia
  2. Nobody Beats The Drum
  3. Martyn

Top 5 dubstep producers at the moment:

  1. Sleeper & District
  2. Kryptic Minds
  3. Thelem
  4. Benton
  5. TMSV

Labels: Osiris, Black Box, Box Clever, MUD/ MUV, Artikal, Medi, Shogun, Critical, Diffrent, Dispatch, Tempa, Renegade Hardware, Subway, Origin Audio, Orientis, Mindstep, Tribe12, Chestplate, Tectonic, Ranking.

What’s the future of dubstep – where do you see the genre going? Where do you see it fitting in within the ‘bass music’ spectrum? The genre has now probably developed far enough to clearly see different styles within it. When we think something sounds like ‘dungeon’ we just call it dungeon you know, it’s just so much simpler to see the things as they are and start calling things by their name.

Still, we know about the history and always try to keep in touch with ‘the soul’ of dubstep; whatever direction we take. As for ‘commercial dubstep’, basically we don’t really give a sh!t. We’re just doing what we like.

Any forthcoming releases we can look forward to? For now we’ve just got our first exposure out in the open with you giving away the FKOF EP [available below as a free download]. Some remixes are on their way from us as well as from other producers remixing some of our tracks. Labels have contacted us but there’s nothing serious yet. We’ll see how things are developing later this year.

Have you got any advice to upcoming DJs/ Producers looking to get their music heard or signed? No, we don’t haha. Feel free to email us with advice though!

Any shoutouts?

  • The Holland crew friends and fam!
  • Paul.piro bass pioneer Eindhoven
  • tobias.inofaith for his extreme obsession with music production
  • tomas.tomassive.tmsvauwww for just being awesome (no really, he’s awesome)
  • thomas.halp for sleeping while Joep and Yuri were playing 180bpm full volume dnb
  • Rik.myrkur his hugs
  • Joep.addergebroed for being our little brother <3
  • Micha.Pinda for being our big brother <3
  • Roel.rule for having a well-educated taste in bass music
  • Kaj.Iven for capturing almost every facial expression we can show
  • for educating
  • Ewout.ew00t for being the front-line captain
  • Derek.Chrome keepin’ it real
  • niels.erwtenpeller for being Brillex
  • Joram for capturing everything Kaj couldn’t capture
  • Tim.Karma (blessssss up bredren)
  • Tim.Tmus mashup master and carrot boss
  • Geoff.Nicon for getting us TO DA CHOPPAH (GET DOWN GET DOWN)
  • Tommy.Chillum cheeky gingerbwoi always fun having around
  • Go.Goodje for being mother goose
  • Cees.Case for blowing (so many puns intended). Perfect housewarming party planner
  • Gijs.Proxima – dirty man
  • June.Miller for getting their grooves on with piet. Ajeto!
  • Aarjen.l’argent for our english pronounciation being truly a brother from another mother, fam-a-lam!
  • Akespeare and PakOne for being the perfect hosts at every venue cq party. MaasBASS Family!
  • Alex.Waivee Banana’s robbing them payama’s and all <3
  • Judith.Ditl for the cupcakes (and being a top-notch girlfriend for Yuri <3)
  • Ekim for getting down on our sounds. Scream baby! (and joeps significant other)
  • Simone.Tenda for getting us introduced to all the maastrichtians
  • Rob for knowing basicly everything and supplying subs at random parties and cars.
  • Sjoerd.Scutch cruising 323F style
  • Ed.Yuri’s dad for buying the Wormhole album by Ed Rush & optical

Scene supporters:

Kaiju, Razor Rekta, Walsh, Dub Mechz, Perverse, Ash, Antics, Subreachers, Subculture Artists (Bless Verity J), Vandera and of course all the FKOF crew for supporting us in so many ways [big love guys]!

Oh and Skream. Thanks for cleaning the stove hehe!

3 people (dead or alive) you’d book for an event (and why)?

  1. Joep – David Rodigan, simply because he is the best at what he does
  2. Maarten – Osdorp Posse, for hearing their ruff beats and pumped up performance one more time
  3. Yuri – David Bowie, for seeing live what gave me music education.

Favourite Dutch dubstep producer?
Isn’t that abvious by now?!

Skrillex or David Guetta?


So. This mix? It’s 70 minutes and 35 tracks’ worth dubstep and drum&bass beauties. It’s definitely one of my recent favourites and definitely one worth downloading/ burning/ sharing/ listening to at loud volumes (preferably one or all of those options). It’s awesome!


Track list:

  1. Quark – Patagonia [Ranking]
  2. Lojik – Panic Room [For The Win]
  3. The Illuminated – Limp [forthcoming Access FM – Free Compilation EP]
  4. Mala – Blue Notez [DMZ]
  5. Dub Mechanics – Talking To The Gods [dub]
  6. Subreachers – Shockwave [dub]
  7. V.I.V.E.K – The Big Bang [Deep Medi]
  8. District & Sleeper – Terraformed [Chestplate]
  9. The Illuminated – Scavenger [dub]
  10. The Illuminated – Scavenger (TMSV remix) [Exclusive dub]
  11. Objekt – The Goose That Got Away [Objekt]
  12. The Bug – Skeng (Kode9 remix) [Hyperdub]
  13. Data – Knives From Heaven [Black Box]
  14. TRG – Everything We Stand For [Cool And Deadly]
  15. Biome – Moody [Macabre Unit Digital]
  16. TMSV – Future History [dub]
  17. Jack Sparrow – The Chase VIP [Tectonic]
  18. Cymatic – Glue [Box Clever]
  19. Kaiju – Double Dragon [dub]
  20. Perverse – The Iceman [Artikal]
  21. Dub Phizix & Skeptical ft Strategy – Marka [Exit]
  22. June Miller – Snapcase [Critical]
  23. Octane & DLR – Ordnance [free]
  24. Icicle & Commix – Ultra Clean [Shogun Audio]
  25. Optiv & BTK – Whatever [Dutty Audio]
  26. Amoss – Flex [Renegade Hardware]
  27. Icicle – Dreadnaught [Shogun Audio]
  28. Dabs – Subsidiary [Dispatch]
  29. Freaks Of Nature (Sparx & Tunnidge) – Dave’s Wives [Zombie]
  30. Ed Rush & Optical – Wormhole [Virus]
  31. Xtrah – Eradicate [Subtitles UK]
  32. Foreign Concept – Mob Justice (Enei remix) [Critical]
  33. Jekyll – Drainpipe [Diffrent]
  34. Hybris – The Blinds [Dispatch Ltd.]
  35. The Roots ft Black Thought, Common, Dice Raw, Flo Brown, Mos Def, Jazzyfatnastees – Hurricane (The Illuminated remix) [Exclusive dub]

Oh, and that EP I talked about earlier? That’s as good (if not better) than The Illuminated’s mix for MakeItGood x FKOF. 2 stellar originals from the Dutch dubstep collective, 1 wicked remix and 1 truly amazing Icicle x Mavado x TMSV mashup…

1. The Illuminated – Existence [FKOF free download]
2. The Illuminated – Everything [FKOF free download]
3. The Roots – Hurricane (The Illuminated remix) [FKOF free download]
4. Icicle vs. TMSV – Minimal Talk (The Illuminated Mashup) [FKOF free download]

If you have any thoughts on what The Illuminated had to say, or anything else you’ve seen – maybe you’ve got someone to recommend to FKOF or seen something you think we’d like? Get in touch via emailTwitter, or Facebook.