OPT1K - makeitgood x FatKidOnFire #24


makeitgood x FatKidOnFire #24

We first caught the next guest Dj/ producer through our old friends Black Milk. Nathan “OPT1k” Spooner produced a sensational mix and we’ve kept tabs on him since we first heard it in August. When we crossed paths again recently, we got him down for this next makeitgood x FatKidOnFire interview and mix. OPT1K’s mix is an awesome blend of all sub-genres of dubstep and we think he’s got serious skills…

[OPT1K photographed by Kate Hook]

How long have you been producing music? I’ve been producing music since I was about 16-17, and I’m 22 now, so around 6 years give or take. But prior to that I was in bands and played the guitar and piano. I’ve always written my own music.

What got you into producing dubstep? To be honest it just kind of happened. I remember a friend of mine (Laney, you should all check him out, he’s an amazing producer) put on Dubstep Allstars Vol.1 in a car when it first came out. After listening to it, I realised a lot of what I was already into had the same sort of vibe to it.

What software do you use to produce your tracks? Oh man, his is where all the techheads will laugh. I’m still using Reason 3.0! My laptop is so useless that it can’t handle anything else. I did install Cubase mainly for mixdows, but that had to go; nearly destroyed the laptop. Everyone’s always saying “ahh you need Logic etc”, but I’m definitely in the mindset of it’s not what you use, but how creative you are.

I may use an old programme, but I record everywhere I go and have huge soundbanks saved on external HD’s full of samples.

Turntables or CDJs? Again, I’m going to get grief for this, but I use neither. I do it all on my laptop using various different midi controllers and Traktor.

At the moment I’m using a Numark Control and a Novation ReMOTE 49. Not Very high tech, butagain, I guess if the tunes are flowing well, then it don’t matter right?

It’s the way I learnt. I got booked for a show and didn’t have time or money to buy and learn how to use CDJs or vinyl, so I just did what I could. I am in the market for a nice cheap pair of CDJs though if anyone’s selling?

Best set(s) you’ve played has been? In all honesty most of my sets have been plagued by troubles. At my first headlining show, the night hadn’t been promoted properly and halfway through my set I was told to close it down because there was no one there! I have been focusing on my production over the past year so gigs have been few and far between.

Best producer/ Dj you’ve played a set with? Hmmm. Come back to me in twelve months time and I promise I’ll have an impressive name for you.

Do you think you will stick to producing dubstep, or do you think you will mix it up and start producing other genres? I always think it’s good to add some variation to what you do, otherwise you stagnate as a musician, producer, or whatever you are. I mean there are some great dubstep artists out there, but if you’ve heard one track by them, you’ve heard them all. Then there are the other artists who are always pushing boundaries, always changing up what they do. I think dubstep is a very disposable genre if it’s done predictably.

Do you think dubstep will stay continue as one genre or do you think it’ll fragment as it seems to have started doing – with the “evolution” of brostep and drumstep starting to gain support? I think it’s definitely evolving, but with that, unfortunately there is the need to break it down into sub genres.

I hate defining music by genre because when you do, people tend to get caught up in talking about whatgenre a certain track is rather than just sitting back and actually listening to the tune. But dubstep encompasses such a wide range of styles and artists now that it is necessary. For example someone who likes Borgore and Flux and all that sort of stuff, might not be into people like Quest, the same as someone who likes a dubstep remix of a FKOFing JLS song, might not be into Mount Kimbie.

I hope not, because I hate the thought, but I kind of I think it will end up the same as Rock. Under rock comes things like Indie, Punk, Hardcore, Post-Hardcore, Rock’n’Roll, Southern Rock etc. They are all rock, just different take on the one theme. But just stop trying to categorise everything all you Internet trolls, it’s your fault!

We promised you guys a sick mix from OPT1K so here it is. It’s short and very sweet and we reckon you guys will love it as much as we do. You know the drill; get it turned up loud and enjoy OPT1K’s mix.

OPT1K x FatKidOnFire minimix by FatKidOnFire


Track list:

  1. Dark Sky – Night Light
  2. Lil Wayne – A Mili (Harmonimix)
  3. Mark Pritchard – Wind It Up
  4. LV – Turn Away
  5. Mala – Level Nine
  6. Tigerlips – Oslo
  7. Dark Sky – Fly
  8. D Double E – Bad to tha Bone (Woo Riddim)
  9. Fantastic Mr Fox – Evelyn
  10. OPT1K – One & On
  11. OPT1K – Arctic Home

If you have any thoughts on what OPT1K has had to say, or thoughts on his exclusive mix for makeitgood x FatKidOnFire – or you have thoughts on anything else you’ve read let us know either via the comments section below or through one of the other forms of contact (emailTwitter and Facebook).