Dread MC - makeitgood x FatKidOnFire #28

Dread MC

makeitgood x FatKidOnFire #28

We’ve had quite a few updates here at FatKidOnFire over the past ten days and we’re very glad to say we’re got four lined up for you over the next few days! First off is three new makeitgood x FKOF features and then a brand feature at the end of the week.

The first makeitgood x FKOF interview of the run is with only the third MC we’ve had to feature here. Dread MC has MC’d for the biggest names in dubstep (we’re talking Benga, Skream and Redlight to name a few) and he’s been kind enough to sit down and talk us through how he’s getting on.

How long have you been MCing for? Since I left school, but I’ve always liked lots of different genres of music, so I have MC’d for a variety of different styles.

How did you first get into it? A lot of people around me, would either Dj, make beats, or MC. I use to love just going out and partying, and I would always like to have the latest sounds playing. When I had my 19th birthday party, I got on the mic. On weekends I would mess around writing a few lines, then got encouraged by a promotions company called Omnipresence to MC at their night. I wasn’t at all interested, and wasn’t going to turn up… until they came and picked me up from my house, so there was no turning back!

Within a few months, I had regular local bookings and started to do nights in Bristol and Cardiff.

Best artist you’ve MC’d for has been? Why? That is such a tough one. I have worked with so many great people and have done some events that have I’ve been so proud to be a part of. I love working with Skream and Benga, they’re crazy, and I have had some mad explosive sets with Redlight, one of the best being at Glastonbury. The other being at Nottingham and Ms Dynamite joined us. There have been so many good nights, with people like Shy FX, Scratch Perverts, Joker and Trolley Snatcha. I could never say there has been one specific best night though.

Any new stuff we can look forward to hearing? Yeah, but not much. I actual don’t record much at all to be honest. Tracks don’t get finished or get released, however I’m planning on getting in the studio more over the next year. I’m currently completing a conscious vibe project with Gatekeeper, Rider Shafique, Grilza, and some minimal dubstep, techno vibe material with Deca Rhythm. I have worked with TC on a few tracks and he has given me good experience in recording and developing a sound. The main person I’m working with is Redlight and I have done a few tracks with him already but we are currently developing some tunes at the moment and also collaborating with a few other artists.

You’ve done quite a lot of nights with Roller Express, what has that been like? So much fun! Bristol Carnival was electric, we packed out the car park of Malcolm X, and we got some big tunes that sparked bare energy. For the girls it’s a batty shaking ting, for the guys, it’s a stomping ting. Sometimes Serocee and I MC back to back or we do separate sets, where he is with Toddla T and I’m with Redlight. We try and fuse the sets together, Roller Express is like jumping on a bass weight train and you’re going to the moon.

How did you get into the Dubstep scene? Mostly down to meeting Pinch, the man is a legend! I did a DVD called GL Street Legends and met him along with another producer who made Inside The Speaker I think. I was then coming to Bristol regularly, people said I should meet Pinch.. . So I did and he gave me a collection of dubstep mixes. We agreed I should just jam with him at Black Swan. I brought my mate MNP (a producer from Gloucester) along and he said I complimented the sound, it just went from there. I started going to lots of nights and became good friends with people like Mensah & Gatekeeper. Then I was requested by Skream to get bookings alongside him, as well as having residencies with Subloaded, Dubpolice & Basslaced/ Detonate.

Have you always been MCing, or have you tried out producing? Yeah I’ve experimented with sounds with MNP when I was younger. Now I just give a little input when I’m in the studio with people. In production you have to have a lot of patience.

Any advice to those starting out in the industry? Be positive and friendly because it is a real struggle getting noticed. Quality over quantity is a must and you have to make sacrifices if you really want it. So many people say things like ‘this year I’m on it, I’m all about music’ but you actually have to do it. Develop your sound and don’t blame people if you’re not getting noticed… Just keep plugging away and it’ll happen. Always do your thing, and try to be a little different. In March I’ll be with Redlight supporting Chase & Status for their tour. Being with Redlight and Reprise Agency has allowed me to develop as an MC.

We’re stoked to add Dread to the list of awesome dubstep heavyweights we’ve talked to here at makeitgood x FKOF. If you wanted an example of Dread’s MCing skills, give this mix he did with Kutz a go – we know it’s old but it’s still as good as it was the first time we heard it!

Kutz Dread ‘n’ dread mc mix by kutzuk

Track list:

  1. Jakes – Rhythm (Kutz spesh)
  2. Kutz – Trash City
  3. Emalkay – When I Look At You
  4. Kutz – Itch (VIP)
  5. Kutz ‘n’ Benga – Kutenga
  6. Kutz – Freak
  7. Kutz ‘n’ Silkie – Carpark
  8. Skream – Wibbler (VIP)
  9. Benga – (dubplate)
  10. Kutz – The Grouch/ 2nd Drop
  11. Coki – (UNTITLED)
  12. 12th Planet – 68
  13. Kutz – Grit Ya Teeth (VIP)
  14. Skream ‘n’ Silkie – (UNTITLED)
  15. Silkie – (UNTITLED)
  16. Joker – Output One and Two
  17. Kutz – Hypno
  18. Deadmau5 – I Remember (Caspa remix)
  19. Truth – Revelation
  20. Kutz – Par-Ti
  21. Joker ‘n’ Ginz – Re-Up (Tempa T edit)
  22. Hadouken! – M.A.D (Plastician remix)
  23. Texx Mahrs – Open Your Eyes (12th Planet ‘n’ Datsik remix)
  24. The Streets – Blinded By The Lights (Nero remix)
  25. Kito – Lfo
  26. Mount Kimbie – Sketch On Glass
  27. Von D ‘n’ Moxy Phinx – Miss Maui
  28. Deadmau5 – Ghosts n Stuff (Nero remix)

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