Reboot Records - MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #41

Reboot Records

MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #41

It’s been a fairly busy week here at FatKidOnFire HQ. It’s Wednesday and we’re on our fourth post (and second MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire feature) which is always good. Hopefully you guys are digging this all of this week’s new content!

Tonight sees us sitting down with label manager Adam from Glasgow-based Reboot Records. Reboot launched last June and are a member of the dying breed of labels releasing dubstep (or any material for that matter) on vinyl. Adam got in touch last week and we got chatting about the label’s history, his current thoughts on the dubstep scene and what’s in store from the artists currently signed to Reboot. Find Reboot online, on Facebook and Twitter and on Soundcloud, and peep the exclusive 2011 showreel below…

Who and what is Reboot Records? Reboot Records is a record label setup by Project Midnight as an outlet for top quality dubstep and its associated genres.

What led to you starting the label? Starting a label had always been an ambition of mine, and once I started to get tunes released on other labels it gave me the confidence to go it alone.

Promise One

Who’s currently on your roster? We have had releases from Project Midnight, Idlemode, Hellfire Machina, Haack, Oceania and Promise One.

With so many Djs embracing digital, there seems to be a gradual move away from traditional vinyl releases from labels these days. What are your thoughts on this? I think it’s a natural progression to be honest and it will happen regardless of what people think of it. The good thing is that the ‘digital era’ has made music so much more accessible to aspiring producers and DJs. On the other hand, this has led to a saturation of sub-standard music being released when 5 or 10 years ago it wouldn’t have got a look in. I think that vinyl is making a bit of a comeback now as the hype around DJs using laptops and CDs has passed and people still appreciate the quality and sound that you get from an actual record.

Project Midnight

Do you think you will stick to releasing dubstep, or can you see the label releasing other genres in the future? The label is definitely dubstep orientated but I love all of the other genres that have become associated with it – like garage, UK funky, house and so on. Our latest release is dubstep but with a garage influence and I hope to expand on that in the next year or so.

Do you think dubstep will continue as one genre or do you think it’ll fragment as it seems to have started doing – with the “evolution” of brostep and drumstep starting to gain support? Are these new sub-genres viable longterm or will they fade out? I think sub-genres will always come and go, and they are essential to keeping a genre interesting. Look at DnB – there are so many different ‘types’ of DnB but each one has its own fan base and each one can pull influence from the other.


Any new releases we can look forward to? Any events lined up that we should get excited about? There certainly are! We have just released BOOT008 which is a double A side digital release from Promise One, a producer that I am really into at the minute. All our digital releases are available for purchase from Juno. We are also just about to release our 1st vinyl – REBOOT001 featuring Oceania & Project Midnight.

Any advice to upcoming Producers/ DJs trying to get signed? My biggest bit of advice would be patience! I speak to and meet a lot of producers who have only been making tunes for 6 months or so, asking why their stuff isn’t being signed. It all comes down to patience. If you want to progress you have to spend time and effort learning your craft. Also its very important to try and be unique – which is easier said than done, but if you can pull it off it could make the difference between getting signed and just blending in with all the other tracks.


Adam was kind enough to mix us a 15 minute showreel of the upcoming releases from the label. It features all the current artists but also be on the look out for REBOOT002 – which features a track from FKOF favourites Fused Forces. Big all round! If you like the mix and are feeling the feature, be sure to let Adam and us know.

Reboot Records x FatKidOnFire showreel by FatKidOnFire


Track list:

  1. Project Midnight – Welcome To Reboot (REBOOT001)
  2. Promise One – Glyph (BOOT008)
  3. Haack – Fading (BOOT006)
  4. Hellfire Machina – Split Thread (BOOT005)
  5. Project Midnight – Bad Boy (Forthcoming REBOOT003)
  6. Oceania – Cracked Out (REBOOT001)
  7. Project Midnight – Nano (Dub)
  8. Project Midnight – Infinity (Forthcoming REBOOT003)
  9. Fused Forces – Unprovoked Attack (Forthcoming REBOOT002)
  10. Promise One – Dissonance (BOOT008)

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