Soundproof - MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #44


MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #44

In our second MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire feature of the evening, we sit down with London’s SoundProof. These guys are seriously talented behind the wheels of steel and are one of the few and far between who still cut dubs on vinyl and still spin on vinyl – definitely how it should be done! We caught up with the Soundproof lads for an interview and got them down for an exclusive 26 minute mix (9/10 tracks are dubs!) which you can grab as a free download below. Stay locked on Soundproof’s Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

How long have you been producing music? We first started making music about 7 years ago. We didn’t have a computer to begin with, we used a yamaha groove box to make loops and sounds.

What got you into producing dubstep? When we started to make music we were listening to producers like el-b, zed bias, goldspot, oris jay and J da flex. The word dubstep didnt exist at that time but we liked the dark garage sounds that led to the dubstep scene. Plus we have always liked drum and bass and jungle music. Its a whole combination of influences, we have been going raving since we were about 14.

What software do you use to produce your tracks? Logic 9 and some of plug-ins. We also use outboard gear for tracks. We really like the Access Virus and have a Virus B, C and TI.

Turntables or CDJs? TURNTABLES, every time. We prefer the sound of a vinyl in a club over an mp3. Also we prefer the feel of the pitch on technics 1210s to CDs.

Do you think you will stick to producing dubstep, or do you think you will mix it up and start producing other genres? Yes, we like all sorts of music. We have a few tunes on the hard drive at different bpm’s and in different styles. Watch this space is all we can say for now.

Do you think dubstep will continue as one genre or do you think it’ll fragment as it seems to have started doing – with the “evolution” of brostep and drumstep starting to gain support? Music is constantly changing and evolving, We can see the fragmentation but we like to stay out of the politics and just make good music. At the moment it all sits under the umbrella of dubstep which is fine with us. We like the diversity of it all.

Any new releases we can look forward to? We have just released a single on Infamous Recordingz called Darkstar/Shush. It’s out on 12″ and digital now. We also have an EP coming out on digital very soon, on our label SP Records. We recently remixed a tune for Aphrodisiax featuring Tiger S called ‘Killing Time‘ and this will be out in the near future.

Any advice to upcoming Producers/ DJs? Don’t use too much limiting on your beats. Having things too loud will lose clarity in a track. It’s better to EQ than to put on limiter on every track. Also, less is more!

As with the exclusive mix from Killa & Instinct, this mix is absolute stinking. Rammed full of dubs from a fine selection of producers. Give the mix a play and grab the download and let the Soundproof guys know what you think!

Soundproof x FatKidOnFire mix by FatKidOnFire


Track list:

  1. 1. Soundproof – Love the Night (Dub)
  2. Subscape – Colour my World (Dub)
  3. Subscape – Cadalak Jack (Dub)
  4. Soundproof ft. Queenie – Much Higher (Dub)
  5. Subscape – Square Albert (Dub)
  6. Baxta – Testify (Dub)
  7. Soundproof/ Baxta – Tear it Up (Dub)
  8. The Others – Titania (Dub)
  9. Soundproof – Hi Tek soul (Dub)
  10. Icicle ft. Robert Owens – Redemption (Shogun audio 10″)

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