Arcane - MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #45


MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #45

We’re five MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire features away from the massive #50. #45 sees us sit down with London’s Arcane. We first met Arcane back at FAKE KID ON FIRE in December last year and we’re 110% stoked to have him down for an interview. For more info on Arcane, stay locked on his SoundcloudFacebook and Twitter profiles.

How long have you been producing music? I’ve actually been musical all my life but I started actually producing hip hop & grime when I was 11.

What got you into producing dubstep? I don’t know you know. I used to listen to Skream & Rude Kid quite a lot cos I was hearing a few grime artists mc-ing over some mad beats so I looked into it and obviously found more music through listening to their tracks. I had thought about making it but not too hard, it’s only a year ago my mate Gamer was like “You should make dubstep you know”, so I gave it a shot and started coming up with some absolute bullshit haha, I cant believe I even exported that nonsense out of Fruity. But as time went on I just started to develop my skills and my style.

What software do you use to produce your tracks? FL STUDIO ALL DAY! Haha nah I use Logic sometimes if I wana get a certain sort of tune done but Fruity is just a sick program. You get loads of people trashing it saying it’s not good and you can hear when a beats made on fruity but if I’m honest 99% of the people that say that are just wallys that don’t know how to use the program and the other 1% are just people that like to troll everywhere.

Turntables or CDJs? I like vinyl but CDs are much lighter, and much much cheaper. When I become a millionaire I’ll say turntables. So yeah CDJs.

Do you think you will stick to producing dubstep, or do you think you will mix it up and start producing other genres? To be honest I’ve never just produced dubstep anyway. If you look on my soundcloud and wherever else I’ve put my tunes up there’s a variety of genres. Even down to my dubstep theres calmer stuff, tearout, housey stuff. I’ve got a really short attention span so I wont just stick in one bracket of production. It’s way too boring man.

Do you think dubstep will continue as one genre or do you think it’ll fragment as it seems to have started doing – with the “evolution” of brostep and drumstep starting to gain support? I don’t even know about all of that evolution stuff haha. I know I should watch the scene more and that but most of the people talking about dubstep are dickheads, the ones that actually matter are either in the studio, DJing or in a rave. I think people are analysing it all too much. It always happens, as soon as something new comes up, a group of people talking bollox is always sure to be right behind. People should just listen to the music init?!

Any new releases we can look forward to? Errrm 30th of June and something else in July.

Any advice to upcoming Producers/ Djs? Just make music and don’t get ahead of yourself. And don’t do mandy before any sort of performance, trust me.

Arcane’s also just released one of his latest tracks ‘Mystical Lighter‘ for free download (although the limit’s been reached on Soundcloud) so stay locked on his Facebook page for a DL link over the next few days. ‘Mystical Lighter’ is a massive track!

Arcane – Mystical Lighter by ArcaneUK

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