Gscratch - MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #48


MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #48

It’s been a while since we had an artist come down and drop an interview and exclusive mix for our MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire series. The Steppahs were the last to step up to the FKOF wheels of steel with their more than amazing mix – and we continue that theme with today’s feature. Nottingham and Leeds’ Gscratch is stepping up for our 48th interview and seriously banging! Check out his interview and free mix below and if you’re feeling Gscratch, follow him on Facebook, Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

How long have you been producing music for? I’ve been DJing for ten years, producing for about five years properly – with releases under the name Rippa, a project that I co-produce with Wancho, forthcoming on Smudge Music in August.

What made you start? My sister was a big influence to my musical tastes and career. Got to spend many summers in London as a teen; my sis sneaking me into venues such as Herbal to cop a look at the British hip-hop scene at the time… Was sick! It inspired me to get turntables, start scratching and mixing and I’ve never looked back. Also being only 15 when I started gave me chance to share underground music with my mates at school. Nottingham had a wicked scene at the time. Venues such as the Bomb were a regular hit for me, billing sick acts in British hip-hop and heavy turntablists.

What software do you use to produce your tracks? I use Logic 9, we all do at the label so it’s good to swap sessions over to each other if needs be.

Turntables or CDJs? Being a turntablist at heart, I have to say turntables with Serato, it’s good to know your way round CDJs still. You never know when a club/ bar might have battered 1210s and spanking CDJs. And I rag that cue button far too much haha!

CDJs are a great backup but I like to go in on the 1n2s with Serato on the turntables, even though I don’t do much scratching in sets anymore (mainly down to old club mixers, missing the cross fader knob) its always good to have the option of both.

Best set you’ve played has been…? Daammmn, umm, to many… I always look forward to playing Vagabondz events, proper like to get that crowd jumping and rowdy, Bigger Than Barry is siiiiiick fun also, out to the big man every time!!

Tell us about your involvement in True Core Productions and Smudge Music… TCP is my music for fashion and product launches work, I am in the process of sorting the new site now. I’m hopefully moving into the publishing side of things, so I can push artists music to be synced within various forms of new media.

Smudge Music is our record label in Leeds, releasing a broad spectrum of bass music, with the Rippa releases coming over the summer with a more to follow in September. Other artists on the label include Nixti, Maidu and Tarn. Check them on the free EP.

What music are you listening to at the moment? Really feeling the Submotion Orchestra debut album. Cymatic, wicked stuff, big things for them, check their Soundcloud.

Any advice to upcoming dj/producers? Have faith in your style, follow your gut and most importantly have fun!

Gscratch has produced one of our favourite mixes in quite a while, with a blend of hip-hop greats and some filthy bass drops – a perfect mix for the summer (even if we are yet to actually see any summer). Grab the free download below, get yourself a drink and pretend the sun’s shining. Trust us, it kind of works!

Gscratch x FatKidOnFire mix by FatKidOnFire


Track list:

  1. Josie Stingray – Got To Get It
  2. Busta Rhymes ft. ODB – Woo Hah (Wick-it remix)
  3. Amerie – 1 Thing
  4. Notorious B.I.G – Gimmie The Loot (Superginger remix)
  5. Karizma – Badboy in a Different Way (refix)
  6. Gentlemans Dub Club – Highgrade (Ruckspin remix)
  7. Wachs Lyrical – The Fear
  8. Ludacris – Roll Out  (Acapella)
  9. The Others and Distinction – Disko
  10. Rippa – Da Grind
  11. Mak – Gangsta Time
  12. Foreign Beggars ft. Medison, Ruckspin & Durrty Goods – Bank Job
  13. Defkline – Remember Dre (Red Polo remix)
  14. DJ Fresh & Sigma – Lassitude (Dillion Francis remix)

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