B Major - MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #55

B Major

MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #55

It seems our recent run of MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire features are doing rather well. We’ve had our first ever free EP download, courtesy of the supremely talented Killawatt, our first ever video interview with the awesome Nikki Acute and the promises of our first ever international event with Sweden’s Dubstep Bastards.

Tonight, as we gear up for another week of work, (forecasted) bad weather and the rest of life’s little surprises, we thought we’d give you guys something to enjoy – keeping you positive until next weekend if you will! We’re stoked to be able to drop our second exclusive EP, from none other than the fantastic grime/ dubstep/ hip-hop/ UK bass producer B Major.

We’ve been following B Major for a while and have been blown away by the tracks he’s been releasing on his Soundcloud page. And when our friend from across the pond, DJ Scooter hit us up to say he was also a big fan, we knew we had to get B Major down for an interview. He was also kind enough to drop us a four track EP to giveaway! So without further ado, find B Major on Facebook and Soundcloud, and peep our interview and download links for “The FKOF EP” below…

Who is B Major? I’m a UK Grime producer from West London.

What got you into mixing and producing dubstep/ grime? What’s your style – big, dark basslines or as filthy as possible? I was given a copy of Fruity Loops 3.5 at 14 and I haven’t looked back. I’m a hardcore grime fan, always have been, so it’s always been my main source of influence.

Grime to me, was always about the Bassline, so yeah, i like the bass to be as hard as possible.

As far as my style goes, it’s varied. I can do hype tunes for a rave, or a more melodic tune for vocals. Depends what mood I’m in.

What software do you use to produce your tracks? I use FL9 as my DAW, and Audacity for mastering, alongside certain software by Izotope to bring out the sound.

How long have you producing? I started when I was 14, I’m 22 now. So about 8 years!

Who are your top 5 dubstep/ grime producers at the moment; and why?

  1. Redlight gets number 1! The guy’s versatility is ridiculous!
  2. Rude Kid: another guy big on his versatility. Still cant identify a Rude Kid tune unless I hear ”Are You Ready?
  3. Faze Miyake: definitely a producer on the way up. I’m a fan of hype tunes… SIMPLE!
  4. Lil Rhino: his Basslines are FKOFed!! He’s also done some big collaborations with Ghetts & Rival.
  5. Flava D: again, hype tune deliverer, but very versatile too.

What does the future hold for dubstep and grime – where do you see the genres going? As far as I’m concerned, dubstep in the past few years has blown up! I would even say it’s been accepted in certain commercial circles, which is a good thing!

As far as grime goes, it’s gonna take a while. The music is a lot more accepted than it used to be, and there IS a future innit.

I’m just gonna keep making the music. Without the producers, there would be no genre!

Any upcoming releases we can look forward to? I’ve got a mixtape in the works at the moment. No release date set as of yet, I wanna take my time. It will be an instrumental release, and i have already got several tracks from other producers who I’ll be featuring on the mixtape as bonus tracks. Just watch the space!

Have you got any advice to upcoming DJs/ Producers? Keep doing your thing. If you have just picked up some software for producing, this sh!t don’t happen overnight. It takes patience and practice. Even now I’m still learning.


If what you’re producing sounds different than to what you hear others producing, go with it. Dont be knocked off-guard, cause it’s versatility & originality that separates producers from each other!

We’ve got to the point you’ve all been waiting for; B Major’s “The FKOF EP”. We’ve been rinsing these tracks since we got them in our inbox; here’s hoping you guys feel them too. The EP features four 320kbps tracks; ‘Androids‘, ‘Body Bag‘, ‘Electrolysis‘ and ‘White Chalk‘. Grab the whole EP below and be sure to let us know what you think!

[Special] FKOF exclusive: B Major – The FKOF EP (free download) by FatKidOnFire

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