Black Acre Records - MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #67

Black Acre Records

MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #67

It’s only Monday but FatKidOnFire is already set for a fantastic week – the FKOF Facebook page just hit 1,000 fans(!!) and the FKOF Twitter account is just 16 followers away from 1,000. And there’s a stack of brand new MakeItGood x FKOF features to drop, as well as new brand interviews and other content. Life is good!

Tonight, we depart from the usual 140bpm bass we spend a lot of time frequenting and sit down with Ian from Black Acre Records. In the unlikely event that you’ve not heard of the label, the multi-genre spanning imprint has been supporting some truly amazing artists and releasing some even better music. We caught up with Ian to chat about the label and what we can look forward to in terms of future releases/ events etc. If the interview isn’t enough, Black Acre’s Memotone has also done a 45 minute mix for us! In the mean time, follow Black Acre on Soundcloud for the music and Facebook and/ or Twitter for updates.

Tell us a little about Black Acre Records… I don’t really think of Black Acre as just a label – it’s more of a home, or gang, or orphanage for hip-hop’s refugees. I hope people can see from the Boiler Room show that the Acre family’s love for each other is deep. I liken it to 80’s hip-hop label Cold Chillin’, we have a Biz Markie, a Big Daddy Kane and a Marley Marl. We are desperately in need of a Roxanne Shante though! I suppose I just see Black Acre as a place for like-minded people to create pretty and or ugly things that sound cool.

Who is currently signed to Black Acre? The main famalam consist of Blue Daisy, Hyetal, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Snow Ghosts, Memotone, Brokenchord, Loops Haunt, Big Xylo with extended fam Dark Sky, Akira Kiteshi, Kelpe, 1000names, Dizz1…. Can’t forget Mary Anne Hobbs she’s like my 5th Beatle!

Why did you decide to set up a label? After many years as an artist, I was left with not a lot except the insider knowledge I’d gathered from being repeatedly chewed up by the machine. I decided I wanted to create a home for musical creative types but with genuine artist support. I’m still learning but I think I’m getting there, release by release!

You recently took over Boiler Room (which was fantastic), so have you got any plans to host any other events? Yes, I love to curate a stage at a festival or maybe even do my own weird event, I’m a big fan of ATP, Sonar and Bloc so I’d love to get involved with something like that! I’ve got a big Black Acre night at Amsterdam’s Paradiso and obviously the forthcoming tours from the amazing Hyetal and Blue Daisy!

What do you think of the UK bass music scene at the moment? I think that bass music in the UK is in rude health; it keeps dying and regenerating as a fresh entity – exciting times!

Any exciting releases on Black Acre in the near future? Yeah! One major biggie is Blue Daisy’s debut album ‘The Sunday Gift‘. I’ve been lucky enough to join young Daisy on his journey from day one – I feel like he’s one of the defining artists on Black Acre and it’s a pivotal moment for us.

We’ve also got new singles from Hyetal, an INSANE EP from Loops Haunt, an EP from the amazing Dark Sky… Fantastic Mr Fox, Brokenchord, a Halloween EP from Memotone featuring Leafcutter John… Phew! Oh and Snow Ghosts vs Blue daisy 12”… Errrr I’ve probably missed something…

What music are you listening to at the moment? Other than Black Acre artists, I’m checking for a lot of hip-hop at the moment. It’s been a while, but as with the natural cycle of things, I think innovative hip-hop is coming back – especially Westcoast rap group Death Grips. Russian hip-hop is also big in my life right now – folks like Lapti, 813, OL, BMB Space Kid, DZA… So much talent.

Any advice to upcoming Producers/DJs? Be brave and trust your instincts!

Memotone’s mix is 18 tracks of pure awesomeness. Can’t say much else. Give it a listen via the Mixcloud account and if you’re feeling it, grab the download via Mediafire below and shout Memotone to let him know!


Click to DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

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