Innamind Recordings - MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #71

Innamind Recordings

MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #71

Saturday was a quiet one for a little Swedish venue called Röda Sten. Up until 10pm that is, and then sh!t went mental. We’re still reeling at how good FatKidOnFire, MakeItGood and Dubstep Bastards‘ first excursion was – but for those of you that missed it, fear not, as we’ll be running more in 2012. Sweden definitely knows how to party!

In the mean time, we’re extremely excited to continue our run of features with MakeItGood. Tonight sees us sit down with the man behind one of the most exciting labels we’ve seen in a long time.

Innamind Recordings (IMR) has been making large moves with some of the best producers at the deep end of 140bpm. With the effort going into supporting the producers they are (how does this read as an artist list? Percept, Perverse, Gantz, Arktrix, J-One, Content, Dr Hugo, Formless, Wheeler, Ghostnote, Anex, Wen, Duckem, Server, JB(ROOT)!!), we’re stoked to have KurskOne down for a chat and were blown away by the guest mix! Check IMR on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud and keep watch. IMR are ones to watch.

Who and what is Innamind Recordings? Innamind Recordings is a new label created and owned by me, KurskOne. The label focuses on the deep, dark, minimal sound of things around 140bpm.

What led to you starting the label? Considering you run the label on your own, how has setting up and getting the label exposure been for you so far? Is it something you’d recommend doing? Starting and running my own (and hopefully successful!) label is something I have always wanted to do – ever since I started getting into this sound.

I have always felt (and more so recently) that there’s a huge number of artists sitting on mountains of dubs and nothing is really happening with them. As well as releasing these tunes, I want to select fresh material I personally feel and think others will like as well.

I often hear so many tunes from artists out there on Soundcloud, through mixes etc and wonder why they havn’t been picked up yet.

So my aim with IMR is to give these artists the recognition they deserve, hopefully get people more aware of them and to get people to play their music out on a big system.

I feel the artists I chosen for Innamind have amazing skills in the production of their tunes and people (as well as myself) are really feeling their music.

With regards to setting up Innamind, it’s been a lot of fun; the ball seems to be starting to move now which is exciting and the support I have been getting is really appreciated.

I would definitely recommend starting a label to someone – but I think it’s something that involves a lot of time and you have to be serious about it to try and make it work.

Who’s currently on your roster? Currently I am building up a strong crew of artists. The first release is an 8 track compilation that will be showcasing the sound the label is supporting.

On the compilation are tunes from Perverse, Percept, Arktrix & J-One, Dr Hugo, Gantz, Formless, Ghost Note and Wheeler.

There are a few other artists who I’ve been talking to about joining IMR that I am quite excited about, but nothing’s set in concrete just yet.

With so many Djs embracing digital, there seems to be a gradual move away from traditional vinyl releases from labels these days. What are your thoughts on this? Well for me I will always buy and mix vinyl; it’s something I really appreciate and I love collecting and building my selection of tunes. I feel quite sad about how lots of people are turning to digital but with how the times are at the moment (people not catering for the vinyl DJ etc) that number is only going to increase.

Luckily there is still a large number of people like me that will keep buying and playing wax.

I do wish people would make a bit more of an effort for the DJ’s wanting to play vinyl, it sounds and feels a lot nicer.

As a new label, I will try hard to build a strong base and then it’s my dream to move to vinyl when the time is right. I have some tunes in mind that I’d love to put out on wax sooner rather that later, but we’ll just have to see how things are going a little further down the track.

Do you think you will stick to releasing dubstep, or can you see the label releasing other genres in the future? I think for the foreseeable future I will stick to this type of sound. There is a big amount of producers coming up that are making a large array of tunes, the standard is very high and I am loving that. As long as they keep making the tunes and I keep loving them, I’ll keep releasing. I also really have a feel for the tribal type of things like Shackleton’s stuff – ‘Tribe‘ by Tunnidge is a serious, serious tune.

What’s the future of dubstep – where do you see the genre going? To be honest, I think there is a large amount of rubbish being made these days, some of it I don’t even have any idea how you could even call it ‘dubstep’, let the masses follow that. I think it’s better if they do! To me, the style I am into is alive kicking, most of the tunes I am hearing are serious and the calibre is very high so I don’t see it ending any time soon.

Any new releases we can look forward to? Any events lined up that we should get excited about? Apart from the compilation there isn’t anything set really, just talks and ideas. But I want to continue to support the artists that I have on board already and release some artist EPs from them. I’ve also got some other artists in the pipeline so I would like to keep the compilations rolling every now and then and get some good material out. I want to keep the releases rolling and try not to have such a big gap in between releases.

As for gigs, I might have a set later this month in Delhi and maybe a set back in Auckland in December.

Any advice to upcoming Producers/ Djs trying to get signed? Go hard. Find the sound you love and feel represents you best and go for it.

If you are planning on sending some tunes to a label, take your time, don’t rush and don’t send anyone that could select your tune as a ‘VIP’ unless you are already on their label. They probably hear a load of wicked music already and want to hear the finished piece. Send them something you are very happy with and think will compete with what they are releasing already. Take the criticism they give you as positive and just keep making what you are into.

Final thoughts? If people want to keep track of whats going on with the artists and the releases etc they can check the Facebook page or follow on Soundcloud, there will be clips of releases and some mixes up on there soon!

Cheers for the interview man and big up for holding down a wicked blog – I love reading it and always good articles [big ups man, thanks for the kind words]!

The Innamind Recordings guest mix is unbelievable – it features some of our favourite producers and some of the biggest tracks from 2011. Tearout stuff! Get on Twitter and shout KurskOne if you’re feeling it!

Innamind Recordings x FatKidOnFire mix by FatKidOnFire


Track list:

  1. Formless – Hidden Realm [forthcoming InnamindRecordings]
  2. Wheeler – Enigma [forthcoming InnamindRecordings]
  3. Arktrix – Poison Frog (dub)
  4. Wen – Fossil (dub)
  5. Formless – Paradox (dub)
  6. Perverse – Mutiny (dub)
  7. Percept – Corrupt [forthcoming InnamindRecordings]
  8. Duckem – Truth Seeker (dub)
  9. Dr Hugo – Nightfall (dub)
  10. Wheeler – Static (dub)
  11. Gantz – Choke [forthcoming InnamindRecordings]

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