T_! - MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #88


MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #88

Continuing the run of good form that’s suddenly sprung here on FatKidOnFire, today sees another two brand new MakeItGood x FKOF features see the light of day.

On a side note; if you follow FKOF on Facebook, you may have seen a status update earlier today. I’m off to Berlin for a week-long holiday next week and am doing my best to steer clear of a computer – so I’m offering up a whole load of bits and pieces in the next few days. Seeing as there’s quite a lot backed up in the content pipeline; I thought it might be fun to release the majority of it before my flight first thing Monday morning. So there’s lots on it’s way!

One of those new features is with one of the most skilled dubstep/ grime/ garage DJs I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to – Macabre Unit and Stink Like Sock‘s T_!. T_!’s 4 deck mixes are the stuff of legend and he’s recently been recognised for his technical ability in this year’s Dubstepforum Awards. Read his interview for MIG x FKOF, listen to the 4 deck ‘Nominated’ mix embedded below and if you’re feeling it all be sure to vote for T_! – we will be…

Who is T_!? I am a 27 year old DJ based in North Hertfordshire. I DJ for legendary outfit Macabre Unit, and co-run the Stink Like Sock and Bass Box events in Cambridge alongside Swiss and Daddy Genius. I play dubstep predominantly but having grown up DJing through the garage and grime scenes, I still like it throw some of that into the mix. I focus on high energy, technical mixing across up 4 decks.

What got you into mixing and producing dubstep? What’s your style – big, dark basslines or as filthy as possible? Pirate radio, and listening to tape packs and hearing EZ FKOF up a rave, I wanted that. I loved the darker sound of Garage, and after getting a job in record shop Big Drum Records in Stevenage, I got to feed my addiction for the darker stuff straight off the distribution sheet. Ghost Records, early Horsepower stuff, Bingo stuff. Dubstep was just a natural progression of the music I love.

Macabre Unit tunes used to get run at FWD>> in the early days, a lot of their early beats took the grime template a bit further, and certainly brought the bass. Dubstep for me is about big basslines. I prefer that sound, that what it’s about. Whilst a bit of filth is good, I like to build sets based around the eyes down, darker stuff… and throw a bit of classic dubstep, grime and garage in. It’s all about being in the dance and dropping something people ain’t expecting, making them go “What the FKOF?!”

Production-wise, Raff (Demon) is going to get me rolling on Ableton soon. I’ve got so many crazy ideas. I can’t wait to get them down. Production is definitely a string that will be added to the bow in 2012.

Turntables or CDJs? I prefer turntables, but use both in sets. You can’t beat the feel of
playing a record. I wish clubs would make more of an effort to maintain their turntables. CDJs offer alot of versatility and you can pull some crazy stuff off on them; they’ve definitely overtaken the turntable as most DJ’s weapon of choice.

How long have you DJing? I started DJing on a belt drives in Feb 2000. I began collecting vinyl in 1998. It’s mad to think I’ve been behind the decks for 12 years.

What’s been your best gig and if you could DJ alongside anyone, who would it be? I’ve been lucky enough to DJ alongside some of my peers I respect the most in dubstep, grime and garage over the last decade. I’d still like to share a flyer alongside the legendary John Peel, unfortunately something I’ll never achieve. Playing at Garage Nation alongside EZ when I was 16 was a big deal for me, certainly one of the most memorable. All of the Stink Like Sock events we’ve done at The Junction in Cambridge have been some of the ‘Best Gigs’; the feeling of co-ordinating nights on that scale and representing the artist we’re passionate about is a big deal for me.

You’ve recently been nominated in the ‘Best DJ’ category in the DubstepForum Awards (congratulations by the way!) – was it something you were expecting? It’s an absolute honour. I have huge respect for all the other DJs I’m alongside in that list. 2011 was certainly a very productive year, but being nominated wasn’t something I expected. It’s nice to know I’m making an impact and I’ve always appreciated the fact that dubstep on the whole had fans who appreciated technical mixing. You only have to look at some of the biggest names in our scene to acknowledge that. It’s a wonderful opportunity to put my name in front of people and be able to show them what I’m about.

Who are your top 5 dubstep producers at the moment; and why?

  1. Demon – consistent as FKOF, absolute veteran. He’s stuck with what he believes in since I first met him and not compromised what he’s about for anyone. It’s nice to see him getting the recognition he deserves right now.
  2. Mala – he can do no wrong in my eyes. Absolutely opitomises what the sound is about. Percussion, bass, arrangement, sampling – beautiful. Every set I play seems to feature a few Mala tunes, any and everything he puts out is a straight purchase for me.
  3. Phaeleh – his recent output has been top notch. A real musical craftsman who can competently cover all angles of the dubstep/ bass music sound to a very high standard. Another producer who I’ve been battering a lot in my sets.
  4. TMSV – he’s like a Young Dutch Mala. Proper rootsy music, impeccable production. His percussion and bass flows beautifully, and he’s another producer that can work outside the box and bring something a bit different to the table.
  5. DJ Madd – alot of Madd tunes in the bag at the moment. He’s had banger after banger in the last 12 months, the Black Box output has been top notch. Proper dark techy rollers. His album will really make a mark on the scene in 2012.

What’s the future of dubstep – where do you see the genre going? I personally see the more commercial side fading. It’s the same with anything that makes it into the mainstream, it has it’s time and then something else becomes flavour of the month. Many of the founding members have continued to work consistently experimenting at 140, but haven’t detracted from the music being bass-dominated. With the fans and momentum it’s picked up the last few years, I expect the underground to remain strong but on a bigger scale than before. 2012 is certainly already showing evidence of this.

Any forthcoming releases we can look forward to? Tesla EP featuring Versa and Rowl forthcoming in M.U.D 005 out 13th Feb, and the M.U.V 001 featuring DCult – Inner Peace and Biome – Persepolis should be out in March.

Have you got any advice to upcoming DJs/ Producers? Work hard, be polite, believe in your ability and keep your integrity.

Any shoutouts? Moo, Swiss & Daddy Genius, Demon and all Macabre/ ICU fam, Stink Like Sock, Bassbox and Cambridge Gold fam, Pete and all @ Junction, Diccon and all the Black Box fam, Killawatt, Thelem, Chan, Outlook Crew, Fez crew, Nikki & the Acute fam, GetDarker fam, Sub.FM crew and everyone supporting. Thank you!

If you’re not up to speed with just what T_! is capable of behind the decks, his ‘Nominated’ mix will sort you right out. An hour and 20 minutes, 51 tracks and some of the best producers in dubstep. It really doesn’t get better than this! If you enjoy it, vote for T_! – he deserves it.


Track list:

  1. Content – The Maori
  2. Pheral & Occult – Unseen
  3. Widowmaker – Forgotten Ruin
  4. Anex – Delusion (Demon remix)
  5. Fused Forces – Space Empty
  6. Mala – Blue Notes
  7. Cyrus – Ears Lowered
  8. Sleeper & Thelem – Untitled
  9. TMSV & June Miller – Ghost Ship
  10. Scratchy – Shangoolie
  11. DCult – A Choice Was Made
  12. Afterdark – Change Me
  13. Hatti Vatti – You (Phaeleh remix)
  14. Geeneus – Detroit
  15. Demon – Paper Chase
  16. LAXX – Warning
  17. Compa – Antact
  18. Tunnidge – Aftershock
  19. Dj Madd – Imagination
  20. V.I.V.E.K – Diablo
  21. Terror Danjah – Frontline (D.O.K remix)
  22. Demon – Sgt. Slaughter
  23. Wiley – What Do You Call It (Bass Mix)
  24. Benga – Electro Music
  25. Lurka – Skeptic
  26. DCult – Inner Peace
  27. Mala – Eyez VIP
  28. Versa – Shadow Movements
  29. LAS – Memories
  30. Dj Madd & TMSV – Difference (J:Kenzo remix)
  31. Killawatt – Codex
  32. Digital Mystikz – Neverland
  33. Dj Madd – Futureless
  34. Distance & Tunnidge – Blame
  35. Benga – Zombie Jig
  36. J:Kenzo – Engage
  37. Coki – Earth a Run Red
  38. Widowmaker – Heihachi
  39. Skream ft. Trim – Tweedle Dum
  40. Target – Runway
  41. Teeza – The Set Up
  42. Versa – Lucid VIP
  43. Statik ft. D Double E – Superdoop
  44. Other Echoes – Further
  45. LAXX – Self Destruct
  46. Ed:It – Sphere (Eleven8 remix)
  47. Lurka – Refresher
  48. Shotz – Creep
  49. Compa – Sentence
  50. Core – Wasteland
  51. Fat Freddy’s Drop – Cays Crays (Digital Mystikz remix)

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