N-Type - FatKidOnFire Presents #11


FatKidOnFire Presents #11

“N-Type is among Rinse’s longest-running dubstep DJs, having joined the station around 2003-2004 when the sound was still very much in its infancy. A lover of garage and jungle as a teenager, he became intrigued by the darker tracks coming out of South London, made by people like Horsepower Productions and Sheffield’s Oris Jay, that seemed to meld those two genres together. In the years since, he’s been inextricably involved as a producer and DJ throughout its journey from the basements of south and east London to to stages around the world, and recorded the fifth volume in Tempa’s scene-defining mix CD series Dubstep Allstars.

“As time has gone on, dubstep has traveled along a whole variety of routes, but he’s still finding plenty within the genre that feels exciting and groundbreaking to play on his show – both ‘pure’ dubstep sounds and the hazier regions where it breaks down and crosses over with house, electro or hip-hop.”

N-Type‘s Rinse bio pretty much covers everything we’d want to include in our intro, so we’ll keep it brief. The producer, DJ, event promoter and label founder is one of dubstep’s original founding fathers, alongside the likes of Hatcha and the rest of the Big Apple crew. He’s also the DJ behind one of my all-time favourite mixes. It’s an honour to have him feature on these here pages – and that’s all thanks to Michael’s hard work in pinning N-Type down for a chat and of course the all-important guest mix. So here it is.

This is FatKidOnFire Presents #11 – N-Type

FatKidOnFire Presents #11 - N-Type

First off. What does the ‘N’ stand for in N-Type? The ‘N’ stands for ‘New’. My surname is Newton, it comes from the school days when I first started DJing – everyone used to call me ‘N’. I won’t drone on because I have answered this question loads in the past and I won’t copy and paste for you!

How did this all start for you? I started listening to tape packs when I was at school, loved jungle and DnB. I started buying records and got some decks. Walsh was another DJ at school who mixed garage – we swapped tapes and started making mixtapes together and going to raves.

We then got on pirate radio thanks to Hatcha and John in Big Apple Records and started a regular show on Delight FM. After Delight came off air, I moved to Rinse FM. I’m still there now with my dubstep show on Monday nights 1-3am and my garage show every Saturday 6-8pm.

At what point did you realise that your dream had became your reality? When I started playing out reguarly.

How has Croydon changed after Dubstep exploded into the international dance scene? Croydon hasn’t changed, it’s still the same but I find I’m in town a lot less since Big Apple Records closed down. 

Any memorable experiences from your career? Playing FWD & DMZ and touring the world!

N-Type (photo by Ali Mousavi)

Which performance has been your favourite for you and why? Playing at DMZ amd FWD in the early days… It was a massive buzz to go from the crowd to the decks.

What would be your life philosophy in a nutshell? Do what you do and do it the best you can!

What’s the best piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to stay on top of the game? On top of their game? Game of what? I don’t see music as a game; you just do what you do.

What does this scene need less and what does it need more? Less copycat chunes. More diversity, originality, quality and good nights.

FatKidOnFire Presents #11 - N-Type

What are your core beliefs when it comes to running a label? Perhaps something that too easily gets overlooked? Building artists, encouraging artists to keep pushing forward and trying new things. I look for tracks that stand out and are different from certain trends in time.

Who is (or who are) currently raising the bar in the scene? Why? LX One has a quality sound! I love the vibe of his tracks – they’re dark and minimal but have such energy. An all round quality sound! I love making beats with Surge as well, we don’t try to make a certain sound; we just experiment and see what comes out. Other producers I’m playing at the moment that shine are Amit, Demon, Rudekid, Mala, Coki, Vivek, EshOne, J:Kenzo, Icicle and Genetix.

Have you got any upcoming projects you would like to tell us about? I’ve got a new EP coming out with surge entitled the Stampede EP which is really different to anything we have made before. We work really well together in the studio and aren’t afraid to try out new sounds that don’t exactly fit into a certain trend. I’m also building a lot of garage music at the mo along with some slower, experimental tempo stuff.

We have also signed LX One for an album and it’s sounding sick! I’m also making some 130pm jungle with Arc 88. I have a new night with DJ Raggs called Rude at Plan B in Brixton and we’re looking to start a new label for it. I’ve also linked up with Benny Ill and we are looking to start a new vinyl project together…

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Track list:

  1. Biome – Philly Blunt [dub]
  2. Chewie – Isolation [Uprise Audio]
  3. Demon & Biome – Terminate [W&D Records dub]
  4. Taiko – Spray Can VIP [Uprise Audio]
  5. Dark Tantrums – Spawn [dub]
  6. Demon – Break Point [W&D Records dub]
  7. Dark Tantrums – Pitched Battle [dub]
  8. Demon ft. Beezy – Genocide [W&D Records dub]
  9. LX ONE – Cloud City [W&D Records dub]
  10. Syxx – Motion Potion [dub]
  11. Hatcha & Pixelfist – Screwface [Sin City Records dub]
  12. Thelem – Haunted Harmonics [Artikal Music]
  13. The Others – Amazonia VIP [Dub Police dub]
  14. Syxx – Yotta [dub]
  15. Asylum – Always Love [Uprise Audio]
  16. Genetix – Final Movement [Underslung Audio]
  17. N-Type & Surge – Katnipe [W&D Records dub]
  18. Silkie – Bird in the Sky [dub]
  19. Proxima – Trapped [Tempa Records dub]
  20. Truth – Trenchtown [Deep Medi]
  21. Surge – Alpha Wolf [Biscuit Factory dub]
  22. LX One – Distorted Politics [W&D Records]
  23. N-Type & Surge – Stampede [W&D Records dub]


Interview by FKOF fam Michael
Imagery by Ali Mousavi and Martin Gee
LX One’s 
WheelyDealy043 is available now. Buy it here
N-Type and Raggs’ next Rude Bass event is 06/06/14. Details here.

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