You’re Too Damn Fly - Lutetia Dubz x FatKidOnFire

You’re Too Damn Fly

Lutetia Dubz x FatKidOnFire

Nibe‘s Lutetia Dubz have had a fairly decent few months so far this year – with a well-received run of mixes and a few capacity events in the Parisian venue Glazart. The imprint’s founder is releasing his first solo EP for the first time in almost twelve months in a few weeks, so we caught up with him to see what’s going on. We’ve got a brand new FKOF mix, a exclusive debut of one of the tracks on his release and a FKOF promo of the entire You’re Too Damn Fly EP. Enjoy…

Nibe, thanks for talking to us. How are you? Well chilled! A bit worn out by the last few nights’ work but the mood is positive you know: good work’s been done.

You founded Lutetia Dubz back in 2009. Since then, you’ve released both vinyl and digital, with a broad range of artists and sounds. Has the imprint got what you’d call a ‘signature’ sound? Aaaaarh, it’s hard to describe, what can I say?

There isn’t really a signature even though I have a real preference for deep sound, and am majorly bass oriented. But I’m not closed off to anything, I listen to a wide range of sounds as you can see in the Fine Cuts series. Because I need to have inspiration that comes a zillion miles away from electronic music.

Nibe x FatKidOnFire

What’s the inspiration behind LUTETIA013, the label’s latest release and your first since the Dangerous Method EP with Von D and Alys B last year? My only inspiration is women, truly. I know it’s cheesy to say so but when I feel the need to make music it’s always because of ‘une femme’ (a girl) haha. I think it’ll seem obvious when you see the music video that accompanies this release that I’m obsessed with them! 

My music is a way for me to show how all my moods, actions, anything really, have always been rooted in what a woman has done to me. I think it’s fascinating how their effect can range from something extremely positive to something very dark… Anyway that’s where this release comes from!

There doesn’t seem to be a frequency with releases on Lutetia, is that a deliberate move on your part? What’s the rationale behind the artists and music you sign – what are you looking for in a Lutetia release? No it’s not really.

I just really take my time before releasing anything on the label, it’s important to take the time to listen and re-listen to every track. I need to find a way to relate to an artist’s track. I need to actually feel something when I listen to a sound, not only the first time but every time, it’s a way for me to make sure it’s undeniably good: if the sound is good when you scrutinise every detail many times, there’s a good chance it will be to a first time listener.

You recently launched the No Hype Just Bass events (accompanied by the Fine Cuts mixes). How has that gone so far? It’s cooool. Once again it’s a sharing moment, it’s great to be able enjoy such a sick sound system and turn around and see you’re not the only one.

It’s also a lot of work so the reward tastes even juicier when the venue is full! I hope it’ll go on for a while.

What’s the Parisian bass music/ dubstep scene like? The response I saw to NHJB was pretty huge! The dubstep scene as you hear it is tiny here in France, people are more used to noisier sounds. We’re trying to make the deeper scene grow, because there’s no reason why it shouldn’t: there’s great music out there and bringing it to Paris seems an obvious thing to do!

What about France as a whole? You’ve got a few notable producers (yourself, Von D etc) and what looks like a fairly healthy underground! Yeah there really are some great producers here in France, and not just dubstep ones! French producers only come out into broad daylight when they feel like it, you can’t force a french guy to do anything haha!

What can you tell us about the mix you’ve put together for FKOK? Press play man!

You recently gave away your remix of The Weeknd’s Drunk in LoveFloating Away (your collaboration with Brighton-based vocalist Shanti) and your remix of Guts’ What Is Love? through us at FKOF. Can we expect any more free music from you in the coming months?! It depends. I’ll have to meet more girls!

Any final words or shoutouts? See you soon! A lot of love goes out to the Lutetia Dubz family and to the FKOF crew… And to my own special Venus!

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Track list:

  1. Mr.Boogie – Seen [forthcoming Lutetia Dubz]
  2. Nibé – Another Thing (edit) [forthcoming Lutetia Dubz]
  3. Subtle Mind – Untitled [forthcoming Lutetia Dubz]
  4. Nibé ft. Javier Starks – Without You [forthcoming Lutetia Dubz]
  5. Keyed Up – City Funk [forthcoming Lutetia Dubz]
  6. Brandy x Monica – Boys is Mine (Falcons remix) [Free]
  7. Mr. Boogie & Fused Forces – Invasion [forthcoming Lutetia Dubz]
  8. J.K.L – Jazz Fusion Dub [forthcoming Lutetia Dubz]
  9. Nibé – C/R/L/T [forthcoming Lutetia Dubz]
  10. J.K.L – Solarized [forthcoming Lutetia Dubz]
  11. Nikki Marie – Familiar [dub]
  12. M.I.A – Yala (Falcons remix) [Free]
  13. Ty Dolla $ign – Or Nah (The Weeknd remix) [Free]

Image by Alexandre Corchia
The release’s video drops with the release
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You’re Too Damn Fly is out 21/04/14.

Lutetia Dubz

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