Introducing Quoma - Diversity in Dubstep #6

Introducing Quoma

Diversity in Dubstep #6

It’s been great to see the positive response to the Diversity in Dubstep series and, in from a personal point of view, these interviews have really helped get my attention back into creating long-form written content here on FatKidOnFire. So it’s nice to know the time spent on pulling all of this together is being appreciated!

Sticking with the Eastern European geographic theme we’ve seemingly been having over the last few DID features, the latest subject joins us from Estonia.

This was a somewhat passive discovery on my account, having clocked a Quoma tune in Q100‘s recent guest mix for FKOF Sessions on Subtle Radio – so shout out Slava – but I did some digging and interests were piqued. I got in touch with Katya on Instagram, we traded a few messages and here we are with an intro chat into the young Tallinn-based producer/ DJ…

Katya, how are you? Happy New Year. How’s 2021 going for you? I’m good, thanks. I have a lot of plans for 2021. These are not limited to music, but also paintings and video production. 

For those who maybe don’t know you, can you give a quick introduction? My name is Katya, I am from Tallinn, Estonia. I make beats around 140 bpm, love film photography, nature and art. I also love my dog Yoshi.

How long have you been making tunes, and how did you get into production? I started trying to make some music around 12 years ago, but I never finished the tracks and was only able to overcome that recently.

I was always fascinated by a different genres and at some point I heard about FL Studio. I decided I’ll give it a shot and here I am now!

Talk us through a few of your highlights as a producer? I got my first release on a Bass372 Records compilation and that gave me motivation to make more music (as well as finish it). 

Any lowlights? No real lowlights, apart from that I’ve been inactive for quite some time. 

How long have you been DJing? I first tried DJing around 2 years ago.

Do you think it matters if you do one or the other? You can do either one or another, yet doing both compliments each other nicely! 

You’ve had two releases (that I can find!) so far – one on a compilation with Estonia’s Bass372 and a solo/ joint release Tennessee’s Defy Culture. How did those releases come about? Yeah, I have 2 releases as of now. For Bass372 – this is the Estonian scene, we all pretty much know each other. I was invited to take part in this compilation, because they knew I have some 140 material that could work with the overall concept.

For the Defy Culture single, I used to send tunes to people who’s music inspires me. One of those people was Chief Kaya and he proposed to release my tune on his label. 

Have you got any tips for upcoming producers looking to get their first tune signed? Just do your best to make the tune sound nice, send it to everyone you feel might like it and keep on doing that while you progress, if the first or second time didn’t work out. 

There seems to be some pretty epic talent coming out of Tallinn/ Estonia and the surrounding geographies. How are things in Tallinn right now? Which promoters/ venues/ tastemakers are you rating? Things in Tallinn are fairly quiet in terms of the 140 scene, yet there is a small but friendly community of people who listen, produce and mix 140 beats.

We have regular nights called Dubshack and Bass372 Night. There are no venues that host 140 events on a regular basis, but there’s Hall and Kauplus Aasia who have kindly accepted our crowd lately. 

Following on from that – which local producers are you following at the moment? Top 5 artists or tunes from Estonian/ local artists? I like what q100, Bisweed, PTF1987 and Slin are putting out.

My top 5 (in no particular order) would be:

How is the scene for diverse (gender/ race/ other) artists where you are at the moment? The scene in Estonia is really small, so there’s not much diversity at all.

How do we bring 140bpm music (and adjacent scenes) forward from a diversity point of view? What, in your experience, has worked (or not)? It’s hard to say! 

When building a new tune, what’s your process for starting and then getting through the production? I usually never have a strict idea, I just sit down and try out different things to see what works best.

Are there any parts of the production journey you enjoy the most – or struggle with on every tune? I enjoy just dropping ideas on top of each other, and the struggle usually is to finish a tune!

What’s your DAW of choice/ what’s your production set up like? I produce using FL Studio and I don’t have anything else but my laptop, headphones and hi-fi speakers that I don’t use to produce, but to test the mixdown. 

Who are your musical heroes? Who would your dream b2b be with? I enjoy productions from Kahn, Loefah, Boofy, Commodo, Causa and Alix Perez to name a few. I don’t have a dream b2b, but if we’re at it, let’s nominate Gantz!

Any genre, but who would you say your favourite DJ is? What makes a good DJ for you? I like how Bisweed is putting soul into his performances. A DJ is good when they’re able to set the mood on the dancefloor and connect with the people. 

What can you tell us about the mix you’ve put together? I’ve put together some tunes that I’m feeling lately, including new dubplates and old classics.

I hope you’ll enjoy the selection.

If you could give yourself some tips or advice about getting into DJing looking back since you started, what would you tell yourself? Check the gain levels every single time. The ultimate tip. 

Where can people find you online – and any final words or shout outs? Thanks to all the listeners and supporters. Find me on SoundCloud or Instagram!

Click to DOWNLOAD (109MB)

Track list:

  1. q100 – Scoville
  2. Chief Kaya x Grundy – Corruption 
  3. Juss B – Thirstay
  4. Causa – Strong One
  5. Crowley & e s p – Rosetta
  6. Hebbe – Culcha
  7. Quoma – Operation 
  8. Cesco – Bomba
  9. Akcept – Howl
  10. Mr.K – Vengeance 
  11. Sabab – Short Circuit 
  12. Bukez Finezt – Eradicate Mankind
  13. Biome – Kombat 
  14. Quoma – Wardrobestep
  15. Teffa – Luna
  16. Chief Kaya x Grundy – Muck
  17. Karma – Smear Dub 
  18. Causa – Ghetto cat
  19. AxH – Death Star
  20. Monuman – Bruk
  21. Head Space – Void (Oddkut remix)
  22. Slin – ATL 
  23. q100 x PTF1987 – Deeza

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