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Circle Vision

RDG x FatKidOnFire

We’ve covered Denmark’s RDG quite a bit on FKOF – here on the site and relatively extensively (in various forms) on SoundCloud over the years.

At the end of last year, we got talking to the producer, DJ and label founder after he started the second of his labels – moving from digital-only to vinyl-only music as an outlet to his (and potentially others’) music…

Circle Vision

RDG, it’s been a while! How are you? I’m alright thank you, just trying to sort out this life thing. 2013 was a good, but challenging, year!

You had a pretty decent run of releases in 2013, but you’ve just launched your own vinyl imprint. What made you decide to start up yourself? Well, it just came to me last summer and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Everything kind of made sense – I just sat down and selected 3 tracks I thought were fit for the vinyl format. I wanted to be fully in charge and do everything by myself; artwork, music and distribution.

With everything being digital and on the internet today, You won’t really have labels “when the digital age dies” and that kind of scares me. I was also in a good financial position – so why not put the money back into music, instead of drugs and alcohol?!

Music at its physical form has always been the best!

Circle Vision’s debut release is a three track 12″ featuring your own tunes. Will you be releasing other artists? If so, any clues as to who? The vision of this label is that I can release any genre and any style. So… Only time will tell!

What made you decide to do a vinyl label? Why did you start with vinyl first – rather than digital and then vinyl? That feeling of actually having a product in your hand. It’s real, not just on the screen.


There will never be any digital releases on Circle Vision. This will be limited vinyl releases only! I already run a digital label and will continue to release music on Surfase. I think all music I release deserves a vinyl release, but it’s a money thing really.

You’re only one release into the catalogue, but what will the Circle Vision sound be? As you might know, I have a lot of love for the darker- and sci-fi-sounding side of music. I reckon the sound will be like being inside my head!

How have you found getting CV001 stocked in record stores? I’ve actually only got my records stocked in physical shops and on the Circle Vision site. Financially, it’s created with money I’ve collected from shows, releases and royalties.

What tips, if you have any, would you give to other labels looking to get into vinyl? Well. Release the stuff YOU like and what YOU put your trust into. Forget what everybody else has to say, otherwise it’s not your label!

What else are you up to at the moment – busy with gigs and new tunes? I’m working on collabs with a few different people at the moment. Some you might know of Wil haha! I’m also going to hit Hamburg, Berlin, Italy, Poland and of course London this year (so far – more TBC)!

Of your recent releases, which is your favourite and why? I was really happy with The Cold North EP, some of those tunes I’d been sitting on for a long time.

Ric (TUBA founder) chose the tracks out of the many I’ve sent him and the release came out perfect. He also did a really good job on promotion and the release did very well, so big up Ric! Also the collabs with Quantum Soul and Server were tunes I was really happy to see released!

What have you got planned for this year? Anything you’d like to tell us about? A lot of new releases are coming out on Surfase this year! I’ve got a couple of vinyl EP releases coming out; Biscuit Factory, Subaltern and more TBA. And, of course, there will be more music released on Circle Vision!

Any final words or shout outs? Nice one and good luck with the label! Would like to big up Mentha from Subaltern – he is doing a good job with his label and I’m really happy to be a part of it! Out to Walsh and N-Type for the good support in 2013, very grateful for that! Shouts to my music family here in Copenhagen! There are to many people to thank; you all know who you are anyway. Remember yourself in this music thing, it’s all that matters!


Track list:

  1. G-Double – So Much To Gain [forthcoming Surfase Records]
  2. Silkie, Quest, Bulletproof & Dutty Ranks – Identity Crisis [dub]
  3. Mentha – Deep Blue (RDG remix) [dub]
  4. Mikael – Wada [dub]
  5. Karma – Rush Hour [dub]
  6. RDG – Paranoid Motion [dub]
  7. Jay5ive – WithOut [dub]
  8. RDG – Majestic [Circle Vision]
  9. RDG – Ironman (Piezo saturator remix) [forthcoming Surfase Records]
  10. Clearlight – Circular Thinking (LAS remix) [forthcoming Subaltern Records]
  11. RDG – Mountain Walk [TUBA]
  12. Bisweed – Airship [dub]
  13. RDG – Deserve [forthcoming Biscuit Factory]
  14. RDG – Against Us [dub]
  15. K-Man – Electro Magnetic Destroyer [forthcoming Deep Medi]
  16. Kaiju – Old Man [dub]
  17. RDG & Triky – Sharp [forthcoming Biscuit Factory]
  18. Bukez Finezt – You Don’t Belong Here [dub]
  19. D-Operation Drop – Collapse [dub]
  20. RDG – Mindloop [forthcoming Biscuit Factory]
  21. Subtle Mind – Jelly Roll [dub]
  22. RDG – Travelling By Light [dub]
  23. Gaze Ill – Leveraged [forthcoming Surfase Records]
  24. RDG & Hitman – Mercenary Ship [forthcoming Subaltern Records]


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