F2D Clothing x FatKidOnFire - Re-Interview #2

F2D Clothing x FatKidOnFire

Re-Interview #2

After our first re-interview with Villainous Visard in September, we thought it was high time to get talking to another of our original brands to feature on the original FatKidOnFire site six months ago.

Birmingham’s F2D Clothing was the fifth brand to feature here at the first FKOF. The brand has continued to grow with their latest collection being their best yet (in our opinion). We sat down with Dan to have a quick catch up, to discuss what’s gone on over the past six months and what’ll be happening with the brand in the future…

It’s been six months since the F2D x FKOF feature, what’s changed for the brand since then? Not much has changed! The work ethic is the same. We still love what we’re doing and the brand is still here. I guess the main changes are our new site going live and the introduction of our second logo which features heavily in our new collection, the ‘Survive Shield’.

Also we have taken a big move away from printing on blank tops like we used to and all our collections are now 100% cut and sewn – not just our varsities!

You’ve just dropped your latest collection; vests, stadium jackets, crews and zipped hoodies. Are you still designing using the same influences as you were six months ago? How did your new prototype pieces come about – they’re seriously fresh! Yes we still design under the same influences; which are our surroundings, lifestyle, and each other. However, we chose to be more minimal in our new collection as regards to graphics and concentrate more on the fit, cut and style of the designs. We as the owners of the brand have matured since we began 2 years ago, so the brand outlook has matured with us.


The Riders club jacket was a piece I designed for myself originally. My boy Alonso drew the skateboarder kid on his PC, I put the riders club text round it and then put the jacket together. I thought I’d get it made for myself and see if people like it. People love it so at some point very soon we will put it into production at a very limited quantity, (say 10)!

And with regards to the leather-fronted body warmer, it has a diamond stitch quilted back and hood! It was an idea me and my biz partner Emz came up with. We wanted a different body warmer to what we was gonna release so we designed it! At the last minute Emz said “add a hood” so we did! That is now also in high demand and so we will release soon it with very limited numbers.

When can we expect more from F2D – any exciting collabs or further designs to look out for in the near future? We will release the Riders club jacket soon. And we have another collection 70% ready for next year. We will be doing collabs with Soapbox and Jilted Royalty, our fellow brands from Brum! We also have some MASSIVE collabs lined up with some big music artists dropping very soon but we’ll reveal them when the time comes!

Has your opinion of the streetwear scene in the UK changed? Our opinion is still the same! We love what everyone is doing right now. In our opinion it can only get better. What we do think though is that stores small and big need to give more support to UK brands, there aren’t enough stores willing to give you chance. We have a few stores supporting us and we sell well in all of them so that shows give the UK brands a platform and let the public decide, if the product is good enough it will sell!


Shouts to all UK streetwear/ urban fashion brands, blogs, sites and stores!

For more information on F2D’s latest collection and what’s going on with the Brum-based brand, hit up their new website, webstore and blog.

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