DBD Clothing x FatKidOnFire - Re-Interview #6

DBD Clothing x FatKidOnFire

Re-Interview #6

We’ve been catching up with a lot of the original brands to first feature here at FatKidOnFire. We’ve recently had chats with Ben at Bake Designs and SB at Self Gained Treasures and today sees us continuing the theme. Chris‘ and his work with DBD Clothing was the second person/ brand to be featured here on FKOF, a week after the original site started. A lot has changed for him and the brand since then so we sat down to find out more…

[The pics below from a recent shoot with dubstep Dj Lost and his MC Skullion Shadez rocking DBD. It was shot in Croydon by our good friend Bannerworx after one of their sets from about 3am till 4.30am. They are wearing the new pieces along with new colours in the logo and the Varsity sweat jacket that is coming soon.]

It’s been almost a year since the DBD x FKOF feature, what’s changed for the brand since then? I’ve started to put some cut & sew into work which is where I need to be. There have been some decent hook ups with musicians too. The new Japanese Popstars album has the DBD logo tee featured in all the press shots in the inlay.

‘Emaciated Buddha’ depicts the struggle the Buddha went through prior to his Enlightenment. He underwent severe practices causing him to go to to skin and bone. The Tibetan flames illustrate the torture he put himself through. The skeletons hands holding the eyes show the birth of supreme vision and the bones of the arms form the 8 spokes of the Dharma Wheel. He finally abandoned these practices, ate and kicked back. He then sat under a tree and it all happened.

You’ve just dropped your latest amazing print called ‘Emaciated Buddha’ on tees and a sweat. Are you still designing using the same influences as you were a year ago? My influences have pretty much always been the east. Samurai/ Ninja culture & Buddhism will always play a strong part in what I do. I love lots of different stuff and wish I could bring it all into DBD but I have to try to stay within the brands area of focus.

I’m just about to try going back to the pencil and paintbrush/ sharpie as it’s much more fun. I will be able to get deeper into the process before switching to vector or maybe now and again going for the the hand drawn designs like I did with Samurai Zombie. I’m still in the process of finding my style to be honest; I’m not there yet.

Can you shed any more light on the Fused Forces collab we eluded to in the feature with them? Even though they really liked the first comic strip style I did I want to scrap it. I have sacrificed impact for detail and I don’t think it will do their vinyl justice. I’m meeting them soon to propose alternatives.

When can we expect more from DBD – any exciting collabs or further designs to look out for in the near future? I’ve been asked to collab with several producers in the Dubstep scene, some underground but producing very strong and intelligent sounds and some massive.

I have some shirts dropping soon, a sweat varsity jacket [which you can see below], denim [!!] and finally several sweats/ tees about to drop.

Has your opinion of the streetwear scene in the UK changed? I think there is a lot of talent in the UK. There always has been. It’s just a very tough time for anyone over here trying to set a brand up.

The UK scene is in it’s infancy though, it’s undernourished at the moment and we’ll only see what capability and talent lurks when there’s more money and support about. There needs to be a change in paradigm in product to customer delivery before we will see that growth. We UK brands need to get togther and pull something big off that brings us much more exposure.

Can I take this opportunity to thank everybody that has supported DBD, the customers especially!

We’re absolutely huge fans of Chris’ work. DBD has gone from strength to strength; so much so that whenever we go raving there’s always someone DBD threads. It’s mental how big the support for this brand is. Rightly so though, it’s how it needs to be! We’re 110% stoked on what Chris has got in the pipeline, the varsity above looks amazing and we cannot wait for the DBD shirting and the denim. Until then, stay locked on the DBD website, blog, Twitter and Facebook.

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