Represent + No Good x FatKidOnFire - Quickfire #1

Represent + No Good x FatKidOnFire

Quickfire #1

Chris is keeping busy with his new job at Bristol’s 5 Pointz, hence the lack of his recent updates here on FatKidOnFire. We’ve found a bit of time to come up with a new series of ‘Quickfire’ posts – but I’ll let him explain…

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done a fashion-related article here on FKOF! Saying that, I have managed to find time around my busy day job to have a quick chat with two very exciting brands!

The idea to do the occasional ‘Quickfire’ article was inspired by my sudden lack of spare time; I figured some of you may be in a similar situation, so we wanted to offer you all a bite-size slice of independent goodness, alongside the full feature articles (for when you have a bit more time). So let’s make this quick!


The first brand is UK-based REPRESENT, which is run by George in his spare time (around university). REPRESENT has really taken off in a short space of time. This is partly thanks to lucky timing with celebrity endorsements, and partly because a lot of hard work and thought clearly goes into the brand – as well as the fact they proudly produce their own custom garments. We reached out to the incredibly busy fella and asked him for some Quickfire thoughts…

First off, the basics! Who are REPRESENT and where are you from? Created by me (George; 19) and run by my brother (Michael; 22) and I. Created to ‘Represent the Self Expresser’.

What made you decide to start your own brand? Many dream of it, but few actually go for it! It started as a college project – studying Graphic Design. We were given the choice to create anything for our final major project, and having thought about it through college, I decided it was the right time.

You started the brand while you were in uni, and the brand itself is still young; how have you found the journey so far, particularly juggling it with uni? I started in college, but nothing major came about until I started University. It’s been hard keeping on track with uni work, but Represent will always come first. I’ve recently employed my brother, another Graphic Design graduate, who’s focusing more towards the design side of the brand.

You’ve had some awesome celebrity involvement with the likes of Rizzle Kicks; did that come about because you already knew them, or by luck? Tell us a little more about your work with them… I met the boys at a festival the week they hit number 1 in the charts with ‘Down with the Trumpets‘ purely down to luck! I had my stock with me at the time, which was my second ever batch of printed tees/ sweaters. Since then we’ve had so many great things happen with them and tonnes more to come.

Every designer and every brand will find their own paths, but are there any things you see most new brands getting wrong? Don’t spam other brand’s walls, don’t over-advertise your products and most importantly don’t be influenced too heavily by other brands.

What’s your take on the UK fashion and streetwear scene at the moment? The UK streetwear scene is all over the place.

Any big goals/plans? Many, most is under wraps, but 2013 is going to be MASSIVE!

Shoutouts? Everyone keeping it real in the business, hats off.

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No Good is a brand I’m particularly excited by; Jon, the guy behind it, is a mega talented designer/illustrator and I’ve been a fan of his work for a while. So naturally, when I heard he was starting up a new brand I was keen to see what he came up with! Based in Malta, they’ve gone with (handmade in the UK) beanies for their first drop (which landed last Thursday), showing that they mean business and want to do things properly.

We’ve seen a sneak-peak of what the brand have to come and it looks like we’re definitely not going be disappointed! We asked him for a quick few words on the brand at the start of its journey…

Hey Jon, it’s good to see No Good finally launch after the teasers over the past few months! I’ve been planning how best to use my stickers… How have you found getting a new brand established and ready to go? It’s hard work as any independent brand owner will tell you. I have been working on No Good for around 4 months straight. This is what I want to do full time so a lot of preparation and thought has been put into it. It’s always hard financially and time consuming (to say the least), but if it’s something you want bad enough you will go the extra mile and try to make it happen!

Tell us a little more about what No Good’s all about; it’s background, meaning behind it, your inspiration for starting it… No Good is a nod to my nineties childhood. You will clearly see references of movies I grew up with and music I used to listen to incorporated in every drop. I’d like to think that people will relate to classic movies and old school hip-hop. I guess time will tell.

Your first drop is some hand-made beanies; what made you decide to lead with these rather than the traditional tees? It’s January. It’s cold. What better way to protect your noggin? Jokes aside, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and design something from scratch. I also want to drop a proper collection as opposed to a couple of tees. Like that you will get a true feel and vibe of the brand.

What is the No Good life? The No Good life is the life you aspire to have and do whatever it takes to acheive it. My motto is ‘Stay No Good’.

Any big aims or goals that you want to achieve with the brand? The plan is to go full time in the coming year, so I would like No Good to be a recognised, respectable brand (if possible) worldwide.

Most importantly, when can we expect some more stuff?! I have just finished sampling SS13 so a drop consisting of graphic and pocket tees and headwear will be available mid-March. You can see a preview if you are at the Ledge Trade Show in London in January.

Lastly, any shoutouts? Love goes to FKOF as always, for believing in independent brands. 

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And there you have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this little Quickfire article on your lunch break, commute, ‘internet break’ or whatever.

If you have, give us a shout on Twitter (@FatKidOnFire or @burnhamchris) or drop us an email to let us know, and we’ll see about getting you some more. Take it easy!