“To me, it’s all still dubstep” - Seven x FatKidOnFire

“To me, it’s all still dubstep”

Seven x FatKidOnFire

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to sit down and talk to Uprise Audio frontman Seven. And given everything he and the team have done with the label this year – not to mention the producer’s recent long player – I figured that was an issue that needed fixing…

I managed to track Eddy down to somewhere over the skies of America, as he was jetting around on his US album launch tour. As you do. The fact he’s on a US tour to compliment his second LP says enough about the year he’s had! As well as the catch up we had, Seven was kind enough to sort us a recording of his recent set (with Joe Raygun hosting) in New York with our friends at Subverse

Seven & Joe Raygun

Easy Eddy, how’s the US tour going so far? How much longer have you got the other side of the pond? The tour is going great thanks! I literally have one stop left and that’s New Orleans for the Church 4th Birthday party. I’m sitting here on the plane at 33,000ft writing this interview on my way there.

I just played in Raleigh in North Carolina and it was incredible. I arrived to a packed dance floor of people eager to hear some new Uprise Audio dubs and they were very vocal and up for it, so it was a pleasure to play to them. One of the highlights of the tour was Baltimore. It was the first gig that myself, Youngsta and Joe all met up on together so the vibes were right from the get go and we all had a great night. As I sit here now, thinking back on the gigs that I have played – I’ve got great memories from all of them.

Been a while since our last feature – what’ve you been up to (other than planning the tour and finishing the you-know-what)? I’ve been very busy developing the platform for my new artists to project their careers from. It’s all been a very exciting time in the UA camp. We have signed new artists to the roster this year and seeing them settle in and become friends with the rest of the team has been refreshing.

I’ve literally been blown away by the music they have been making. Indiji, LSN, Juss B and Feonix really are pushing the boundaries to the fullest. I’m so proud of what they are doing right now.

And, of course, I’ve been writing lots of new music too. I’m not letting too much info off about what I’m up to with that side of things, but there will be a feature on it in due time! 

So let’s talk Seven – your latest long player. This album’s your first debut album effort on UA, and your first since 2012’s Evolution on Black Box. What inspired you to write an album again? A lot of the inspiration came from the whole “dubstep is dead” bullshit that was going around at the time I started the album. I wanted to sit and create some new concepts and explore the genre a bit more. There are lots of different tempos featured on the album, but to me it’s all still dubstep. The sound design, the vibe, the grooves, the soul, it’s all there plain as day, but just in a different light to what I would normally produce. The more I started to explore and experiment, the deeper things got and I could visualise the album as a whole piece – not just as a bunch of tracks that I had been making.

A lot of albums seem to come out nowadays and most of the time they’re just a collection of tunes with no story line or cohesive approach to the track list. So I modelled mine to be everything against what typical albums seem to have come to be.

Seven listens like a concept piece – if that’s how you see it, what’s the concept? My plan was to make a cinematic audio journey. Like a movie with audio instead of moving images. I want the listeners thoughts to be provoked and influenced by what they are hearing, so their minds conjure up the images to fit with the music.

I had this same idea when I wrote Evolution, but I was always torn between writing something as a listening experience and something to cater for DJs. I didn’t write my recent album for DJs though, even though there are tracks which work on the dancefloor included in the release. Those tracks are part of the journey which unfolds as it plays through.

The release seems to demonstrate you flexing your production muscles with a range of bass-led music – not just the dubstep we’ve come to expect. Was this an intentional move? Absolutely. As I was saying before, I wanted it to be far from anything that conventional albums have become. I have written singles for the most part of my career, always focusing the tracks that DJs like to play and what people want to hear in clubs. This album was a breath of fresh air for me because I didn’t have the usual pressures on my shoulders when making it. It was a personal success in which I achieved what I set out to create. I’m really proud of the unusual characteristics of it while maintaining a current feel. All without being too left-field and alienating the fans of my music.

What’s your favourite track on the album – and why? This is such a tough question to answer, because each track/scene is as important as the next. I think maybe Oasis. It’s really me, full of my production traits and has the balance of melodic elements and dance floor appeal.

But Movie Scene is also something I am very proud of too. I felt I pushed myself into new production realms with it. So its a tough call between those two…

On your US tour, or any other recent shows, what tunes have gone down the best? Anything fresh from UA you’ve been testing? Lots of UA freshness! Indij’s Politics has been a firm crowd favourite and Feonix’s West has been getting a lot of big vocal reactions. LSN’s Silent Voice caused many lighters to be raised and sent people into the meditation zone nicely between the more intense energy-driven sections of the sets I’ve been playing. Juss B’s Boatland VIP, Pull Up and Crawl were crowd favourites too.

The OthersMetropolis was a constant intro feature in everyone of my sets as well as the Devils Hands remix. The crowds were really responsive to the music I was playing and it was great to see them so in tune with the selections. It was a great tour and a blessing to be out in the USA playing tunes like the ones I had with me. I feel people really got to experience the true Uprise Audio sound and heard tracks they was hoping to hear as well as some future sounds they were yet to know about.

What’s the UA team got planned release-wise for the imprint? We have a huge release schedule lined up for 2015. We kick things off with Dubtek for UA010 – the tracks are titled Accidents and The Truth. We started the imprint with a release by Dubtek, so it’s only fitting he should mark the 10th release on the label with a new release. It’s a solid release – one I’ve been playing everywhere for a while now. I also have Spec’s debut release penned in and huge EPs by Indiji and Juss B too. We also have three huge albums forthcoming next year too.

I’m going to be doing some big features on them when the time comes so I don’t want to let off too much info just yet. But I will make it official that the first album of the three is by Feonix and it’s a work of art. We can’t wait to unleash that one. He has worked so hard on it and it’s blown us all away with he content. A truly remarkable piece!

UA always seem to pick up relatively early stage artists – who are you rating at the moment? LSN, Feonix, Juss B and Indiji have been raising the bar so high recently. I truly believe they are going to be the ones to watch for the next few years. I am constantly kept on my toes by them and feel under pressure sometimes to produce tracks to match theirs. Not much feedback comes from me now a days, they seem to have it all dialled in perfectly and it’s an honour to work with them and a pleasure to have seen them evolve into the force they are becoming. Spec has just sent some amazing music to me too, so we’re going to put that out as an EP in 2015 as well as more music from VisionZ and Jodie. And of course some fresh music from myself.

Big year incoming!

Any final words? Good luck with the rest of the tour and catch you back in the UK! Massive respect to you guys. Always on point. FKOF goes from strength to strength and always forward.

Huge thanks to everyone who booked me for my album tour and looked after me. Much love to everyone who came to my shows and enjoyed the music. Much love to my team and here’s to another amazing year at UA for 2015 guys x.

Big up all the DJs that have supported and helped push my album. Too many to mention here but blessings to you all. I truly appreciate the help and support. Much respect and many thanks Peter at WeSC. Much love to Verity J for everything you do.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone x

Click to DOWNLOAD (84MB)

Track list:

  1. The Others – Empire [Dub Police]
  2. Truth – Devils Hands Remix [Tempa]
  3. Icicle – Want it [Shogun]
  4. Spec – Lander [UA dub]
  5. Indiji – Establishment [UA dub]
  6. Skream – Midnight Request Line [Tempa]
  7. LSN – Fear & Love [UA Dub]
  8. Indiji – Shake The Foundations (Feonix remix) [UA dub]
  9. J:Kenzo – Ruff House [Tempa]
  10. Spec – Sewer Circus [UA dub]
  11. Seven – Orbital [Uprise Audio]
  12. AxH – Untitled [Tempa dub]
  13. Seven – Wait (Feonix remix) [UA dub]
  14. Seven & Vision Z ft. Jodie Elms – Karma (Asylum remix) [UA dub]
  15. Seven & Vision Z – Foot Steps [Zonal dub]
  16. J:Kenzo ft. Collinjah – Straight Defeat [Artikal]
  17. Indiji – Politiks [UA dub]
  18. J:Kenzo – Roteks VIP [Tempa dub]
  19. Spec – Illuminate [UA dub]
  20. Icicle ft. SP:MC – Hyper Velocity [Shogun]
  21. Spec – Titan [UA dub]
  22. SP:MC – Trust Nobody VIP [Tempa dub]
  23. J:Kenzo & The Others – Prophecy [Dub Police]
  24. Proxima – Trapped [Tempa]
  25. Funtcase ft. Foreign Beggers – Untitled [dub]
  26. Caspa – Submission [Dub Police]
  27. Seven ft. Alys Be – Came To Play VIP [Uprise Audio]
  28. Seven – Oasis [Uprise Audio]
  29. Seven – Future Flamenco [Uprise Audio]
  30. Asylum – Always Love [Uprise Audio]
  31. Asylum – Things You Don’t Know [Uprise Audio]
  32. LSN – Apollo [Uprise Audio]
  33. The Other & Mydas – Lost World [Dub Police]
  34. LSN – Silent Voice [Uprise Audio]
  35. LSN – Renegade [Uprise Audio]
  36. Kaiju Vs The Resonators – Motioned [dub]
  37. Indiji – Hard Dub [UA dub]
  38. Juss B – Pull Up [UA dub]
  39. Skream – The Shining [Deep Medi]
  40. Feonix – West [UA dub]
  41. Genetix – Dreadbomb [dub]
  42. TMSV – Haze [Artikal]
  43. Feonix – Dwyrain Canol [UA dub]
  44. Skream – Filth [Tempa]
  45. Seven – Retrowave [Uprise Audio]
  46. Seven ft. Joe Raygun – Live From The Future VIP [Uprise Audio]
  47. Seven – From The Sky [Uprise Audio]
  48. J:Kenzo – Intalek [dub]
  49. LSN – Diyumi [Uprise Audio]
  50. Indiji – Surgeon [UA dub]
  51. Seven ft. Alys Be – Came To Play (NFM VIP) [V Records]
  52. Dillinja (Capone) – Friday [Hard leaders]
  53. Ivy Lab – Two by Two [Critical]

Seven’s self-titled new album is out now.

Joe Raygun

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