Silkie - FatKidOnFire Presents #14


FatKidOnFire Presents #14

Following on from our recent interview with dubstep originator Quest, I wanted to sit down with frequent collaborator Silkie. The two of them are responsible for many amazing sets together live, a superb Dubstep Allstars compilation and much more. Oh, and they’re both at Fabric this Friday…

I had a quick chat with the guys on Charterhouse Street and they got in touch with Solomon. He was keen on having a chat and sorting a mix, which (if you’ve checked the mix) I think you’ll agree couldn’t really have gone any better. Ahead of his appearance alongside Hatcha and the Sin City heads in Room Two this Friday, I caught up with Silkie for our 14th FatKidOnFire Presents feature…

FatKidOnFire Presents #14 - Silkie

Yes Silkie, how’s it going? All good mate! Just got back from Isle of Wight – did a nice intimate show over there with Quest, Quantum Soul, Sepia and Congi.

You’ve been pretty busy over the past 18 months or so – keeping a hectic touring schedule going and release after release dropping. How’s life? Yeah it’s been a busy 6 years to be fair… Over the last 18 months, I’ve done an American tour, played in south America and Japan and more recently I’ve been getting into the studio working on music (while randomly learning Spanish).

You’re on of the busiest artists on Deep Medi when it comes to releases. What’s your process for building tunes in the studio – and what’s your set up like? I usually start with the drum but on occasion I start with chords. Whichever one I start with first, I usually do the other next. Then I kind of make the tune (with the bass and everything) in a 8-16 bar loop and then start to lay it out.

At the moment, I’m using FL Studio 11 on a Windows PC with Yamaha HS-80s and Focal CMS65s for monitoring and a Korg M3 keyboard.

In terms of new material, what can we expect from you in the rest of 2014? Will there ever be another City Limits – or that album you were rumoured to be working on with Joker? I might have something coming towards the end of the year but I’m planning an album for early next year. The City Limit fanchise is still open but I have not plans to make another right now… And the album with Joker never got started we planned to do it back in 2009 but we got too busy and he lives in Bristol.

Of your tunes, released or dub, which one would you want to be remembered for Any that stand out in your mind? I think The Horizon from City Limit Vol.1 – it has my stamp on it and it’s probably the the one I would show people to explain my style to them.

Your love of DJing, and playing tunes out, has been well documented. What are your key ingredients for a good dubstep dance? The main thing is a good system and I like the crowd to be close to the stage. Plenty of alcohol and a clued up crowd help as well!

What can you tell us about the mix you’ve put together? I played the set like I would at the club so you can get a taste of what I would play on a night out. So listen with the bass up!


Your next UK gig is at Fabric in August. What’s it like playing such a respected venue? I’ve played at Fabric a few times and it’s always been lively so I’m looking forward to it – especially because of their system.

You put together a Dubstep Allstars compilation with Quest a few years back, is the A&R side of the music game something you’re interested in doing more of? Yeh definitely. I would like to start a label in the next few year maybe. Finding producers in obscure countries that don’t have many outlets would be cool!

How’s Antisocial Entertainment doing these days – what have you and the rest of the team got in the pipeline? Quest has a release coming on Innamind Recordings. I’m working with Distal over in the States on a project and J Tjin has something coming on Pennyroyal (Untold’s label).

With a number of new artists coming through – and old ones moving on to new genres – which producers are you keeping eyes on at the minute? Any tunes you know of that are guaranteed to go off? Look out for Sepia – he’s a one to watch. And Emalkay’s Crusader always goes off.

Have you got any advice for producers looking to get started? Anything you’ve done that you’d recommend doing – or avoiding? Be visible online or in the club. Try to speak to people – that’s how you make connections. Even if you’re not confident, just force yourself to have a quick word with people. You never know what that can lead to! Avoid smoking too much weed before making beats because you might get stuck in a loop…

Last but not least, any final words or shoutouts Thanks for your time and all the best for the next few months! Big up Quest, Jay 5ive, Razor Rekta, Mizz beats, Harry Craze, J Tjin, DJ Chefal – all the Antisocial Entertainment crew.

Fabriclive 935 - 01/08/14

“In the words of drum & bass luminary Doc Scott, “there’s only one S.P.Y” and he’s right. Stylistically, the Brazillian born producer just sticks out. It’s needless to say we’re excited to be hosting a celebration of his brand new Back To Basics material (released on Hospital Records, the two part album finds S.P.Y on rocketing form) which features performances from his label boss, London Elektricity. Lezman will be going back to back with Total Science, Loxy and Storm partner for a Blue Note Classics set, Dom & Roland B2B with Commercial Suicide boss, Klute, and Source Direct all also performing in Room One.”

“Hatcha’s rambunctious Sin City outfit return to Farringdon to host Room Two with a lineup that features some of dubstep’s pioneers alongside some of grime’s stalwart selectors. Boss man Hatcha will go B2B with Walshy, whilst grime’s pillar Logan Sama will go toe to toe with Spyro (whilst Newham General’s Footsie hosts their set). Alongside those spectacles there’ll be sets from Scratch Perverts, Mampi Swift, Quest, Silkie and Jakes going B2B with Lost.”

Order your tickets (currently £18 with £1 BF) on the Fabric website here. Tickets are £19 OTD (or £13 for students and fabricfirst members) or £10 after 3am. Doors open at 10pm and lights are up around 6am.

Click to DOWNLOAD (98MB)

Track list:

  1. Mala – Runaway [dub]
  2. Silkie – Bass Junkie [Deep Medi]
  3. Silkie, Distal & Mite – Something Wrong With Daisy [Sound of the Cosmos]
  4. Silkie – Ring Mod [dub]
  5. Benga – Electro West [Free]
  6. Silkie – Limits [dub]
  7. Silkie – FF7 [dub]
  8. Silkie – Slowjam VIP [dub]
  9. Quest – Belly of the Beast [dub]
  10. J.M.E – Earth’s Core [dub]
  11. Silkie – Cronic [dub]
  12. Plastician – Cha VIP [Terrorhythm Recordings]
  13. Silkie – Untitled [dub]
  14. Silkie – Time Delay [Deep Medi]
  15. Silkie – Majik [dub]
  16. Quest – Vampires [dub]

Thanks to Livi at Fabric for all her help with this post.


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