Soundboys at Loftas Fest - [Event Highlight]

Soundboys at Loftas Fest

[Event Highlight]

Having travelled across a bit of Europe (and even less of America) I’m no longer surprised at the seemingly random but dedicated collectives who pop up and throw some truly amazing dubstep events. Sweden, Belgium, The Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, Lithuania – they’re all places with vibrant if small scenes with some amazing people.

Dovi & Nikita

Having travelled to Lithuania for the first time earlier this year, I had spent a bit of time in the capital experiencing its offerings over a short but eventful weekend. Since I visited, it seems the team – managed by Nikita (assisted by Dovi – a journalist who also finds time to be his translator and sidekick at large) – behind Vilnius’ Soundboys have been slowly expanding.

And their next venture, hosting a stage at this year’s three day Loftas Festival, sees them joined by an international line up of artists guaranteed to put any promoter on the map. I sat down with Niki (with a little help from Dovi) and had a chat about the crew, their events and their future…

Loftas Fest

Nikita. How are you dude? Busy season. It’s a very intense time, but otherwise it’s OK!

Keeping well? We’ve not seen each other since my little Lithuanian adventure earlier this year. How is life? I enjoy looking back at the adventures – not only with you, but also with the rest of the guys who’ve come here. The only difference is that every time these good moments are with different people! It will be very interesting to see everybody back in one place. You know what I am talking about haha! Then we will be able to continue our adventures!

For those unfamiliar with the crew, you or bass music in LT, can you tell us who you are and what you do? Soundboys promotes bass music events, brings artists from abroad to Lithuania and produces music events and parties. We’re also keen on bass music production, postproduction and taking care of sound quality during shows – an inseparable (but often forgotten) part of bass music.

How has the dubstep scene changed in LT since you first started? I think it has developed well. A lot of famous names have played our events, so the audience were able to discover very many talented bass music artists. I believe this is the reason why the amount of bass music fans has increased in Lithuania. I am also happy that more festivals (and events in general) have started to invite bass music producers. A great example of this is the electronic music festival Supynes. This year, on the Low stage, Kaiju played during The Mine’s takeover. We’ve had a few offers for 2015 as well, integrating underground music makers into the festivals which originally weren’t bass music oriented. It’s a good time! 

How did you start with Soundboys? The brand is now one of/ the most recognised and respected outfits supporting dubstep/ bass music in Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius. How is Soundboys going and who can we expect to see you bring to Loftas for the next few dances? I joined Soundboys after it was started by the crew before us. But as you know, I am very proud of the team we have now because everything we have achieved is because of them. We were asked to contribute to this year’s Loftas Festival – so our next dance is with them. There we will have our own Soundboys bass stage! Speaking about future plans, we have some ideas, but when and what happens we’ll have to wait and see…

Loftas Fest

Loftas Fest

For those who have never been, what can you tell us about the Loftas venue? Why is it so important to have a good venue for your kind of events? First of all, we have big problems with underground clubs in Vilnius. Nearly all of them are all shut because of one reason or another. I am glad to say that there is still one good venue and that is Loftas. I have organised many events there and I can say that it’s a great venue for bass music parties – as well as other events! Its location is further out of the city centre so it is easier to avoid noise problems, although we still sometimes have issues with the Soundboys events haha! It’s awesome that Loftas has very qualified sound specialists – it helps a lot during the shows. Loftas is a special venue because it’s attracted a lot of famous names. I am thankful for Victor Diawara – the Loftas owner!

You’re hosting one of the stages at this year’s Loftas festival – with an all-star international lineup. What was the concept behind who you booked? And why no Lithuanian DJs?! We are very happy that the big stage is ours. I hope it will get the fans’ attention! The thing is that international artists sometimes like playing 90min each – so we don’t always have time for everybody. It is a pity that we open at 1am, because of the lack of time Lithuanian artists aren’t able to perform on our stage. But we don’t have many dubstep producers in Lithuania and if we do they’re not local. Talking about our stage’s concept, during the festival artists like Kaiju and RSD will show the bright and more positive side of bass music while in contrast Demon and Leon Switch will show the dark side of dubstep. So we will have Yin and Yang!

Which artists (and why!) are you most excited to see/ hear at Loftas festival this year? Who I want to see – they will come. The ones that are absent at Loftas fest I will see in Outlook!

After Loftas, you guys are driving a coach load of fans from Vilnius to Outlook. Anything special planned for the trip to Pula? My plans have changed because Loftas Fest clashes with the start of Outlook. The coach will leave without me so I’ll be travelling to Outlook on the Saturday. I can’t miss Loftas Festival – especially in my city! See ya soon in Outlook. Big up!

Loftas Fest

Loftas Fest

In your opinion, who are the three artists everyone should be paying attention to at the moment – Lithuanian or otherwise? Goth-Trad for me is a genius. As an MC, I like Flowdan. And of course Kahn – who is a very universal artist! If I could, I would continue the list but these are my first choices haha!

For more info on the festival, line up and anything else you’d need, check the Loftas Fest website
Tickets are available now and range from 76-154Lt €22-44) for a day pass and 103-204Lt (€29-59)
This year’s Loftas Fest sees Soundboys host RSD, Kaiju, Leon Switch and Demon on Friday 5th September.
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