Soundboys.LT x FatKidOnFire - [Event Highlight]

Soundboys.LT x FatKidOnFire

[Event Highlight]

As I’ve said a few times previously, it continues to amaze me that the 140 dubstep sound has grown so big and traveled so far.

Having done a few events here in London, the birthplace (by some arguments) of the genre, and across a few cities in Europe; there seems to be a larger appetite internationally for the sounds we support here on FatKidOnFire. Seemingly more so than there are here in the UK – which might go some way to explain why Soundboys.LT, based in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, have such a strong following.

I caught up with Nikita, one of the founding members of the group, in the run up to their next event (with one of my all-time favourite production duos and MCs)…

Soundboys x FatKidOnFire

Soundboys x FatKidOnFire

Yo Nikita, you well? Hi Wil, I am fine thanks. You?

All good thanks! Tell us about Soundboys. How did it come about and who’s involved? Soundboys is group of three people; Alex (sound engineer), Vytas (sound technician) & myself (sound technician + everything else). The idea was born 4 years ago – and the main goal was to show people the right way to experience bass music. We concentrate on the quality and physics of sound. We want people to feel what the producer wants to say through their sound!

What’s the dubstep scene like in Lithuania? Massive. Here’s what some of the artists who’ve played with us have said:

“The crowd was amazing! Really good vibes”
“Vilnius has the best sound system outside the UK. I’m serious! That was fucking nuts!”
“There’s a loyal, passionate and fun-loving scene of young men and women. Sound system run by a prolific team of professionals”


You’re always getting shout outs during Minimal Mondays on Rinse FM – and you’ve had some pretty epic line ups. Of the artists you’ve booked, who’s put on the best show? We can’t pick who was the best as we book the producers/ DJs we love and listen to ourselves.

I’ve heard really good things about your venue and sound system. How did you find both? What can you tell us about the system? Martins on the sides, two rows of EAW SB1000z for sub bass and two rows of EAW KF850 for bass. XO 70hz BW 18db/oct between SB1000 and KF850, 200hz LR12db/oct between KF850 and ARCS.

Each element of horizontal array has separate delays to simulate the arc shape of  the array electronically (to get the required bass coverage). The above is only one example of the many setups we’ve had; we change the system if we change the venue & we work with top brands. For example, on the 19th of July we will have 100% L’Acoustics soundsystem (with little secrets) for Kryptic Minds and Toast at LOFTAS!

Soundboys x FatKidOnFire

What are your three top tips for running a successful dubstep dance?

  1. A dark room
  2. The right soundsystem
  3. One love.

Any final words? Thanks for your time and see you by the speakers! Lithuania has many surprises – and quality raves. You should come and experience it yourself! 

If you want an idea of what the Soundboys events are like, check their video from Youngsta’s recent show. Looks like an absolute madness!

Kryptic Minds, Toast and local support at LOFTAS 19/7/13

The next event on the Soundboys calendar sees the one and only Toast join Osiris Music label heads Kryptic Minds – arguably two of the finest producers in the dubstep sound – and a number of local residents.

Find the event page here. It’s 18+ and 20Lt all night but you can get a 5Lt discount with the flyer before midnight.
If you’re able to make it to the Kryptic Minds + Toast event; make sure you listen to Youngsta’s Rinse FM show over the next fortnight as apparently there’s going to be a competition for tickets…

Peace, love and respect.