Beezy - [Special] MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #100.1


[Special] MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #100.1

It’s been two years coming but today, two days before FatKidOnFire’s second birthday, the first of the #100 features is getting the upload. It’s been a long and amazing road – there’s not much thanks I can give that I haven’t already. Without you guys reading, sharing and supporting what Lara from MakeItGood and I have been trying to do we wouldn’t be here. So thank you – and here’s to celebrating the next hundred!

Lara and I spent quite a lot of time trying to figure out who we could invite down to celebrate reaching the 100 features. We contacted loads of DJs and producers and didn’t hear back from many – or did with thanks but news they weren’t interested or had other commitments. But when Lara contacted dubstep MC, DJ and producer extraordinaire (and all round don) Beezy he replied saying he was up for it – so we got the ball rolling. And boy, did he deliver!

Beezy’s 90m, floor-to-ceiling dub-filled mix has been doing the rounds across the world since I uploaded it yesterday – and when you hear it you’ll understand why. Read our interview with Beezy; follow him on SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter and look out for #100.2 dropping this weekend!

[Thanks to Rory for the artwork, you’re a lifesaver!]

Who is Beezy? Beezy is just your run of the mill ordinary everyday bloke, who uses music as his form of output. I find it’s a great way to show emotion and to get things off your chest – from experiences to even something you’ve heard about. Just everyday life sh!t!

From writing lyrics for a tune, sitting there trying to build one or DJing. They’re all great outlets. There are many sides to Beezy for the people to meet.

What got you into MCing and producing dubstep? Well being a Croydon native most of my life and from knowing people like Hatcha, Cyrus, Mala, Sgt Pokes, Coki, N-Type, Benga and Skream before they even made a tune (or anyone knew their names) it was kind of hard to not follow suit.

I started MCing back in the 1994 era of jungle just quoting other people’s lyrics – as you did in those days! I started writing my own stuff not too long after that and never looked back really.

I didn’t get in the studio to actually record vocals until around 2000. Other than that, though, I used to do religious bedroom sets with all the guys above on the regular so I saw dubstep take shape before most (through the music they played and started to make themselves). Hanging around Big Apple Records was a big part of a lot of it as well. Hearing freshly-made dubs on a daily being tested on their system… Which later got given the label of what we call dubstep!

What software do you use to produce your tracks? I’m kind of new to the whole production side of things. I do dabble on Fruity loops a bit. I find it easier though at the moment to do collaboration tunes with people to pick up tips and learn new things until I feel fully confident to actually finnish the many things I’ve started (haha)! DJ/ producer Lost has shown me a lot. Got to show love to him for that. Also to G Double (who gave me fruity loops in the first place)!

Turntables or CDJs? Well in the state of the scene at the moment it’s got to be CDJs. Unless you have thousands of pounds you can spend on cutting dubs. On a weekly average, I probably receive (at least) 15 odd tunes freshly made from various producers. So do the math!

I still do have a shed full of vinyl from my jungle days and a pair of 1200’s (although they’re also sitting in there gathering dust). I love having to dig the vinyl out for a mix. Takes me back to how things were.

It’s a hard one because you can’t really determine who is an actually decent DJ, as most tunes are built around the 140bpm marker – so you don’t have to do much on CDJs. Just keep the percentage the same! I would love to test every DJ to a vinyl mix. See who’s who then!

How long have you producing and DJing? Jeez… Now your going to make me sound old! I remember the person who taught me the basics to mixing all those years ago (producer F1) – a close mate of mine had a pair of belt drives and I learned off them in his bedroom probably around 1995.

From then I never looked back. I loved it. I was frequently down the record shop buying records when I had a spare pound note. The thing is I never actually had a pair of decks up until a few years back. I used to carry my records around everywhere on the off chance I could go have a mix around someones house (true story)!

I did a tonne of house parties and club appearances, with a dabble of pirate radio, over the years. I never took DJing really seriously until a couple of years back; when I realised being a vocalist in this scene (and knowing pretty much everyone) I could actually get tunes before most people. And I do really love DJing. Probably more so than MCing live if I’m honest. I’m more of an artist vocalist. Not to say i cant hold my own at a gig on the mic haha!

What’s been your best gig and if you could DJ alongside anyone, who would it be? Cor… That’s a hard one. I’m not sure if I can pin point that one.

I really like the small dingy dark gigs – the ones that are proper intimate, where the crowd are hanging off your every word or every tune. Those ones are special.

In terms of DJing with another DJ? That’s hard. I’ve done B2Bs with so many good DJs over the years. I have a lot of fun doing B2Bs with my label mate and mukka Lost. We have a blast at gigs and doing radio. They’re funny shows to catch!

Most of my DJ heroes though would honestly be jungle ones. Would have to be one of those guys. I’m too much of a critic in dubstep. I would compete too much! Unless I was playing with the likes of Youngsta. Then you’re FKOFed! You can’t get half the dubs he has…

Who are your top 5 dubstep producers at the moment; and why? This has to be from a DJ’s perspective to what I like to play – otherwise it’s to hard to narrow down to five ‘cos I could go all day with this list. 10 would of been better! I’m going to put a couple of producers together who have the same work ethic to help a bit more.

  1. J:KENZO – Roteks had to be my favourite tune of 2011. And just when I thought he couldn’t touch that he did the VIP – which is just something else. Wish I had that tune there!
  2. BIOME – This geezer is a monster. Everything he touches is just FKOFing gold
  3. THELEM & KILLAWATT – Their attention to detail is too much. The amount of work they put into the processing in their percussions. You can proper hear the quality in their mixdowns
  4. SLEEPER & DISTRICT – These two hit the scene hard last year with their proper dark and erie sound; which led to that the new dubstep sound (which everyone’s calling dungeon). Love their deep grumbly synths!!

The last one I’m going to have to just leave open ‘cos I want to put down so many people, I really couldn’t just pick 5. There is some really good talent coming through at the moment; I haven’t even delved into the more hype producers I’m feeling.

What’s the future of dubstep – where do you see the genre going? Hard to tell really ‘cos it swings round in roundabouts. You’ve got a lot of outside influence I see being incorporated into dubstep. Dubstep just seems to be an umbrella nowadays for anything around 140bpm – but I see things getting bigger and better for sure. The club scene is getting stronger and bigger. You’ve got Dubstep DJs on mainstream radio. Some are signed to major labels. Yeah man. It’s looking pretty decent! There is some really interesting music out there right now which I’m loving – as a DJ/ vocalist as well as just being a ordinary listener.

Any forthcoming releases we can look forward to? Where to start! I was talking with the HENCH bossman yesterday and I think the words are to slow down…

I’ve got a album with producers D*Minds called ‘The Filth’, which has a live element to it in terms of production. The drums are played in, some the guitars are. There’s something for everyone on this album and it’s definitely going to shock a few people. Can’t wait for peoples reactions on this one. This album is the first to hit.

Then mid-2012 you should then see a compilation album from me which will be one more for the DJs. Tunes where I mainly use my 2 verse formula (before the main drops) like with what I did on ‘Snake Eyes‘ and ‘Dark Ages‘ on HENCH.

I’ve also got a third album ready with a producer named Dubface (together we form Symptoms of Experience) – which is mainly based around the 170bpm range. This album is very outside the box. Very original and is full of emotion and depth – it’s quite a personal project.

Other than that [there’s more?!] I’ve got a few 12″ single releases due this year as well. The first one is with Dream (The Sextape due on HENCH). I’ve got a release with Surge on Wheel and Deal and I’ve been (and am constantly) writing new material.

I’ve got new tracks with Jakes, Lost, Eddie K, Mensah, Minus, Perverse, Demon, TMSV, N-Type, Haze, Megalodon (watch for these guys), Hizzleguy, Taiki and Nulight, Requake… Plus loads more! There’s enough Beezy to go around for a while to be fair!

Have you got any advice to upcoming DJs/Producers/Vocalists? FKOF the politics off of thinking you’ve got to follow some suit because it’s the new trend. Do what feels right to you! I’ve tried and failed so many times – you’ve just got to keep on grafting. As me mukka 24K used to say to me “you’ve got to be in it to win it”! Don’t hold back or restrict yourself in anyway. Say what you want and do what you want. Just be yourself bottom line (as typical as that sounds).

Any shoutouts? My HENCH famaly first off – for getting my name heard again! Me brother from another Lost. My Stateside homies Megalodon ‘cos they’re FKOFing hungry for it right now! Fish from Rood FM ‘cos he is one safe diamond geezer!

Also my Wheel and Dealers.. N-tizzle for always supporting! Me mukkas from the other side of the planet Perverse! GetDarker crew as always – Darkside, Cyrus, Ash and Bo! Distance and the Chestplaters!

Demon and the MUD gang! J:Kenzo for simply being a badman on the production and a genuine sound bloke. Content for being the slag he is and displaying his love and effection (love ya too haha)! All the Belgium crew for showing love and having me over there all the time! Any producer/DJ who is making and playing good music right now always gets a shout out as well – you know who you are!

Beezy’s interview is one of my favourites from the 100 we’ve released so far – and his mix follows suit. There’s not much I can say about this that hasn’t been said already. The tracklist says it all – so I’ll not delay any longer. Get on the download, get on the sharing, get on the listening!


Track list:

  1. Rakoon – Lost Connection (dub)
  2. Perverse – Charade (dub)
  3. Killawatt – Aurora Flux (dub)
  4. Antics – Temple of Doom (dub)
  5. Demon – Alter Ego (dub)
  6. Content – Ancestral (dub)
  7. Twisted – Desolation (dub)
  8. Sleeper & District – Terraforned (forthcoming Chestplate)
  9. Occult & Content – Untitled (dub)
  10. Anex – Corrupt (forthcoming Redshift-One)
  11. Perverse ft. Beezy – Cross Examination (dub)
  12. Perverse – Thalamus (dub)
  13. Congi – Cult (dub)
  14. Eleven8 – Sweeter Things (remix) (dub)
  15. Sleeper & District – Cobra (dub)
  16. Biome – Persepolis (forthcoming M.U.V)
  17. Demon ft. Beezy – Dementia (dub)
  18. NDread – Reservoir Underdogs (dub)
  19. Catacombs – East (dub)
  20. Thelem – Cathetus (dub)
  21. Content & Beezy – Reprobate (dub)
  22. Killawatt & Core – Akusala (dub)
  23. Twisted & Rakoon – Visitors (dub)
  24. LX One – Losing Control (dub)
  25. Razor Rekta – Tugboat (dub)
  26. Truth – Skitzo (dub)
  27. Perverse – Iceman (forthcoming Artikal)
  28. Anex – Drowsy (dub)
  29. Content & Pheral – Dissonance (dub)
  30. Sleeper & District – Colony (forthcoming Chestplate)
  31. Demon ft. Beezy – Ramification (dub)
  32. Tallan – Guardian (dub)
  33. Demon – Sgt Slaughter (dub)
  34. DCult & TZR – Prisoner (dub)
  35. Versa & Rowl – Backwards Never (dub)
  36. Lost – Greed (dub)

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