TMSV – ‘AKU’ EP - He's back - with a debut on Tumble Audio


He's back - with a debut on Tumble Audio

Anyone who’s spent longer than a few months following FatKidOnFire will know how much the collective has for Utrecht-based TMSV. And, likewise, you’ll know how much time we’ve got for the Nottingham-based audio troublemakers, party starters and all round top blokes Tumble Audio. So when I discovered the two had combined on an EP, and Oli hit me up to see if we wanted to mark the momentous occasion, I jumped at the opportunity.

Having seen Tomas take a bit of time away from the studio to focus on his Masters (in International Law, as you do), it’s great to see the musician back and raring to go — with a kickass EP full of tunes that show he’s back and ready for the dance…


Tomas, it’s been an age you wonderful human. How is life? Hey Wil & the FKOF team! It’s been a while indeed. Life has been good, thank you.

You had some downtime to focus on studies (amongst other things). How was it taking a break from tunes — and how did the studies go? It was refreshing. For the last year or so, I’ve really started appreciating a lot of new music as a listener again, and I feel like I’ve gained a new, more healthy perspective on making and playing music myself. The studies are finally over too; I have a Masters in Public International Law if you can believe it.

Congratulations! From a musical perspective, things seem to have evolved for the TMSV ‘sound’ with your latest EP. Can you a share a bit of what went on as you looked past 140? Dropping the whole thing for a while and publicly saying I wasn’t going to focus on 140 anymore (which led to some misunderstanding, it seems) really gave me an (honestly unexpected) opportunity to start seeing music in a different light.

I’ve been listening to all sorts of music and kind of decided to stop caring about tempo and genre, and I’ve started to work on my own sound outside of those boundaries. I’ve never felt as confident in my ability to write good tunes as I do now. That’s why, lately, when I start a tune (at whatever BPM), I just go with the vibe and actually put in the work to finish it. Whether or not another DJ would play it, or if it’ll fit in my own sets, isn’t really a factor anymore.

You flex your creative muscles with the Aku EP — with a bit of everything (for everyone) on your first outing on Tumble. How did these tunes come about? I know a lot of people who have been playing 130bpm-ish stuff for years, and I’ve always been into more ‘traditional’ (or whatever) dance music. I had just never produced any of it — other than a couple of sketches and ideas. It was kind of an experiment to see if I could translate my sound and production techniques to a more dancefloor-oriented package of tunes.

When did you first start working with Oli and the Tumble gang? Did you find them/ vice versa/ or? If I remember correctly, Murder He Wrote recommended Tumble as a label to send some ravey stuff to. I think I just sent Oli an email (with the tunes that now make up the EP). He turned out to like all of them, so it all went quite smoothly really!

If you could choose a favourite tune from this release, which would it be (and why)? I really like how people have been reacting to Aku.


I’m happy with the way I was able to make something bouncy and ravey that still sounds like I made it. Murder’s remix of Expensive Suit is a belter as well.

Did you have any choice in the remix artists — and, if so, why MHW, Hypho and Archive? I definitely wanted MHW to remix one of the tunes — to me he really bridges the gap between the traditionally serious hardcore continuum stuff and properly unapologetic dance music. I kind of discovered the other two through this EP, and I’m glad I did.

If you could collab, remix or otherwise work with any producer (dead or alive), who would it be? Tough question! At the moment I think I’d say Commodo… I think our joint take on halftime jungle or 130 stuff could be interesting.

What can we expect from future TMSV tunes; and any further plans to work with Tumble? Expect a lot of them! Other than that I’m looking to stay consistent as far as developing my sound goes, as well as the ideas behind that sound. No further plans with Tumble right now, the EP isn’t even out yet!

Tumble Audio

Fair point! Is there/ will there be any new dubstep material coming from the TMSV studio anytime soon? Absolutely. A tune called Shallow Breath is on the new Fabriclive cd by Kahn & Neek. There’s a couple of awesome bits of news on that front I’ll share with everyone within the next 6 months or so as well.

You’ve put a mix together (cheers again, dude!) for us — what can you share about the latest TMSV x FKOF mix? Oli at Tumble came up with the idea for a mix with lots of 130. I decided to start at around 160, and transition through some grime and dubstep into more dancey vibes. It’s kind of what I do on my monthly show on Radar Radio, but focusing on 130 isn’t something I’ve done very often. I think it fits well within my musical frame of reference though, so I trust it’ll be a good listen all the way through for people who are into any type of ‘bass music’.

Any final words or shoutouts? Shoutout to everyone who’s been supporting me and my music lately — I’ve been working hard and I’m very happy to see the results. 2017 will be the year of my next big step — hold tight for news about that, especially if you’re into buying records and that kind of stuff.


Track list:

  1. Om Unit – Wagonist (Moresounds Dub) [Cosmic Bridge]
  2. TMSV – Calavera [forthcoming]
  3. Danny Scrilla – Can of Worms [dub]
  4. TMSV – The Sound [dub]
  5. Borai – The Seeker [Hotline]
  6. Dizzee Rascal – Hold Ya Mouf [XL]
  7. Sizzla – One Love (Mala remix) [Greensleeves]
  8. J:Kenzo – Zbantu Shake [Artikal Music]
  9. Sir Spyro – Topper Top (instrumental) [Deep Medi]
  10. TMSV – Bazooka [dub]
  11. Zeo – My Face (instrumental) [x]
  12. TMSV – No Guy Tesss [dub]
  13. TMSV – Expensive Suit (Murder He Wrote remix) [Tumble Audio]
  14. Klient – Conduct [877]
  15. Champion x Rihanna – Better Have My Money [free]
  16. Itoa – Top Deck (She’s Drunk remix) [Bad Taste]
  17. TMSV – Aku [Tumble Audio]
  18. Roska ft. Dread MC – We Come Correct [Roska Kicks & Snares]
  19. Commodo – Good Grief [Hotline]
  20. Hyperbole – Interactions [dub]
  21. Murder He Wrote – Switched [Roska Kicks & Snares]

TUM025 is out tomorrow

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