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Heading for Home

TMSV x FatKidOnFire

It’s been a while since we sat down with TMSV – perhaps one of the leading Dutch producers flying the flag for the current crop of brilliant bass music musicians appearing from within The Netherlands’ borders.

We’ve been linked with Tomas for a few years now, first featuring him back in August 2011. We’ve kept in close contact ever since – and figured his latest release presented the perfect opportunity for a catch up…


Hey Tomas, how are you? It’s been a while! Hi FKOF, I’ve been pretty good, thanks!

You’re known for your signature dubstep productions on a number of highly-acclaimed labels, but we’ve noticed you’ve expanded the TMSV sound into other, perhaps newer (for you) genres. How did this come about? Was this a change that occurred naturally for you? Well, it’s kind of early stages at this point (not counting the 1988 EP), but yeah I’ve been trying to diversify and to take a step back from the path I’ve been following, of mainly producing dubstep. Of course this doesn’t mean I’ll never produce another dubstep tune, but I just felt it necessary to take the time and make the effort to really go back to basics and to try and express myself through music. Having less time to really get into it really put things in perspective. I’d say it was a natural change though, yeah, or at least a necessary one.

Your refreshing sound continues to amaze, something we’ve noted with your latest release on the Artikal Music UK imprint. What inspires you to make such music – and where do the bangers like Jackhammer come from?! Jackhammer came out of an experiment to see if I could combine metal-style fast kicks with sub bass. I thought it sounded pretty ridiculous and over the top, but it kind of worked and people really seem to like it, especially those who are really into 140 stuff. Pro tip: do not play this tune to a crowd that isn’t into dubstep unless you want people to run for the nearest bar.

TMSV - Head for Home EP

Although almost every track on your Head For Home EP is related to the 140 spectrum, can you tell us about the intended direction you wanted to go with when you created the title track? How did it come about? I made Head for Home after watching a couple of episodes of The Twilight Zone.

I’m really into space and sci-fi and I love the way that show explored futuristic themes 50+ years ago. The idea of being in space and longing for home is one that has been on my mind a lot for some reason.

Going home has a more symbolic meaning as well, of course – the name of the EP for me relates to going back to the figurative place where I started my music, where it was all up in the air, exciting and mysterious.

‘Home’ in that sense is the place where I hope to chill for a bit and express myself as an artist, without the outside world or the business side of things creeping in.

I’m not sure if we’ve covered this in our previous discussions, but which musicians would you attribute your style and sound to? Who inspires you, musically or otherwise, the most at this point in time? I was heavily influenced by Digital Mystikz, Skream and other artists I first heard when I started listening to dubstep, so I’d definitely attribute a huge part of my sound to them. Right now I’d say people like Kromestar, Om Unit, Stimming and dancehall and hip-hop producers whose names I don’t know have really inspired me to make music. I’ve been listening to a lot of random stuff lately as well, that has really been inspiring too.

You’ve created a 30-minute mix for us – what can you tell us about what’s in the mix and why? It’s basically a showcase of the kind of stuff I’ve been making and of what’s on the Head for Home EP. There’s also a cheeky VIP in there that some people might want to check out.

You’ve spent a lot of time working with the Artikal crew over your last few releases. What does the future hold – for both the label relationship and you as a producer? I can’t say too much about that, because I don’t know – but I do know that Artikal is the home for my bass music underground stuff. I’m not sure what will happen next, but I’m really thankful to Artikal for releasing my music for the past couple of years, especially since for a while, the end of Black Box / Box Clever seemed like the end of my spell in dubstep. Artikal has been very enthusiastic about the music, and professional and on point in releasing it.

What’s your favourite track on the new release – and why this track? I’m not sure actually. Probably Elegy and Head for Home. Then again I’m really happy with the other tunes too. Difficult question!

Any final words or shoutouts? Thanks (as always) for your time and we hope to catch up with you soon! I’m really looking forward to taking some time to make music for a while. Hopefully I’ll have a lot of new stuff for people to check out pretty soon. Big up FKOF as always!

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Track list:

  1. Inyoka ft. Ill Chill – Dark Daze (TMSV remix) [Forthcoming]
  2. TMSV – Untitled / Spaceship [dub]
  3. TMSV – Move on [1988 EP]
  4. TMSV – Head for Home [Artikal]
  5. TMSV – Fire Dub [Artikal]
  6. TMSV – Guillotine [Artikal]
  7. TMSV – Elegy [Artikal]
  8. TMSV – Jackhammer [Artikal]
  9. TMSV – Dem A Talk (2014 VIP) [dub]

Artikal Music UK

TMSV’s Head for Home EP is out now
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