Turner x FatKidOnFire - [Free Downloads]

Turner x FatKidOnFire

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It’s been a while coming, but Korrupt‘s back here on FatKidOnFire with his latest Interview + Review…

Turner x FatKidOnFire

Turner x FatKidOnFire

Dear FKOF readers, after quite some time away it’s finally time for my latest Interview + Review with a very talented artist. I’ve been busy with my studies at SAE Institute Rotterdam and have also had some priorities (FKOFUn/Known01 for example) to sort. So there have been some delays with this interview, but we’re finally LIVE!

You can expect more of these features coming in the next couple of months; I’ve got some great interviews lined up already so make sure you keep your eyes peeled. But, for now, keep reading as the following artist is very underrated and, in my mind, rather special!

This interview is all about the Turner; a 19 year old man from Brighton who has been carving his name within the underground bass scene for quite a while now. You could have come across him via his GetDarker (#139) appearance, an epic rinse-out on one of V.I.V.E.K’s SYSTEM nights or his stone cold ‘Sublow’ played exclusively by Youngsta on Rinse.FM.

I’ve been following this man for a long time, quickly becoming a victim of his original, deeply rooted ‘cella sound’. He’s a producer to watch out for, as he drops many inventive new tracks and bootlegs. From deep and evil stabs, to massive low-end: Turner’s got it all…

Turner, tell me a bit about you? Yo FKOF and readers! My name is Turner, I’m 19 and from around the Brighton area. I’ve recently decided to push music twenty-four seven, as I finished my 3rd and final year at College. I grew up in Brighton and spent a lot of time skating and playing guitar when I was a kid, going out at 6AM and not returning until dinner. Hassling the people that worked at the Dentist up the road from me where we used to skate, those were the days – haha!

I took some pretty academic subjects at College to start with like Mathematics, Physics etc but in the 3rd year I decided it was no longer working for me. After that, I spent my last year at Northbrook College doing a DJ/Producing course. That’s helped me with my productions a lot as I wouldn’t be close to making some of the tunes I’ve made recently without it. One of the highlights is that I’ve appeared on GetDarker TV (Episode #139) last year, which definitely helped me get to where I am standing now.

When did you start producing and what can you tell me about your influences? I started producing around Christmas of 2010. I remember there was a sale on Fruity Loops 9, which I bought that very night and got myself a standard ‘Alesis Q49 Midi Controller/Keyboard’ (which I still use to this day)! At the start, I was just playing about but I always had the intention of giving producing a proper try.

I like to draw influences from all music, including nature. For example, the sound I’ve used in my track ‘Sublow’ is the sound of someone scraping their feet on gravel – it’s just keeping an ear out for things that could possibly work in a tune. I don’t know how some people just listen to one genre of music, but if I’m spending all day mixing and producing dubstep then it’s the last thing I want to hear when I’m out and about.

My parents have a good taste in music, so I was lucky enough to grow up in the household I did; heavily influenced by classic rock and 60’s garage. I slowly started getting into other genres (like electronic music), with my roots engraved not deep below the surface. I remember a time when I actually hated DJs and dance music, which was around the time I found out about pre-recorded sets, set-lists picked by someone other than the DJ, and of course ghostwriters. I started listening to Youngsta’s and N-Type’s shows on Rinse FM and from that moment it all started changing.

How do your tracks come about? Usually, I’ll make a tune over the course of a few days, but when I’m done I often realise I don’t really like it. This happens to me a couple of times until there’s a point (usually during taking shower) where an idea forms quickly in my mind that’ll use elements from the last few unfinished tracks I’ve made.

Then that new idea takes around a day or two at most to produce and it’s one I’m happy with. Because of this it can sometimes take me weeks before I’m ready to show a new tune to people, I don’t want to show anyone anything unless I’m 100% happy with it. These tracks I lay down are an actual representation of myself and have my soul in them – I don’t want to put out anything half-assed.

My personal expectations are quite high, I don’t like to big up my own productions, the only way I’m happy with them is if they reach a certain level. I constantly try and push myself to improve, and believe this has helped me a lot. When I first started producing, I’d listen to all the layers and sounds in tunes from the likes of Kryptic Minds and LX One to try and replicate them. I’ve now relaxed on that a bit, finding my own sound is now my goal…

What are your goals? My biggest goal was to get a vinyl release but that should hopefully be coming soon. After that, I might be interested in trying to get a radio slot as I’m enjoying DJing a lot more recently. I’ve added some hip-hop/ reggae/ DnB/ funk into my sets along with the excitement of cutting dubplates and playing my own tunes. Hopefully I’ll be starting my own label and night in Brighton in the next few months, it feels like the natural thing to do and I’d love the opportunity to put out whatever music I want and start a night on the coast. For me it’s purely about vibes, having a laugh and a good time. I also can’t wait to travel around more and other goals would be to just spread my sound as far as possible!

Turner x FatKidOnFire

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? I’ll be working with some vocalists and MCs in the future, branching out more from producing just dubstep by adding extra production depth and sub-bass into tunes that are more radio-friendly. I don’t think I’ll ever stop making music at 140BPM or deep, minimal dubstep but it’s good to be diverse! I’m looking forward to the future, knowing I’ve had a lot of fun already from just laying my own foundations over the last 2 years I can’t really imagine what I’ll be doing in the next 5!

Tell me about the tracks you’re giving away in the FKOF EP? ‘Cella Hunter’ and ‘Steppa’ were the first tunes that started getting me some attention in the beginning of 2012 – Area Records’ Be-1ne cut ‘Cella Hunter’ on dubplate and played it on GetDarker (Episode #140) and Dismantle played ‘Steppa’ out on Rinse FM, so it feels good to give these away to the people who’ve been following me since then.

People that follow my music should know that I love doing bootlegs; I love getting the original tune, cutting it up and seeing what I can create from it. You can actually find most of them on my SoundCloud. I’ve reworked tunes by Interpol, Vera Hall, Delilah etc. My bootleg of Underworld’s ‘Born Slippy’ started generating a bit of attention – some people have even said they prefer it to the original! So I decided to add this one to this FKOF EP. I’ve also added my first 130bpm piece to show that I like to be diverse in my music. If I have an idea in my head that isn’t on a 140BPM tip, I’m not going to refrain from producing it just because of that reason, which some producers unfortunately do. I hope you enjoy all four tunes!

What was your most favourite release/ tune of last year? 2012 was a big year for releases without a doubt, I can’t choose between Mala’s ‘Calle F‘, Distance’s ‘The Life You Chose‘ remix, Kahn’s ‘Dread‘, Biome’s ‘The Raven‘, Proxima’s ‘Lie Detection‘, and even Compa’s ‘Dem A Talk‘!

As I’m a big Kryptic Minds fan, the ‘Namaste EP‘ has to be my release of this year, even though I was unlucky enough not to grab a copy. Also, the new Uprising EP from Uprise Audio looks to be an instant favourite too – with all tunes standing out in different ways. However, my favourite releases that I’ve purchased over the last year have to be ‘Burnin’ and ‘Anti War Dub/Haunted’, I’ll never get bored of both listening and mixing those tunes!

What was your highlight event of last year? SYSTEM’s 1st Birthday. The vibes at any SYSTEM night is incredible, a very special feeling that you struggle to find with dances of today. It was also a great achievement personally to hear my track called ‘Sublow’ get played by V.I.V.E.K on that system. I’m looking forward massively to the next one in June.

Have you got any tips/ advice to other DJs  or producers? Yeah, just make the tunes you feel like you want to make. You never know – the tunes you could start making might be the new trend the next wave of producers will try and replicate! Learning the production basics also takes a lot of time and commitment so just be patient and you’ll get there.

Who would you like to thank for their support? Big shouts to Youngsta, V.I.V.E.K, N-Type, Dismantle, Bluesy, the FKOF family, Alastair from the Trusik blog, GetDarker, Paddy Mulholland, Pablo & Martin and of course my mates in and out of Brighton. Finally, shouts to anyone that’s got in touch saying they like my music or mixes!

Big thanks to everyone for reading/listening to me waffle, keep your eyes open and your ears lowered!


Don’t forget to support Turner if you like his music! Hold tight for more features soon.

Much love and respect,


Korrupt’s review of ‘Cella Hunter’:
“A powerful Eastern-sounding flute introduces Turner’s ‘Cella Hunter’, introducing the listener to the depths. With tribal-like percussion that creates an intense pace, evil growls extend from different perspectives in the mix – combined with a great delay effect to strengthen their impact.

“The fade-out in the break perfectly enforces a second powerful drop, which spreads the low-end to even further depths. Although this track has both beautiful and soothing elements, the dark hints move to remove any positivity in the corridors of your mind. As the first track of his FKOF EP, Turner has already put himself on the map.”


Korrupt’s review of ‘Landing in Croatia’:
“This heavily techno-influenced track really sets a specific mood. This is a summer production through; one suited for the beaches of Outlook and Dimensions Festivals. The panned percussion lay down a solid mark, while the deep vibrations of the low-end aim to get you moving. Turner’s mid-ranges, combined with the reverb’d pads, really signal to great development throughout ‘Landing in Croatia’.

“Delayed voices shifting inwards and outwards add a lot to the track. While the hi-hats slowly fade in, they successfully align with the original percussion to form this brilliantly structured high-end. Different types of kicks are layered and implemented to give the mix the extra punch it needs. The journey towards the landing becomes apparent at the end of the mix, carrying the summer vibes and the listener’s smile with it along the way.”


Korrupt’s review of ‘Steppa’:
“The listener is immediately sucked into an interesting intro, hinting at the incoming 6 minutes of heavy meditation. The vocal sample could be compared to an instrument, as it rages through the mind preparing the listener for an inspiring, bass-heavy production. Turner’s ‘Steppa’ quickly turns into an intensive roller, raising its step every second. Turner’s signature growls threaten to tear the listener apart, while the voice sample continues to push you down into the depths.

“The short break fades out effortlessly, combining with ambient background sounds to create an even more organic experience. The tribal percussion may become overwhelming due to the hypnotic elements involved – especially the insane pattern compositions – and the sweeps and force coming off the mix should definitely not be underestimated.”


Download the 320s of Turner’s FKOF EP (and the ‘Born Slippy’ bootleg WAV) here: https://bit.ly/TurnerxFKOF


Peace, love and respect.