Suvilehto x FatKidOnFire - [FKOFing Metal #3]

Suvilehto x FatKidOnFire

[FKOFing Metal #3]

After two well-received posts here on FatKidOnFire, Matt is continuing his search for innovative artists in metal. Today’s interviewee has grown a fairly significant following off the back of an insane amount of talent, two releases and some pretty nifty usage of YouTube. Oh, and he’s only 19…

Suvilehto x FatKidOnFire


Finnish whizkid Ukri ‘Uge’ Suvilehto has been recently getting himself noticed in the Finnish death metal scene. Drummer with the band Vermivore, Ukri has recently released his first solo EP as ‘Suvilehto’, his second solo release all told. Fairly impressive considering he’s only 19. More impressive is the fact that this really is a ‘solo’ release; all written, recorded, and produced by Ukri himself.

“One of my lifetime ambitions has been (and still is) to be able to write/ produce/ play my own personal music where I can manifest my musical visions, feelings, technical ability and most importantly express myself!

“I’ve been working on some metal-based material for five years with a clear vision about my solo project along with doing some studio/ live/ session work. I play drums in De Lirium’s Order and Vermivore, and have also done session live drumming in The Undivine and Before The Dawn.” 

I first heard about Suvilehto and his EP, ‘Syövereistä’, via a recommendation from none other than melo-death giants Insomnium, which goes to show how far people are sitting up and taking notice – for good reason. I downloaded the album and, from the first listen, I was hooked.

The release is only 3 tracks and 18 minutes long, but boy does it pack a punch. Brutal but beautifully clean, efficient yet unpredictable. I found myself intrigued by the talent behind the music…

Hi Uge, thanks for your time. ‘Syövereistä’ has had quite the reception, over 10,000 views on YouTube so far. You must be pretty happy…? It is just amazing. I made a lot of drumming covers a few years ago and I think the most of my subscribers and followers know me from that, but I’m absolutely honoured that there are many who are actually interested in what I’m doing in music nowadays!

One of my favourite things about the EP is how unpredictable the music is, especially the opening to the second track. Where does your inspiration come from? Who are you listening to right now? There’s a lot of things to get inspiration from. To name the biggest inspirations for my music: Mom and Dad who have always been gifted, passionate and supportive musicians and artists themselves; my cousin Janne Kaarre who got me into metal music; my own subconscious, despair, my introspected person and hate/fear.

And what am I listening right now? Shpongle and Helios are cool!

How would you describe your music? It’s a pretty unique style! Thanks! ‘Syövereistä’ is quite unpredictable as you already mentioned, it’s eventful metal with lots of nuances, coloured with dark atmospheres. It’s diverse and sure sounds like myself. I’ve already made quite lot of new demo material and the new material is coming out sounding even more versatile.

As well as playing and writing, you also produced the EP. Does your production influence what you write? Do you write your songs before entering the studio, or do you write them at the same time as recording? My production vision sure influences my writing, and my writing influences my vision about production. The writing usually comes naturally, but the most time-consuming process is the arranging of music – stuff like how to put together the material I’ve written and how to make the arrangements between the instruments get the right ‘feel’. 

How well do you think the death metal scene is faring in Finland? Any recommendations for who to listen out for? In Finland there’s a hell of a lot of metal bands. There’s a lot of shit metal here but also a lot of quality metal. I don’t follow much what’s happening nowadays with new bands, but I would recommend checking out fresh albums from Gloria Morti: ”Lateral Constraint” and For The Imperium: ”Hail the Monsters”.

IMG_5524 (1) 2

You’re only 19 and have already released your second EP. Can you give us bit of your backstory? The EP ‘Todellisuus’ (2010) under the name Psykoosi was my first solo record; I then recorded drums with De Lirium’s Order on their album ‘Veniversum’ and Vermivore and their EP ‘Zero Vector’ in 2011.  Both records were released in 2012, during which year I also played with Before The Dawn as a session drummer, in a music video and at a few gigs.

And now a bit of the future. Where do you see your solo work taking you next? Do you think you’ll take Suvilehto live? I’m already working on my full-length debut album and got I’ve got a lot of demos to work with, but I don’t think it’ll be released until 2014.

Finally – if you could work with anyone in metal, who would it be? And outside? Hard to say… I think making music with Devin Townsend would be quite a funny mess? Haha. Gotta love his music! And outside of metal… Jim Morrison?

You can grab a free download of ‘Syövereistä’ here, or pay what you want on his bandcamp page.

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