“All the good small clubs we like are shutting down” - Walsh x FatKidOnFire

“All the good small clubs we like are shutting down”

Walsh x FatKidOnFire

It’s been a minute since our last sitdown with Biscuit Factory Records bossman, DJ extraordinaire and dubstep producer Walsh. Too long, if you ask us.

After a recent trip to Malaysia re-focused his efforts on producing new material, we caught up with the musician to find out more (and bagged a new guest mix in the process)…

Walsh x FatKidOnFire

Hey Walsh, it’s been a while! What’s up? Easy fellas! First of all, thanks for having me again. Yeah, I’ve been well. I went to Malaysia recently for a holiday to meet up with family and friends. My mum’s from there and has a big family so there was a of catching up to do!

You’ve done us proud and come correct with a new FKOF mix. What can you tell us about this one? Thanks a lot! I really like what I’m playing at the moment. Well, it’s pretty much all new stuff with a few exclusives in there — especially the one from N-type (which is sick)! 

You’ve got the usual suspect names, plus some new guys I’m pushing. I like to play everything within my range, so there’s some dark halfstep, a few techy rollers, some melodic zone-out tunes (and, of course, some dark jumpup). It’s a good representation of my style, I think.

How’s Biscuit Factory doing these days — what have you and the label been working on? Since I’ve been in Asia, the trip gave me time to reflect what I want to put out next. I think it’s time that I, “Walsh”, put out same music again. So my pal Syxx and I are working on an EP! We’ve finished a track- which is the Bandicoot remix (we did of the Genetix track), which originally came out on Biscuit Factory.

DJ Gomes - the final Oi!

The System soundsystem

Who’ve you got your eye on for bringing into the Biscuit fold over the next few months? In the mix, there’s a track by Gomes (who runs the famous Oi! parties in Holland) called Ratta. It’s coming out on Hench so watch out for him. Also a friend of mine called Reza from Malaysia has sent me some wicked tracks, very dark energetic and techy. They’re just how I like it; so big up him and his music partner Tubby! They booked me in my Mum’s hometown in 2010, which was so surreal because it was rammed!

There are too many names in my record box folder to mention — so I don’t want to miss anyone out! I tell you, though, what I get sent from all over the world, literally, proves ours is a global movement.

What’s on the to-do list for the rest of 2016 — any big plans you’re able to share? I really want to do a Biscuit Factory night! Maybe not here in the UK though, it’s tough at the moment for some reason. All the good small clubs we like are shutting down… And it’s hard to create the same vibe (we’d get in the smaller venues) in these big clubs. Respect to Vivek though — System is sick! I really do miss the old FWD and DMZ days, man. They were life changing times for many of us!

I was on the phone to an old school pal yesterday. It looks like we’re getting back in the studio again after 10 years… Make of that what you will!

Any last words or shoutouts?Yeah, for sure! Big up my family first; especially my two little nieces who I Iove to bits.

Shouts to everyone following the Biscuit, the Big Apple family and basically everyone doing their thing! Peace.

Click to DOWNLOAD (450MB)

Track list:

  1. Variations — Untitled [exclusive dub]
  2. Bukez Finezt — Eerie Voices [Subway Music]
  3. Gomes — Ratta [forthcoming HENCH]
  4. Reza — Badman Ah Kill Dem [dub]
  5. N-Type — No No No (instrumental) [exclusive dub]
  6. Dark Tantrums — Darkside [dub]
  7. Mesck — Symbology [dub]
  8. K-Man — Unit 1 [dub]
  9. Dark Tantrums — Jungle Fever [Anti Social dub]
  10. Blank — TheSandbox [dub]
  11. Distance — Survivors [Chestplate]
  12. Genetix — Bandicoot (Walsh & Syxx remix) [Biscuit Factory dub]
  13. The Others & Proxima — Jupiter [Dub Police dub]
  14. Caspa & Rusko — Fruity Loops [Sub Soldiers]
  15. Dark Tantrums — Twisted [dub]
  16. The Others — Food Chain [Dub Police dub]
  17. Sukh Knight — Scorpion [dub]
  18. Distance — Crashing Tibet [Chestplate]
  19. Caspa & Rusko — Arms House [Sub Soldiers]
  20. Benga — To The Future [exclusive dub]
  21. Kromestar — Untitled [dub]
  22. VIVEK ft. Dego Ranking — One Heart [System dub]
  23. VIVEK — Slippin VIP [System dub]
  24. Dayzero — Ishval [dub]


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