Dubfreq – FKOFd001 - FatKidOnFire Presents

Dubfreq – FKOFd001

FatKidOnFire Presents

Just under six months ago, we debuted FatKidOnFire’s first ever paid release – in the form of FKOFUn/Known01.


Doing so was a complete risk; having spent the best part of three years giving music away, I figured it’d be a big ask to start charging for it.

But your reaction, and the truly worldwide response we had, sold me. We sold 80% of the stock I’d produced in under a week – and continue to sell copies of the digital album at a slow, but steady, rate.

That got me thinking.

Fast forward a few months, and we’ve just reached 5,000 fans on the FKOF Facebook page. A truly astonishing number, given I started FKOF as a way to avoid revision at uni!

We’re also not far off the 10,000 mark on SoundCloud and recently neared 2,500 followers on Twitter. As those of you who have followed FKOF for a while will know, I like celebrating milestones – mainly because I am still blown away by the support FKOF receives. As corny or cliched as it sounds, it is truly, truly awesome to think how far we’ve come.

Given how popular the album did, how much time the FKOF team spend discovering/ supporting new producers and their music – and the size of the FKOF family these days – why not do something along the lines of FKOFUn/Known01 more frequently?

Well, today’s the day…

Dubfreq - FKOFd001

Today, on Friday 13th September, we’re launching the next part of the FatKidOnFire story.

This is FKOFd.

“After his ‘Hail Di King‘ FKOF Free Download earlier this year, the fourth most popular upload in FatKidOnFire history, we thought rising production talent Dubfreq would be the perfect artist to launch the FKOFd label with.

“The young London producer has built four truly huge tunes that highlight how versatile and consistently brilliant his music is. Hatcha favourite and EP opener ‘Next To Me‘ follows from where his ‘Hail Di King‘ bootleg left off; full of dark atmosphere, warm subs and crisp percussion. ‘Selenky‘ adds some Coki-esque madness to FKOFd001, while ‘Excuse Me Officer‘ and ‘MSH‘ evoke sound system vibes straight out of Kingston town.”

We’re launching FKOFd001 via Juno, as of 02/10/13. Dubfreq’s four track EP will be exclusive to the retailer for two weeks, and then will be available everywhere else from the 16th of October. After that, you can expect FKOFd002 a month later. And FKOFd003 a month after that. All will be four track EPs. We’ll be featuring some of our favourite producers, both FKOF family and newer talent, once a month.

FKOFd001 features all of the flavours I love about bass music. FKOFd002 will be for the deeper and darker heads. FKOFd003 will be a little different. As you can tell, we’re not a strictly dubstep label. We never have been.

And yes, this is digital. But for the vinyl lovers, don’t worry. The digital profits (if any) are being set aside to fund the first vinyl release. When will that be? Once we can afford it. So it’s up to you guys to get us there…

If you’re wondering who has mastered FKOFd001, and who will be mastering all the forthcoming FKOF releases, please make your way to the Beat Chef kitchen. Dan mastered FKOFUn/Known01, so if you’ve heard that you’ll know we’re in safe hands. He’s done a stellar job with the Dubfreq release and I can’t wait to hear what he does to 002 and all the others.

As for the label’s artwork, we’ll be using a template based on the above. As we like to do, we’ve kept the design talents in house – so I’ll let Chris explain:

“As a designer, I could talk forever about pretty much every single piece of design work I’ve done, so I’d like to say I’d keep this short and sweet for a change, but there’s a lot to say! 

“We wanted the design to represent FKOF’s new design direction; clean, bold and incorporating that iconic ‘Infra’ colour. We also wanted it to feel a little bit personal, rather than generic. Each release number will be represented by the number of circles, with the latest being highlighted in the awesome ‘infra’. Representing release numbers with a repeating pattern of shapes seemed like a cool idea, and circles are a nice change from triangles that everyone seems to be using these days!

“The circular idea also represents that iconic hole that appears in the middle of iconic 12” releases – hinting at the direction we’re hoping to be heading in. The background image keeps things in the family, as it comes from FKOF fam Huy Cao, a great photographer based in Houston, Texas. Huy’s blessed with an ability to capture that moment in the dance, resulting in a portfolio full of iconic images from the various events run by the outfit he’s part of; Houston’s Gritsy. We feel his image says all we were trying to, so decided that, other than the tiniest tweak in Photoshop, we were done.

“Hopefully you all enjoy seeing the artwork filling up your library!”

Korrupt and I will be looking after the label for the foreseeable future – but the rest of the gang will be keeping an eye and an ear out for exciting, bass-led music. Please send us your music to:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

We’ll do our best to listen to it all!

Thank you for getting us this far. Let’s see how much further we can go.

Peace, love and respect.