Bakir – FKOFd008 - FatKidOnFire Presents

Bakir – FKOFd008

FatKidOnFire Presents

We like to think discovering (and subsequently supporting) new producers has always been a key part of the role FKOF plays in bass music. But it’s only in the last few years that that role has extended to working with new or upcoming record labels – be that through our FKOF Promos, Release Highlights or FKOF Reviews.

So when we discovered the head of one of our favourite imprints, one that’s quickly becoming a renowned name for homing quality music, was also a talented DJ and producer we knew we were onto something special…

Bakir - FKOFd008

“As the continent slowly comes round to the idea of more bass less brostop, there’s a large number of American producers gaining recognition for pushing the deep and meditative sounds we all know and love. There’s also a handful of American dubstep labels supporting this explosion of home grown talent. While most of you may know Brooklyn-based TUBA founder Bakir for his work with the label (and its roster of both American and European artists), it also turns out he’s a pretty accomplished producer… 

“Bakir’s FKOFd008 is our first ever release from an American producer – and we’re pleased to announce Ric’s come out all guns blazing. Elefante sets the tone of the release within its first few seconds, opening with snappy percussion that descends into a deep and sensual halfstep number. The EP-opener surprises with the second drop, paying its respects to Bakir’s numerous musical influences by breaking into full on skank out territory. Numbers Go Up was the first tune of Ric’s we signed, a perfect example of his skill in taking the foundation sound and putting his own stamp of authority on it. Red Hook continues where Numbers left off, full of stuttering vocals and dreaded out synth hits. It’s a tune we hope will find many a happy home on soundsystems across the world! Fourth and final inclusion Three Sided rounds off Bakir’s FKOFd008 by nudging up the BPM while retaining the rest of the EP’s eyes down and gun fingers aloft ethos. 

“The Americans, without doubt, are finally here. We couldn’t be happier about it. And if you’re in Brooklyn on May 24th, we’re joining forces with Ric and the rest of the Tuba family to celebrate Bakir’s debut FKOF release with our first ever event on American soil. Safe to say we’re bringing a line up worthy of the occasion – which you can read about here…”  

Bakir’s FKOFd008 is out via Juno on 05/05/14 and goes on general release from all good electronic retailers from the 19/05/14.

You’ll also notice we’ve reworked the release artwork; moving away from FKOFd001-006’s template. We’ve stuck with an image from Gritsy’s Huy Cao (not that you’d kn0w it) and have invited Jamie from Pirate Radio Creative to rethink the look of the label for our next six releases. We’ll be collaborating with Pirate Radio in the coming months for some new FKOF tees as well…

As always, Korrupt and I will be looking after FKOFd – but the rest of the FKOF gang will be keeping an eye and an ear out for exciting bass-led music. Please send us your music to:

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We’ll do our best to listen to it all!

And, as always, we’d like to say a huge Thank You to everyone supporting FKOFd. We’ve got four EPs that have gone to #1, two that have gone to #2 and another that’s gone top 10. You can’t do much better than that! It’s very, very much appreciated. You’ll be pleased to hear we’ve got another six or seven EPs in the bag – so hold onto your hats and keep your eyes and ears open. Oh, and there’s this year’s album

Peace, love and respect.