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Content – FKOFd009

FatKidOnFire Presents

There have been few artists we’ve worked with on more occasions in our history than we have with Kent-based producer/ DJ Content. He was one of the first artists I got to know having moved to London and discovered the dubstep sound some eight or nine years ago. We’ve kept in touch as both his musical career and my work with FatKidOnFire has grown. Through FKOF, we’ve hosted a number of his mixes over the years, given away countless FKOF free downloads and even homed a few of his free EPs. We’ve worked with him across a number of collaborations (FNC with Fornax, Organics with Benton etc.) and he’s appeared on a number of our event line ups.

Content - FKOFd009

“Tony started out as a grime producer and DJ under the Drama alias, part of the melting pot of bass-led music that became dubstep in South London in the early years. After switching to the Content name and focusing on dubstep full time a few years later, he’s become known for his aggressive midranges and technical productions. Having toured America and played extensively across both the UK and Europe at some of the best events in dubstep, Content has seen releases on some of the most respected labels including the likes of Innamind and SubPressure.

“Content’s FKOFd009 EP continues where the producer’s other recent releases left off. Across the EP, he’s created a cohesive journey through his sound that ably demonstrates just how far he’s come since we started working together all those years ago. EP opener (recently heard on J:Kenzo’s Rinse FM show) Open Circuit primes you for what follows on the EP; full of technical percussion, swirling synths and a powerful sub. Collective opens with an ominously twisted vocal, descending to the depths with a forceful kick and Content’s signature midrange growls. Fan favourite Pirate Activity strips his sound back to its most minimal form and is a perfect example of the atmospheres the producer is capable of. Content’s FKOFd009 ends with a newer tune; one we’ve only been sitting on for a few weeks. Warehouse might just be one of the best tunes we’ve heard from Tony and is the perfect way to round off his debut digital release with us.”

Content’s FKOFd009 is out via Juno on 02/06/14 and goes on general release from all good electronic retailers from the 16/06/14.

You’ll also notice we’ve reworked the release artwork; moving away from FKOFd001-006?s template. We’ve stuck with an image from Gritsy’s Huy Cao (not that you’d kn0w it) and have invited Jamie from Pirate Radio Creative to rethink the look of the label for our next six releases. We’ll be collaborating with Pirate Radio in the coming months for some new FKOF tees as well…

As always, Korrupt and I will be looking after FKOFd – but the rest of the FKOF gang will be keeping an eye and an ear out for exciting bass-led music. Please send us your music to:

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We’ll do our best to listen to it all!

And, as always, we’d like to say a huge Thank You to everyone supporting FKOFd. We’ve got four EPs that have gone to #1, three that have gone to #2 and another that’s gone top 10. You can’t do much better than that! It’s very, very much appreciated. You’ll be pleased to hear we’ve got another six or seven EPs in the bag – so hold onto your hats and keep your eyes and ears open. Oh, and there’s this year’s album

Peace, love and respect.