VGB – FKOFd021 - FatKidOnFire Presents

VGB – FKOFd021

FatKidOnFire Presents

We’ve got a lot of love for our Dutch brethren. Outside of the UK (and possibly the USA), The Netherlands is one of the most prolific producers of the dubstep sound. Alongside the musicians we’ve worked with who’ve established themselves with global fanbases, we’re delighted to champion the latest Dutch producer we think is destined for great things with FKOFd021


“We’ve been fans of VGB for a few years now. He’s part of the tightknit group of producers and DJs we know and love who are responsible for pushing the dubstep sound in The Netherlands. And, much like we did with his compatriots in the early days, we feel Thiemen’s music is about to blow up.

FKOF021 arrives with Down To Earth; a production that feels like it has every characteristic of VGB’s emerging talent. Smoky atmospheres, clattering percussion and a healthy dose of reverb swirl before the melody arrives like a breath of fresh air. Twist stays true to its title, full of convoluted drum work that explodes on the drop with disconcerting synth hits and an alarmingly pleasurable wall of sub. Track three, Lost Motion, continues the body of work Twist started, rumbling along with its discordant experimentation. The final inclusion, perhaps our favourite of the four, is the VIP of FKOFUn/Known02‘s track 13th Floor. We won’t spoil too much of the surprise, but suffice to say it’s everything (and more) that we hoped for…

“Like our previous FKOFd releases from our Dutch family, VGB’s FKOFd021 does well to signify everything we love about the producer’s music. It’s a valuable addition to the back catalogue and one we hope you guys enjoy as much as we do. Genieten!”

VGB’s FKOFd021 is out via Juno on(/ around) 03/08/15 and drops via all other good electronic retailers from 17/08/15. You can check the promo mix he put together for us below.

Click to DOWNLOAD (126MB)

Track list:

  1. Dubbacle – Love [dub]
  2. Fable & Beezy – Aftaparty [dub]
  3. K-Man – Cloud Surfer [dub]
  4. VGB – XXIII [dub]
  5. Helktram – Pass The Point Of No Return [dub]
  6. VGB – Twist [forthcoming FKOFd021]
  7. Saule – Who Run [dub]
  8. VGB – Down To Earth [forthcoming FKOFd021]
  9. VGB – Lost Motion [forthcoming FKOFd021]
  10. DJ Doppelgenger – X Noize [dub]
  11. VGB – Thief [dub]
  12. Syxx – Yotta Part 2 [Biscuit Factory dub]
  13. BunZer0 – Resilience [dub]
  14. Darkihm – Flowjam [dub]
  15. Moonstones – Murky [dub]
  16. Headland – Slip [dub]
  17. Djoser – Water Wheel [dub]
  18. Mr. Mt – Grizzly Dub [dub]
  19. Otz – Warrior Dub [dub]
  20. Piezo – Antelope Swing [Subaltern dub]
  21. Taiko – Tunnels [dub]
  22. Causa – Bulldose [dub]
  23. VGB – Ghetto Quiz [dub]
  24. Nigia – Time [Abyssal Audio dub]
  25. VGB – 13th Floor VIP [forthcoming FKOFd021]

As always, Korrupt and I will be looking after FKOFd – but the rest of the FKOF gang will be keeping an eye and an ear out for exciting bass-led music. Please send us your music to:

[email protected]
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We’ll do our best to listen to it all.

And, as always, we’d like to say a huge Thank You to everyone supporting FKOFd. It’s all love!

Peace, love and respect.