Akcept – FKOFd025 - FatKidOnFire Presents

Akcept – FKOFd025

FatKidOnFire Presents

It’s hard to believe we’ve taken over two years, and 24 releases, to sign music from New Zealand.

Especially given the near stranglehold the country had on bass-led electronic music over the last few years, with the likes of Perverse, Tallan, TruthGhost Note, Epoch, Headland and Arkotypes (and more many) [please note – this is by no means a definitive list!]- not to mention Kursk and the Innamind Recordings gang or our Averted Vision family – breaking through. But all is resolved with our 25th EP…


Like with FKOFd024, you can now purchase the release from us directly, as of today. If you’re reading this and are interested in purchasing FKOFd025: please do so here.

“Christchurch’s Akcept has been on our radar for a fair amount of time, appearing with new material in a number of FKOF Sessions over the last year or so. Given the quality of Alex’s music, much like the rest of his Kiwi brethren – we’re surprised his release on our imprint is his solo debut. But that’s no bad thing; as we’re always happy to launch new talent!

“We’d be hard pushed to select any of the four tunes on FKOFd025 as clear favourites. The release embodies what we’ve come to love about Alex’s music; diverse and adventurous sounds that feel as comfortable together as they do apart. The EP opens with Desert Dubbing, a tune Korrupt’s been testing whenever the opportunity presents itself. It’s yet to disappoint. Cut It follows – with its wicked sample, wheeling sub and floaty synths. Panic Attack evokes an almost Perverse-esque vibe with its haunting atmospherics and relentlessly aggressive low end. If you can’t experience this on a system, you don’t know what you’re missing. Last, but definitely not least, we have Martyr. It feels like the most experimental inclusion on the record – with its future-facing vibe – but still epitomises the producer’s ability to craft something truly special. It’s a tune that feels at home at 11pm opening the night – and again at 6am as the sun rises.

“It’s something we can say of any new producer we work with, but having spent time listening Akcept’s tunes, we reckon Alex has an incredible future ahead of him. We don’t doubt you’ll be heading more from him – so get to know…”

Akcept’s FKOFd025 is available from us now. It then drops via Juno and all other good electronic retailers from 21/12/15. 

As you may notice, the new ‘year’ of releases bring with it another update to the label’s visuals. Shouts to Pirate Radio Creative each and every!

Peace, love and respect.