Teffa – FKOFd034 - FatKidOnFire Presents

Teffa – FKOFd034

FatKidOnFire Presents


We’ve got our next FKOFd release out in just under two weeks. As we always try to do, we’ve got an absolute banger of an EP with an all-new artist joining to roster. Please welcome London’s very own Teffa to the FKOFd family…

“With the ever-expanding archive of music we’ve released over the last 35 EPs, 2 CDs and 1 vinyl outing, we’ve done our best to catalogue the best dubstep we can get our hands on. Whether from an upcomer, or an established producer, we give every musician we work with an equal standing on our little soapbox. The next artist to take the stand is the first UK-based man on the buttons since June 2016’s FKOFd029 from our boy Chokez – and we’re delighted to have Teffa give us his take on 140bpm. 

“Our latest 4 track is an adventurous, explorative effort around the edges of what we’ve pushed through the label. Taking the blueprints of old school material with its beats, bass and space ingredients and adding some new school spice sees Teffa’s FKOFd034 rattle the bass bins to full effect. We kick things off with 815D with its otherworldly samples, rolling sub and clattering drumwork. It’s the nightmarish soundtrack of a dying planet, one that threatens the rewind at every draw. 100s Of Lightyears continues the chillingly spaced theme, stripping the music back to its bear minimums while losing none of the raw power.

Tar Goroth brings some Tolkien-esque vibes to the EP, lumbering along with its depths and leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. We wrap Teffa’s debut on FKOFd with The Main Question – a delectable synthy addition that was one of the first tracks we signed. You’ll want to listen to this one on a rig a few times, trust.

“This is Teffa’s third release in 2018 and we’re not surprised the producer’s getting some well-deserved label attention. If we keep getting monsters like we’ve signed from the young producer’s studio there’s a promising future ahead of him. Keep eyes and ears locked for what comes next!”

FKOFd034 will be available from the FKOFd Bandcamp and Juno from 16/08/18. It then drops via all other good electronic retailers from 30/08/18. You can find the release archive all platforms while you’re at it. And, as always, thanks and love to M7 Grafiks for the visuals and Beat Chef Mastering for the tasty masters!

Producers, if you’ve got tunes for us, please feel free to send them our way.

Peace, love and respect.