Depth – FKOFd054 - FatKidOnFire Presents

Depth – FKOFd054

FatKidOnFire Presents

We’re almost 12 years into supporting 140bpm music on the FatKidOnFire journey, and just into our 9th year of what’s become the three imprints that comprise FKOF Records. So it’s fair to say we’ve been on this whole music tip for a while. It’s therefore a continuing delight – not to mention testament to health of the genre – that we’re still discovering producers that inspire a ‘wait, what?!’ response after all this time.

‘Our first EP of 2022, FKOFd054 is the latest addition to our back catalogue that did just that. It also welcomes another new member to the FKOF family. Grayson, aka Depth, has seen a release and free downloads with the troublemakers at Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz back in 2020, but otherwise (as he states on his SoundCloud) it’s all ‘mostly dubs’. We’re super excited to welcome him to FKOF with four tunes that we know will broaden his appeal (and hopefully expand his fanbase). A special shoutout to both Grayson and our very own Korrupt for working this release up, it’s hopefully the start of something special!

FKOFd054 opens with Hustle – a vibrant, skittering tune that points to a number of musical influences that work just right when put in the same melting pot. Stretch sees us welcome FKOFv002 special guest (not found the secret track yet?) Influenza back to FKOF with a first-time collab with Depth. Grayson’s instrumental is a slinky little thing, but matched with the Influenza vocal produces a whole other beast; demonstrating Depth’s genre-spanning production skills. Educate flexes more of the instrumental vibe we’ve found ourselves on recently, evoking Ourman or Konessi-esque atmospheres. But don’t worry, it more than holds its own on the system! We close out the EP with Drift which is possibly our favourite tune of the lot. Pure beats, bass and space.

‘We’ve developed relationships with a few FKOF fam members where we’ve worked with them on a repeating basis (across multiple formats) because we believe in their material. We’re only four tracks into working with Depth, but we’re pretty sure you’ll see him return to FKOF before too long. Enjoy FKOFd054 in the meantime!’

FKOFd054 is available to pre-order from the FKOFd Bandcamp today, and will be available to purchase next Friday, 04/02/22. The release then goes to Beatport a week after that, 11/02/22, and drops on general release (via our friends at Juno Download and all other good electronic retailers) a fortnight after that. You can find the release archive across all platforms (and our Bandcamp) while you’re at it. 

Artwork by Lal Yetki 
EP Mastered by Stardelta 

Producers, if you’ve got tunes for us, please feel free to send them our way.

Peace, love and respect.