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FatKidOnFire Presents

Four track EPs are a great opportunity to connect with a producer (or producers, in this case), to explore their material in an in-depth – yet palatably succinct – manner. Our next release, FKOFd055, extends this approach with our first ‘…& friends’ EP in FKOF Records’ history. 

‘Another example of our very own Korrupt’s A&R efforts, we welcome three new artists to the FKOF family with our 55th digital EP. Olaf contacted Davide, aka as EKSTR, and the two of them teased out the four tracks we ended up signing. It’s a family vibe, but even more so with everyone involved. It’s awesome to see FKOFd002’s 11th Hour still releasing with us the best part of a decade after Jason’s debut outing (more on that soon), and equally awesome to see Russia’s Ninety and Bristol’s ØZ join the roster with their efforts. 

FKOFd055 kicks off with EKSTR’s solo outing — the aptly titled ‘Inspiration’. It’s a crisp stepper that crescendoes to something special. The percussion in this tune is next level. Track two welcomes Ninety to the party, with ‘Blend’. It continues where ‘Inspiration’ left off, but adds some extra Ninety spice to the mix. A nice touch. 11th Hour and EKSTR strip things back to their sparsest with ‘Calling’, all stretched samples and meditative, eyes-down vibes. Beats, bass and space. We call things to a close for track 4, on the ØZ and EKSTR collab ‘Photic Zone’. It brings the swing and is designed to get the floor moving in the dark corners of an early morning. 

‘Separately, the four tunes on EKSTR’s FKOF Records debut say a lot about Davide’s skills on the buttons. Together, alongside the EP’s equally talented collaborators, we know the artists in this group are onto something special. This won’t be the last we hear from the four producers on our imprints and, who knows, maybe we’ll see more ‘…& friends’ releases come to FKOF! Whatever happens, we hope you enjoy FKOFd055 in whatever form (standalone or as the four tracker) takes your fancy.’

FKOFd055 is available to pre-order from the FKOFd Bandcamp today, and will be available to purchase this Friday, 01/04/22. The release then goes to Beatport two weeks after that, 15/04/22, and drops on general release (via our friends at Juno Download and all other good electronic retailers) a fortnight after that. You can find the release archive across all platforms (and our Bandcamp) while you’re at it. 

Artwork by Lal Yetki 
EP Mastered by Stardelta 

Producers, if you’ve got tunes for us, please feel free to send them our way.

Peace, love and respect.