WZ – FKOFv003 - FatKidOnFire Presents

WZ – FKOFv003

FatKidOnFire Presents

Our last release (across both formats) of 2019 is a vinyl release with an artist we’ve sung high praises for earlier this year. Hailing from the Czech Republic, WZ is an artist with many talents – talents we demonstrated with his FKOF Records debut on FKOFd038

As we said at the time, David sent us a batch of material over the summer and we (for the first time in our ~10year history) signed a digital and vinyl release without too much thought. Here he is, with his debut vinyl release, across three anthemic original mixes. And, for the first time ever, we welcome the mighty Ishan Sound to FatKidOnFire with the sort of firepower only the Young Echo artist can bring. This is FKOFv003


“Our third vinyl release announces itself with Headcleaner; a slow-building and high-tension instalment to our physical formats archive. Sparse samples, tsunamic low end and a kick that’ll rattle bass bins and chestplates in equal measures. Steppers forward!  

“Next up, we’ve
Know That’. It’s a bit of a departure from the beats, bass and space recipe we normally go for – with an acidy adventure that winds to the track’s climax over the second drop. The synth is a thing of beauty. As the sample states: “I am wheeling up that tune” indeed.

“The B-side opens with the equally enjoyable Dossier – one of the first WZ tracks we signed way back when. The drop on this is sublime: crisp percussion, raw weight and atmospheres so sumptuous you can almost taste them. This one’s a banger.

“The bangers continue with B2; Ishan Sound’s grimey flip on the record’s lead. Ishan’s
Headcleaner remix is everything we’d hoped it would be – and more – and exemplifies why the young artist has made such a global following for himself. The remix looks back to the early dark garage/ 2step vibe that become 140bpm, with its clattering snares and offbeat kicks. This one’s a sleeper in the dance. Watch for the damage!”

Our next vinyl-only (again, no digital) release is available for pre-order today, 6th December 2019, and drops via general release from the usual suspects 10th January 2020. 

Pre-order FKOFv003 here

A1. WZ – Headcleaner (Original Mix)
A2. WZ – Know That (Original Mix)
B1. WZ – Dossier (Original Mix)
B2. WZ – Headcleaner (Ishan Sound remix)

If you’re after our digital back catalogue, it’s available via the FKOFd Bandcamp (and helps fund our vinyl releases) and all other good electronic retailers.

Producers, if you’ve got tunes for us, please feel free to send them our way.

Peace, love and respect.