Various Artists – FKOFv006 - FatKidOnFire Presents

Various Artists – FKOFv006

FatKidOnFire Presents

The next FKOF Records release sees us welcome four artists back into the FKOF fold with our first VIP record in the imprint’s history. It’s great seeing artists remix other artists’ work and putting a new spin on it, but there’s something special about producers revisiting their own work to put an extra spicy flip on solo material.

So that’s what we’ve done with FKOFv006

“Much like FKOFd050 saw us remixing tunes we’d only ever released on vinyl, FKOFv006 VIPs tunes we’ve released over the last few years from some of our favourite FKOF fam. Three digital tunes, one B2 off a record we dropped a few years back and four brand new bangers.

“We open our sixth record with Ourman’s reimagining of material from his chart-topping FKOFd043 from April 2020. This is one of our best-selling releases from the catalogue and Nirdsong exemplifies our love for the French musician’s talent. The VIP is no different. It’s got enough of the original mix in it, but reimagines it on a slightly simpler twist. Watch for the percussion and the low end! Next up, we’ve got Roklem’s Forged VIP from his collab FKOFd039 EP with Sebalo in September 2019. The original mix is one of the most powerful tunes we’ve ever released, and the VIP is no different. Watch for it damaging the dancefloor, it’s a huge tune. The b-side opens with a VIP of Calibre, one of the standout signings from 2020 from Substrada and London City Warlord Riko Dan on FKOFd046. It’s everything great from the original mix, with a darker, dirtier rework for 2021. Beautiful stuff. Last, but definitely not least, is WZ’s rework of his epic Dossier from FKOFv003. It’s a beats, bass and space tune – as we know and love, but the VIP puts more beats, bass and space into the new mix. Absolute power from the Shakhta Records bossman.

“Some of these tunes are the first VIPs the artists have ever done (or ever released) and we’re stoked to continue supporting such talent across the 140bpm spectrum. This music is meant for the physical format, so we’re excited to be putting these four cuts onto plates and into your hands!”

The release is available for pre-order from us today, 6th August 2021, with shipping from 17th September. You’ll be able to pre-order from our friends at Unearthed Sounds (/ the rest of the retailers with the record) from Tuesday 24th August.

Pre-order FKOFv006 here

A1. Ourman – Nirdsong VIP
A2. Roklem – Forged VIP
B1. Substrada ft. Riko Dan – Calibre VIP
B2. WZ – Dossier VIP

If you’re after our digital back catalogue, it’s available via Bandcamp (and helps fund our vinyl releases) and all other good electronic retailers.

Producers, if you’ve got tunes for us, please feel free to send them our way.

Peace, love and respect.