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FatKidOnFire Presents

We’re back at it with a new month and a new FKOF Records release. We’ve a busy summer with the two digital imprints, and we’ve got a few physical things coming your way over the next few months as well…

As always, FKxF – or FKOF Sequels – has no fixed release schedule so we sign what and when we like. The FKxF releases are exclusive to streaming platforms and the FKOF Records Bandcamp. Buy directly from us, otherwise stream away to your heart’s content!

FKxF005 welcomes rising production star Nahlith to the FKOF family. Aspen’s debut on FKOF Records is a clear statement of intent from the artist and will hopefully build on the following he’s accrued over recent months. Get to know, this music will go places…

When asked about the tunes inside the EP, he had the following to say:
‘I’m a very visual producer, I pull influence from experiences or imagine an atmosphere that helps me get lost in the writing process. These four in particular pull a lot from my time at Shambhala in BC Canada, specifically The Grove stage. At the roots, the tunes are trying to play with the feeling many people experience when they enter these outdoor festivals, or the forest, or any other part of nature that pulls out the more nomadic and uninhibited side of us. These festivals have changed countless lives, and I think at the root of that is we are given the opportunity to let go as a community and explore our natural selves.

Physis is greek for Nature. Eclipse is a dark and beautiful event experienced from the perspective of earth (and a roaming/nomadic festival!). Weaving Shadows pulls from the almost trance-like state people get into when in flow on the dancefloor. Etchings is sort of playing with this funny word I came up with that describes the vibe at some festivals in Canada: ‘Forest G’. It’s like this fusion of dubstep, hip-hop influences (like trap hats, 808 etc.), and organic elements that have a unique vibe in my mind.’

FKxF005 is available to pre-order from the FKOFd Bandcamp today and is released next Friday, 11/06/21. The release is also available to stream, via all major streaming platforms, a week later (18th June). You can find the release archive across all platforms while you’re at it. 

Producers, as always, if you’ve got tunes for us please send them our way!

Peace, love and respect.